No !

No ! is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 08/08/2007

Plot Summary

TV Air Date
August 8, 2007
MangaCh. 15-17, 21 (Vol.2)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

At Onoshima Kaname arrives at the houseraft, which the Ninagawas have almost finished rebuilding. As Kaname and Amuro leave for school, Kaname returns to his house to get his wallet, which he has forgotten. Amuro tells him she will wait for him at the bridge. When greeting Ono-chan, she is approached by a girl with an umbrella, who asks her if she attends Umishou. When Amuro says she is a second year, the girl, calling herself Maaya Nanako, tells her she will be attending as a first year and that there will be many interviewers and fans hanging around Umishou because of her. She explains she is a fashion model and national backstroke champion for two consecutive years. Hearing ‘backstroke’ Amuro gets excited and tells Maaya she swims as well, showing the swimsuit she is wearing underneath her clothes. Maaya, claiming Amuro is imitating her, shows her she is wearing her swimsuit as well. As a crowd gathers around the two girls, Kaname arrives at the bridge, wondering what is happening. Amuro tells him she made another friend (“Another seal?”). That friend, Maaya, suddenly jumps at Kaname, calling him ‘Okky’. She turns out to be his former next door neighbour and classmate during elementary school. Although Maaya thinks they were really good friends, Kaname remembers her as being bossy and a bully. Maaya explains she wanted to live in again and got her father to return. After telling Kaname to be friends with her again, Maaya realizes Amuro knows Kaname as well and asks her if she is his girlfriend, to which Amuro replies that they are living together. Amuro, by now really wanting a swim, invites Maaya for a swim in the ocean, but Maaya declines, saying she does not like the ocean, but she does take of her clothes, just to show off her swimsuit to everyone present, who she claims are all fans. As Maaya asks Kaname if he likes her adult body, Amuro strips to her swimsuit as well and tries again to get Maaya to swim with her. Maaya looks at her, sees Amuro has much larger breasts than herself and declines again. She then starts clinging to Kaname and falsely accuses Amuro of making fun of her small breasts, angering Amuro. Kaname realizes that he has to deal with another trouble maker.

The next day many students are gathered around the pool as Kaname, Momoko and Makio time Maaya to find out she is indeed fast. After a while Maaya exits the pool and walks around like a star, dazzling her spectators (especially the male ones). Momoko tells her she did not expect someone of her skill level to enter Umishou. As a reply Maaya asks her who from the swimming club has reached the Inter-high tournament. Momoko replies she has the previous year, but did not get past the preliminaries. Maaya, completely unimpressed, promises that at the next Inter-high she will win and make everyone cheer for Umishou. As she walks away, Kaname quickly apologizes to an annoyed Momoko, telling her Maaya never had any manners. Momoko replies she has heard that Maaya is arrogant, but delivers good results as well. When she asks Kaname if he knows Maaya, Maaya clings to him, telling Momoko they are childhood friends. As Amuro looks on, clearly unhappy, Kaname, fed up as well with Maaya clinging to him, shakes Maaya off him. Maaya falls and lies on the floor, crying she could have hurt herself and as the other boys approach her to ask her if she is alright, she clings to Isao, telling him how nice he is. The boys, successfully manipulated by Maaya, quickly turn against Kaname. Watching this from a distance, Mirei thinks about clinging to a boy herself.

After the boys changed into their school uniforms, they find Maaya outside the storage room that doubles as their changing room, claiming the other girls do not let her use their changing room (located on the second floor of the small building housing the storage room) and also admits not wanting to change together with girls with larger breasts. Just as Kaname tells her to stop acting spoiled, Ikamasa appears. Maaya quickly clings to him, trying to manipulate him into giving her her own changing room. Ikamasa being Ikamasa tells her to just change outside and removes his pants. Maaya, shocked by his behaviour and especially by the fact he did not fall for her charms, realizes she has to use Takeda, Isao and Jun and talks them into build a changing room for her inside the storage room.

The next morning Kaname finds the storage room being refurbished and its contents stored outside. He wants to do something about it before Momoko arrives, but is too late. Momoko opens the door to the storage room and finds Takeda, Isao and Jun inside giving the room a major makeover. When she enters the room to tell them to clean up the mess outside, she is pushed out by Takeda. Just when she kicks Takeda out of the way, someone drills through one of the outer walls. It turns out to be Ikamasa, who tells the others they should have told him about refurbishing the building, claiming he is good at carpentry. Momoko wonders if putting a hole in the wall is such a good idea, while Amuro wonders what is behind an expensive looking curtain. When Takeda tells her it is Maaya’s private changing room, she decides to use it and pulls Makio and Mirei with her into the room. When she switches on the light, it turns out the curtains reveal the outlines of whoever is in the room. As Amuro first removes her own clothes, followed by Mirei’s, the boys enjoy the view. Finding an inflatable ball and a pump on the table in the room, Amuro decides to inflate the ball while Makio holds it. Since she holds it close to her chest, it looks to those outside the room as if they are inflating Makio’s chest. As the three girls mess around behind the curtain Maaya arrives and sees both the outlines of the girls and the boys staring at them. Despite Kaname warning her, she hits the wall, causing the walls to collapse.

Later, Kaname arrives at the pool during training, finding Momoko was called to the staff room. He is not surprised, because of the collapse of the storage building. Maaya, sitting under her umbrella against the fence, says they should just rebuild it, with a separate room for her and Sanae says the club does not have the money for that. The boys want to claim the girls’ changing room, claiming the girls not sharing their room with Maaya is what caused the building to collapse and that the boys have always been treated poorly. Sanae retorts the girls being the majority and better swimmers are good enough reasons for them to keep having the changing room. Hearing this, Takeda challenges the girls to a race. Sanae accepts for the girls and decides Mirei races for them, since she had good results in the Kantou tournament. Just when the race between Takeda and Mirei is about to start Ikamasa shows up, announcing he will participate as well and if he wins, everyone will change outside. The race starts just when Momoko returns, wondering what is happening. Ikamasa and Mirei fight for the lead, but cheered on by Maaya, Takeda gains speed and catches up. In the end the one to hit the end of the pool first is… Manabu Domon, who tells he wants to be their coach. After quickly disposing of him, Momoko tells the others to resume training. When telling Maaya to follow the rules, Maaya starts complaining about the club’s facilities being bad, especially for her modelling career. Momoko tells her there are no funds to upgrade the pool to her standards, which causes Maaya to try to manipulate the boys again. Momoko, now getting angry, wants to retort, but is stopped by Amuro, who tells Maaya the reason people swim at Umishou is to have fun, surprising everyone by for once saying something that makes sense. Amuro invites Maaya (again) to go swimming together, but Maaya just kicks her into the pool, claiming she cannot be tricked by kind words.

Points of Interest

  • When rebuilding their house, Amuro puts a Furby on top of the roof as a Shisa.
  • This episode introduces Maaya Nanako, Kaname’s childhood friend (or at least she claims to be).
  • The eyecatch image is the similar to the first frame of chapter 15.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • The order of some events is different from the manga. Although the episode covers chapters 15-17 and 21, the ending of chapter 16 is used to end the episode.
  • The part of Amuro and Makio inflating a ball behind the curtain is anime-only.
  • From chapter 21 only a few parts are used: Momoko being called to the staff room (although for a different reason) and Manabu showing up (although in a different way), wanting to train Umishou and getting stopped violently by Momoko.
  • The race to decide who gets to use the changing room is an anime-only part.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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