No One Sees the Real Me

No One Sees the Real Me is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 12/01/2011

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 9

No one sees the real me

While trying to escape the limelight, pop icon "Risette", aka Rise, steals away to the small town of Inaba. With the investigation team now bringing all their clues together, it looks as if Rise might become a new piece of the puzzle.


Opening Theme-

"True Story" by Rise Kujikawa (Rie Kugimiya)

Ending Theme-

"Beauty of Destiny" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice

Episode Synopsis

Igor welcomes Yu into the Velvet Room, and Margaret talks to him about the number of memories he's created recently Along with those memories, he's obtained the Hang Man Arcana. Margaret's Compendium shows an image of Naoki Konishi. She explains that Yu's power will only grow as he has more encounters, conversations, and deepening his understanding of others.

Risette performing "True Story"
Risette performing "True Story"

Inside a large concert hall, fans are waiting for the Risette concert. Backstage, the manager Inoue works over Rise Kujikawa's schedule as she's being dressed for her performance, and no one is even saying anything too her. The fans are chanting, and Rise says after this performance she's quitting. She runs on stage to perform her song "True Story" before Inoue can even respond.

Monday June 20, 2011

Rise in Inaba
Rise in Inaba

Rise is giving an interview on TV about her resent resignation and an denies it's due to any health or stress issues. She does confirm how she'll be staying in Inaba. Just outside Junes, Rise is talking on her cell about picking up some milk, and she's recognized by some in the food court. With the elevators too surrounded by people, she instead takes the stairs. Though she speeds up as she feels someone is following her. Feeling worried, she rushes through the crowds to make it to the elevator and rushes in as soon as the door opens.

Yu returning Rise's cellphone
Yu returning Rise's cellphone

She flinches as the person following her reaches out, but it's that Yu Narukami was just trying to return her cellphone she dropped. She grabs it from him and yells that she should have said so earlier. Yu apologizes, then Rise thanks him for returning it. Yu leaves as the door opens, but he turns to tell her that he likes the ganmodoki strap attached to her cell.

Nanako wants to see Rise
Nanako wants to see Rise

Later that night, Yu is at home watching the interview with Rise on TV as she talks about how her grandmother runs a traditional tofu shop in Inaba. Yu then recognizes her as the girl he saw earlier. Nanako asks if they could run into her one day, but Yu says he thinks he already has. As Ryotaro Dojima is eating, he complains how the best thing about Inaba is how quiet it is, but it's been a wild year, so far.

Tuesday June 21, 2011

The Investigation team at Junes talk about Rise
The Investigation team at Junes talk about Rise

The Investigation Team is talking at the Junes food court. Yosuke is surprised that Yukiko knows Rise's family, and she explains that her family's inn has bought tofu from them for generations. Chie then scolds him for wanting to go to the tofu shop to see Rise. Yu suggests that if they are right about people being targeted after being shown on TV that Rise may be the next target. Yosuke brings up the point that this isn't the first time Rise's been on TV, and Yukiko adds that Rise has only been on a few shows along with Mayumi Yamano. It's Chie who mentions that there is a lot of talk about her recently, and she's even moved to Inaba. They then talk about how if Rise is abducted that it would eliminate their theory that victims were connected to Ms. Yamano.

Yukiko dies ever angering anyone
Yukiko dies ever angering anyone

They still don't know what the killer's motive is. Kanji suggests it could be personal grudges. He knows he's pissed off a lot of people, then he asks if Yukiko's ever angered anyone. She quickly denies that's possible. When Chie asks if it's even unintentional, Yukiko says no. Yosuke finishes that they can ask the killer his motive after they've caught him. They need to keep an eye on Rise.

Rise on the Midnight Channel?
Rise on the Midnight Channel?

Yu's sitting in his room as midnight approaches and it's raining outside. The TV comes on, and it looks as if there is a young girl in a small bikini. She appears to be Rise.

Wednesday June 22, 2011

The team talk about what they saw
The team talk about what they saw

In Yasogawa High, Yosuke is sure that who he was was Rise on the Midnight Channel, and he drones on about her waist, breasts, and thin legs. He looks unimpressed at Chie's at Chie's legs, and she bashfully covers herself. When Yukiko asks Yu what he thinks, he looks at Chie's legs and says they're nice. Nice blushes, but Yosuke dismisses Yu's choice. Being mocked pisses Chie off and she kicks him in the gut screaming "Jiraiya!". Yukiko just laughs about Jiraiya being Yosuke's Persona. Kanji asks what they should do and they settle on dropping by the Marukyu Tofu shop. Since Chie and Yukiko have to go to the Faculty Office, they'll catch up later.

