Nitta and Mutta

Nitta and Mutta is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 03/23/2013

As Day 5 of survival training of walking in the desert comes to a close. Nitta makes a surprise call, he needs to go back to retrieve his cell phone, which he has been using to talk to his mother during breaks, and he seems to have dropped at some point.

Nitta and Mutta

Nitta had got special permission to carry a phone for the exercise, because he is expecting an important call. Since Mutta is leader, he has to decide whether or not to let Nitta backtrack and try to find his phone. Mutta doesn't allow it and tells everyone to press on ahead. Back at home, Nitta's mother prepares dinner for Nitta's brother and leaves it at his door. It seems that Mutta has a plan. Mutta figures that since Nitta is expecting a call, his cell phone should flash and be easier to spot at night. Also after they set up camp, Nitta won't have to carry around his baggage, making it easier for them to search for Nitta's cell-phone together. Once they have set up camp and eaten, Mutta and Nitta set out to search for Nitta's phone, Mutta entrusts Kenji with the handgun. After heading out Mutta realizes he might have made a terrible mistake. Mutta has effectively left Kenji with an psuedo-harem at the camp with Serika, Ena and Amanti.

While Nitta and Mutta are walking together, Nitta tells Mutta that he has his own younger brother too. Apparently Nitta's younger brother has not left his room in a long time and Nitta has not spoken with him in 2 years. All Nitta wants is for his brother to decide to leave his room. Nitta's brother is named Kazuya, who is currently 25 years old. They continue to search under the beautiful starlit sky. Mutta asks about Kazuya. Nitta says Kazuya always knew more about space than he did, and it was partly Kazuya who inspired him to learn more about space. Back in middle school Kazuya had stopped attending school for about 6 months. After that Kazuya dropped out of college and quit his part-time job. Nitta fears that his younger brother is hopeless and is envious of Mutta that he has a great younger brother like Hibito.

On the news, Kazuya learns that Azuka Takio is the next Japanese scheduled to land on the Moon, after Hibito who was the first. After walking for a bit, Nitta apologizes for making Mutta search with him, saying that his brother might not even call, and if that's the case they might have already passed over his phone.

Mutta tells him not to worry because they will probably reach it in 4 km where the last food crate was, and where Mutta tackled Nitta to help him avoid the rattlesnake. Nitta is shocked by this realization, and starts running! Nitta and Kazuya had gone stargazing in the mountains and apparently Kazuya made a wish on a shooting star. Nitta begins to wonder what his younger brother wished for. When they finally reach the last food crate, Nitta spots his phone, and it is flashing! Unfortunately Nitta does not answer it quickly enough, and he feels like he has lost another chance to help his brother.

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