No. 6, episode 2: Intro and Brief Impressions

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Note: I'm really liking this anime so far and I do recommend anyone to check it out before reading more about the series. In my opinion this is one of those anime you should check out without having read too much. This is more for people who are really on the fence about the series, or people who have already started watching it.  

No. 6 is a currently airing sci-fi anime. You can check it out on for free. No. 6 is the name of a district or city. The main protagonist is a naive male named Shion. I have only watched episodes 1 and 2 so far, so I'll try giving you an idea what it's about without and give my thoughts on some of the things that happen. If I had to say what this anime reminds me of, it would be Fractale and The Matrix.
So in episode 1 Shion is a teenager. He has great grades and will be able to get into any secondary school he wants. In episode 1 we get the sense of a nice functioning society. Similar to the Fractale system, citizens wear ID Bracelets that track their movements and store tonnes of personal information. However, one night Shion leaves the balcony window open and in comes a boy named Nezumi. Nezumi is injured and an escaped convict. Shion decides to help him anyways. This lands him in hot water, and Shion is no longer able to attend secondary school. 
In episode 2 we fast forward 4 years. He's working as a park surveillance worker. One day there is a mysterious death in the park. He comments to his coworker, "Maybe the government is hiding the truth." Then a bunch of guys in suits rush in and arrest him for malcontent. Just as he is being driven off, he is rescued by Nezumi. The run away sequence was nice and had good tension. Episode 2 ends with Nezumi and Shion outside the borders of No. 6, it looks like a wasteland. Nezumi says bitterly, "Welcome to the real world." 
I expect that the rest of the series will follow Shion as he finds out more about No. 6 and gets to the bottom of the mysterious deaths and government plots. I felt that episode 1 was all about establishing Shion and the city of No. 6 as normal. Then episode 2 picks up speed and has more action. This contrasts the happy more docile tone of episode 1. A lot of attention was placed on sound and music for both episodes. Things like the rustling of tree leaves, the sound of pouring rain or wind, to street traffic or robot/machine sounds, add a lot to shaping the world of No. 6. The characters are likeable. There seems to be some interesting setup for development between Shion and his best friend Safu.  Animation is pretty good. I'm loving the opening and ending themes, I think they contribute to the feel of the series. 
I feel like I might have trivialized the plot in my summaries of episode 1 and 2.>.> This anime is really good so far and I'm excited to see where it goes. I hope people are checking it out! Part of the draw of watching anime is seeing it all unfold for yourself!
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