No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 10/29/2011

Demon Invasion Arc

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Assassins - "Shikyaku wa kyaku de wa arimasen" (刺客は客ではありません)

The arrival of Behemoth's powerful 34 Pillar Division from the Demon World throws the already hectic lives of Oga, Hilda, Beel, and others into pure chaos! Can they survive the onslaught of danger that threatens to kill them? Or will they succumb to the might and power of Behemoth's most lethal men?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme:

"Baby U!" by MBLAQ

Shizuka and Toujou as children with Saotome
Shizuka and Toujou as children with Saotome

As Oga lies on a bench, he begins to recall Izabella's warning about Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division coming after him and Beel. His thoughts however are interrupted by Furuichi who appears behind him and shows him the newest product in the market, steamed strawberry chocolate natto rolls. Disinterested, Oga punches it to the sky. Meanwhile, in class, Aoi seems lost in her thoughts as she tries to wrap her head around the whole idea of demons when Hanazawa shows up and asks if her odd behavior is some sort of sign of a girl in love. Aoi immediately denies such absurdity as a gust of wind suddenly blows through the window. Outside, Shizuka tells Toujou that she delivered the message to Izuma but adds that she isn't sure whether he'll show up or not to which Toujou reassures her that he will. Shizuka thinks to herself that he hasn't changed since they were kids and begins to remember her childhood days with him such as the time they first met, the time they both worked together to beat a gang of delinquent boys and the good times they spent with Saotome. Just then, a gust of wind blows past them along with Furuichi's natto roll that Toujou catches before it hits Shizuka. As he wonders who chucked the object, something starts to ooze out of it, prompting Shizuka to move away from him due to the foul stench it emitted.

Himekawa and Kanzaki give En a lecture about online games
Himekawa and Kanzaki give En a lecture about online games

At the video arcade, En loses in a game yet again and demands Satura for more money to which she responds that they have nothing left. Kanzaki suddenly pops up and tells En to stop being a loud brat. En inquires as to who he is to which Kanzaki answers that he's the guy that kicked his butt ten times in a row and tells him that he sucks. But En denies this and says that he's a genius gamer and if he loses, then there must be something wrong with the game. Himekawa suddenly appears and says that he can't let that stand but then gets into an argument with Kanzaki. After they exchange their insults, they tell En that if he has no more money to play games at the arcade, he can always play online games at home. Not understanding, Kanzaki and Himekawa give him a full but short lecture on how online games work, leaving the boy amazed and prompts him to give it a try.

At a construction site, Saotome is seen enjoying a bowl of ramen when a piece flies away from his chopsticks. He then remarks that "it" will pay dearly for that as a mysterious figure appears and then disappears off in the distance.

Oga wearing an apron
Oga wearing an apron

Oga arrives home and is greeted by his mother who tells Beel that Hilda is making her special croquettes just for him with her help of course. In the kitchen, Oga is told to help out by first putting on a pink apron but the boy declines, causing his mother to cry dramatically and his sister to look at him threateningly with a knife in hand. In fear of his life, Oga decides to put it on. As Hilda cooks with the help of Oga's mother, the latter suddenly gasps as she looks at the bizarre ingredients Hilda added, which caused the water in the pot to turn red. They decide to start over but Oga's mother realizes that there's no more potatoes so she tells Oga and Hilda to buy some at the grocery store. In the library, Aoi reads about demons and remarks that she still doesn't understand what they are when Izuma suddenly shows up from behind and tells her to be careful for there are some things in the world that are best not to know. On their way back from the store, Hilda and Oga bump into Aoi who decides to walk home with them.

Elsewhere, Shizuka and Toujou wait for Izuma. The former warns Toujou that Izuma is more skilled then he thinks as he's the master of the "Izuma 8 Spirits Style" which makes him a formidable opponent. Toujou remains indifferent at the information and claims that he'll fight him regardless because this will be the deciding battle. Soon after, Izuma arrives.