The guys go to Marukyu Tofu Shop
The guys go to Marukyu Tofu Shop

Yosuke, Yu, and Kanji are walking into the shopping arcade as Yusuke reminds them they are only going here for their investigation, but Kanji tells him to drop the excuses. There are a lot of fans standing outside of the Marukyu shop with their cameras out. When it all clears out and they get to the door, Yosuke's shocked to see a sign on the door saying they're all out of tofu. That doesn't stop Yosuke from bursting in to find the place dark and nearly empty.

The guys meet Rise
The guys meet Rise

Rise walks out, asking if they saw the notice on the board. Yosuke and Kanji ask if she's really Rise, but she's confused about why they aren't using any honorific. Yosuke is jealous when Rise recognizes Yu. Rise asks what they want since they are out of tofu, and Yu asks for six ganmodoki. As she bends over to collect them, Yosuke stares at her butt and is glad he came. Kanji says she has an attitude problem, but Yu adds that he's not one to talk. Yu asks Rise if she's noticed anything odd and if she's heard of the Midnight Channel. They are surprised when she knows about the show that was on the night before. She denies that the girl on the TV was her. She's never modeled in that bikini and says her chest isn't that large. Yosuke leers at her breasts in agreement, and Kanji tells him to calm down. Yu wanrs her that people who get shown on the Midnight Channel could possible be kidnapped.

Dojima notices Kanji
Dojima notices Kanji

From outside, Yu can hear Dojima approaching. He enters with his partner Adachi, and they are both surprised to find Yu and his friends with Rise. Yu glances away from Dojima's stare, but then Kanji catches Ryotaro's eye. The three pay for the ganmodoki and leave.

Adachi introduces themselves as police to Rise, and Ryotaro asks why she's come to Inaba to rest. She tells him it was because she was tired. Before he can warn her to be careful, Rise cuts him off that she's already been warned by the boys who just left. She then turns to walk back into the store. Outside, Adachi wonders why Rise didn't come to the Inaba police chief for help as he looks at a police ad Rise did. Dojima is more curious how a bunch of high school kids could of known Rise was a possible target when he only came by on a hunch.

The guys tailing Rise
The guys tailing Rise

A short time later, Rise walks out on her own with Yosuke, Kanji, and Yu hiding close by. Kanji asks why they are stalking her, and Yosuke says it's to watch and see if someone suspicious is following her. To that, Kanji says they already look shady like this. Chie and Yukiko arrive, and wonder why they look so suspicious. Yu asks if Yosuke's the culprit.

Aika delivers the team's orders
Aika delivers the team's orders

As the Investigation Team tails Rise across the street, they ordered meals from Aiya that are delivered by Aika Nakamura. Each grab their separate orders, but Adachi appears to get his set. They are shocked to see him there. He cuts catches himself for before he accidentally reveals that Dojima ordered him to follow them, and tries to pretend he was just passing by when he heard them ordering.

Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji catch the killer?
Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji catch the killer?

Just as they are about the follow Rise, Chie notices someone following her. The team drop their meals and chase after the suspicious looking man. They tell Yu to stay with Rise. Just outside the gas station, Chie, Yosuke, and Kanji tackle the guy and pin him to the ground. The man in glasses tries to say he's just a fan of Risette. he's confused as they call him the killer. Adachi cuffs the man and takes him off. As Chie is celebrating their victory, Yukiko suggests that he really could just be a Risette fan. When Kanji is suspicious that he could be grabbed by such a wimp, Yosuke doubts it's possible.

Yu and Rise on the flood plain
Yu and Rise on the flood plain

Yu takes Rise to the flood plains so they can see anyone coming. She tells him she's used to having stalkers, and Yu asks if it would be better if she wasn't. Rise notices a magazine with her image on the cover in the grass. She flips through the pages of her own photo shoot and rips one out. She complains how the person everyone sees her as isn't her real self. Risette is just a personality that was created to sell. She throws the paper plane she folded as she says no one sees the real her. Yu taps her on the should and shows her he made a paper crane. Rise makes one, but it's not well crafted. She pouts when Yu tells her it bad, so she tries again. She does a much better job this time since she really tried, but Yu places a tiny crane in her hand. Yu answers his phone to see the text from Yosuke that they caught who could be the killer. As they start to head back, she remembers that Yu never told her his name. They share introductions, but Yu adds he already knows her name from last night's news.

