No, Go Home, Master

No, Go Home, Master is an anime episode of Is this a Zombie? of the Dead that was released on 04/26/2012

To forget all the bad things, Ayumu resorts to his hobby, scale models. When Haruna destroys his precious model, he chats with Orito about it. To cheer up Ayumu and to convince him not to cross dress, Orito takes Ayumu to a maid cafe where they play a game with Sarasvati. Will Ayumu and Orito beat Sarasvati at her own game?

Plot Summary

Sarasvati: "Get out, master!"
Sarasvati: "Get out, master!"

Ayumu remembers his most embarrassing day and now, he is tending to his mech models to take his mind off. Seraphim finds Ayumu's hobby disgusting, and when Ayumu talks about how it's a hobby for men, Seraphim throws a kunai at Ayumu. Haruna pops in and looks at Ayumu's figures with glee. Seraphim is at a loss for words when she sees Haruna and Ayumu talking about Full Metal stuff, and Haruna breaks Ayumu's figure, Sousuke. In class, Ayumu shares with Orito how angry he is that his scale model are all destroyed. Orito offers a ticket to Ayumu that leads to a cafe, so he can help Ayumu not cross dress anymore. At the Star River cafe, they are greeted by maids. In another part of the cafe, Sarasvati and her maid tell them to get out as part of the Tsundere cafe. When Orito gets near Sarasvati, Sarasvati knocks him away, and Sarasvati asks Ayumu if he likes her outfit. Ayumu back off a bit.

Three Drop-Dead Gorgeous Vampire Ninja Ladies
Three Drop-Dead Gorgeous Vampire Ninja Ladies

Moments later, Ayumu finds Shimomura enjoying the food. Orito remarks that Sarasvati's legs are gorgeous, and Seraphim walks by. Orito marvels at Seraphim's body, and Ayumu asks Sera to bring them water. Then, Yuki arrives in a revealing cowboy attire. She asks Ayumu if he is ready to order, and she attempts to be a tsundere. Orito and Sarasvati play a game to make things interesting. Sarasvati sends the first girl, Yuki. Orito and Ayumu begin giving her advice to Yuki, and while Orito tells Yuki to use her body more, Ayumu informs Yuki to do what she likes. With the round over, the next girl is Haruna. Orito enjoys Haruna as a great challenge for a tsundere. When Ayumu has Yuki pour water, Ayumu helps her, and Haruna gets jealous a bit. She demands Ayumu to drink her water.

Ayumu has an iron will and stomach
Ayumu has an iron will and stomach

The next contender is Seraphim who doing the bondage cosplay. Orito gets even more aroused at Seraphim who rubs him head on Seraphim's thigh. Ayumu gets ready to order, and Seraphim's cooking looks very dangerous. Ayumu finishes it and asks for seconds. Seraphim blushes which makes the round over. In round four, Eucliwood is up next for the challenge. Ayumu is smitten by Eucliwood's clothes. He has no clue what to do, and Eucliwood wrotes that Ayumu is too dere dere today. Somehow, Ayumu wins the round, and Sarasvati reveals her hidden weapon, Kanami. Kanami makes Ayumu feel uncomfortable and demands him to give up. Then, Orito frees himself from the celing and prepares to take on Kanami. He tells her that he loves her which appears to not work until Kanami yells at Orito. Ayumu and Orito win the game, and Shimomura greets Eucliwood. He informs Ayumu that he is a citizen of the underworld, and at home, Haruna gives Ayumu a bag that contains a hideous, grotesque scale model.

Points of Interest

  • Gundam and Mech anime allusions: The figures look like Gundam suits.
  • Fullmetal allusions: Ayumu mentions Kashim.


  • Japanese Name: "Iya, Kaere Goshujinsama" (いや、帰れご主人様)
  • Opening Theme: "***Passionate" by Iori Nomizu
  • Ending Theme: "Koi no Beginner Nan Desu (T_T)" ("I Am a Love Beginner") by Rie Yamaguchi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junji Majima ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Seraphim ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Haruna ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Iori Nomizu ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Shinobu Tagashira Character Artist/Designer
Makoto Uezu Series Composition
Shinichi Kimura Original Concept
Takaomi Kanasaki Director Takaomi Kanasaki is a Japanese anime director and storyboard artist.
Shinji Kakijima Music Composer.


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