Aoi captured by Hecados
Aoi captured by Hecados

As Aoi, Oga and Hilda walk home together, Aoi asks Oga if demons eat croquettes to which he answers that its Beel's favorite. Before they part, Hilda asks Aoi if she could come by and try her homemade croquettes sometime with Aoi replying that she looks forward to it. After turning around the corner, Aoi notices a dark aura coming from the ground which seemingly attacks her. Hilda and Oga immediately sense something wrong and call out her name. As they wait for a response, Hilda suddenly detects someone's presence behind them and pushes Oga to the ground as it flies past them. The person finally reveals himself with Hilda identifying him as a member of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division, one of the best fighting tribes in the Demon World. But the man corrects her saying that they are not one of the best but the best in the World Demon as he holds an unconscious and bounded Aoi hostage. He then introduces himself as Hecados, the 8th Pillar of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division and claims that Aoi will be his contractor in order for him to use his full powers. As he states that he'll be ahead of the rest, Hilda immediately believes that other demons are coming to ambush them.

Izuma displays his demon powers
Izuma displays his demon powers

Back to Toujou and Izuma, the two appear to be on par as they equally seem beat up. The latter notes that its the first time he's gone all out but Toujou states otherwise, saying that he's still holding back. As he tells him to bring it on, Izuma decides to do so by releasing his demonic energy and charging at him head on.

In the meantime, Hecados asks Oga if he knows what's required to a form a contract between a demon and a human. Wanting to make a good first impression by answering correctly, Oga says "a smile" but Hecados replies that its blood. As Oga starts to wonder dumbly when his blood has ever come into contact with Beel, Hilda informs him that they can't let Hecados form a contract with Aoi. She tells him her plan whereby he distracts Hecados enough to give her a chance to free Aoi but he declines saying that he wants to fight him for real. Hilda immediately yells at him for his stupidity and tells him that there's no way he can fight him as his level. In response Oga agrees to be a decoy and promises to keep Beel safe in return that she rescues Aoi.

Hecados stabs Hilda
Hecados stabs Hilda

They begin their battle with Oga releasing his largest Zebel Blast at Hecados but to Oga's misfortune, Hecados easily deflects his attack into the ground. Nevertheless, Hilda uses this opportunity to free Aoi. Once Oga catches the her, he turns to see Hilda impaled by Hecados who admits that his plan was to get rid of her from the start. As he states that he's doing everything for Lord En, Hilda

falls onto the road drenched in blood while Oga desperately calls out her name.

Closing Theme:

"Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪" by Sasaki Nozomi

Points of Interest

  • Hecados makes his anime debut.
  • Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division has started making its move to eliminate Beel.
  • Izuma has demonic powers for reasons yet unknown.
  • En sucks at video games.
  • The video arcade is owned by Himekawa's family.
  • Saotome loves Japanese ramen.
  • Oga wears a pink apron as part of his mom's request.
  • Croquettes are Beel's favorite food.
  • Hilda thought that potatoes were living things as she was cooking it thus she put in the blood of a demon blowfish inside the pot to kill it. Hence the reason why the water in the pot was red.
  • Blood is required to form a contract between a demon and a human. Although Oga is unsure when that happened with him and Beel, it occurred on the first day they met when Hilda gave him a cut with her sword. See Episode 1.

Anime/Manga Differences

This episode covers Chapters 82, 83, and 84 of Volume 10.

  • Flashback of Toujou and Shizuka appears in the anime version; they have a good time with Zenjuro. Compared to the manga, they did have a brief flashback but does not reveal how Toujou meet Shizuka or why Shizuka and Toujou look up to Zenjuro.
    • Yuka and Aoi scene did not appear in the manga.
    • Himekawa and Kanzaki's explanation of online games to Lord En
  • Anime Only: The cooking and library scenes are shown in the anime only; Yuka and Aoi's scene is absent from the manga as well; Himekawa and Kanzaki's explanation of online games to Lord En is only in the anime, too.
  • Censorship: In the manga, the scene where Hecados stabs Hilda is very visible. The spear is seen going through Hilda's stomach and blood is seen. Compared to the anime, Hecados stabs Hilda in the sky in front of the moon. This creates a silhouette that covers up the wound that Hilda has.

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
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Masami Abe Key Animator
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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