That night on the Midnight Channel, there is an unclear image of a girl in a bikini that certainly does appear to be Rise.

Thursday June 23, 2011

Investigation Team discuss what the Midnight Channel is
Investigation Team discuss what the Midnight Channel is

On the school roof, the Investigation Team talk about what was on the Midnight Channel. Yosuke says he caught a glimpse of Rise in Marukyu on his way to school. The actual variety show doesn't appear to start until after they are thrown in the TV. Yukiko talks about how the show is a person's repressed emotions and they're inadvertently displaying their inner thoughts on the TV, but Chie's confused about the fuzzy program that comes before the abduction. Yu thinks it could be the killer's warning, and Yuiko adds it could be showing the killer's thoughts. Kanji then asks if that means the weirdo they caught the other day wasn't the killer. Yu tells them that all they know now is that Rise's in danger.

Rise goes to school
Rise goes to school

Once classes are other, Yu is at his shoe locker as Rise walks past him. He calls out to her, and she tells him she's there to enroll in the first year's class. When he tells her he's a second year, she starts calling him sempai. As they walk for the exit, they notice a large group of reporters outside. Yu takes her to a side exit for them to escape, and Rise is excited from the drama. They get to Marukyu to find that entrance also swarmed with people. Before they can find a way in, Rise to called to by her manager, Inoue.

Rise accuses Yu of being like everyone else
Rise accuses Yu of being like everyone else

They go to the Tatsuhime Shrine to talk. Rise asks why she's come, and and he says he can't go along with this as her manager. She yells at him that she's not a doll to be used anymore. he brings up the role she was suppose to play in the movie, but she cuts him off asking if he's there to try and force her back to work. He quickly tells her that she's been replaced by Kaname Mashita, and he'll be her manager from now on. Rise is shocked to hear she's been replaced so soon my Kanami. After Inuoe walks away, Yu asks the silent Rise if she's alright. It's when he asks if she's deceiving herself that Rise finally turns on Yu to yell at him. She says that he wouldn't understand and and with tears filling her eyes tells him that he's just like everyone else as. Rise runs off alone and leaves Yu behind.

Dojima warns Yu to stay out of the case
Dojima warns Yu to stay out of the case

That night at home, Ryotaro warns Yu to stay out of this case so he doesn't get hurt and tells him to find safer places to play. Yu's shocked by this confrontation and agrees. Though Dojima apologizes. Nanako asks if they're fighting again.

Rise's Midnight Channel Show begins
Rise's Midnight Channel Show begins

As it rains outside at night, Yu watches the Midnight Channel flick on the TV. He's shocked to see a clear image of Rise is a bikini blows and kiss and says, "Maru-Q!". On the streets outside the Marukyu tofu shop is Rise's cellphone.

Points of Interest

  • In the Persona 4 game, Yu didn't meet Rise until the rest of the Investigation Team.
  • Mitsuo Kubo appears among the background of the crowd outside of the Marukyu tofu shop when the Investigation Team first go to visit. He has no spoken lines.
  • Yosuke pays for the ganmodoki with one 500 yen piece, two 100 yen pieces, and two 10 yen coins. That's a total of 720 yen for the six ganmodoki.
  • In the game, Dojima and Adachi had met with Rise before Yu and the other arrived.
  • In this episode, Yu's Diligence increased by one to Staunch.
  • Much of this episode used still images with only mouth animation and even dialog happening off screen.
  • The scene of Rise's meeting with her former manager Inoue didn't appear until after Rise joined the Investigation Team. This was part of Rise's Social Linking side mission with the protagonist.
  • Teddy and no Persona are seen in this episode.


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #8 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

Giant Bomb- Persona 4 Endurance Run: The events of this episode were told shown Episode 51-54 of the Giant Bomb Endurance Run of Persona 4.

(via TheRealGiantBomb on youtube)

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Shigenori Soejima Concept Artist Shigenori Soejima is the Japanese character designer for Persona 3 and Persona 4 game series.
Kazuaki Morita Character Artist/Designer Kazuaki Morita is a Japanese character design artist for anime.
Yuuko Kakihara Series Composition Yuuko Kakihara is a Japanese script and screenplay writer.
Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.
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