Winter Watch Anthology: Nisemonogatari

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Karen Bee Arc (Episodes 1-7)

Karen Bee, Part 1
Nisio Isin's trademark rapid-fire dialog returns in the first episode of this highly anticipated series.
Koyomi is kidnapped by Hitagi and has a flash back to earlier that day where he talks with his sister and meets Mayoi while walking to a friend's house.
Karen Bee, Part 2
A wise otaku once told me, "Always keep your wits about you, for the path to Fanservice City sometimes cuts through tricky territory."
Koyomi visits the homes of Nadeko and Suruga, two underclassmen who both try their best to seduce him.
Karen Bee, Part 3
The sheer awesomeness of this series can be blinding at times.
Koyomi meets a mysterious man outside of Suruga's house and eventually gets kidnapped by Hitagi.
Karen Bee, Part 4
Hide your kids and hide your wife. Nisemono is about launch a shock and awe campaign of fanservice against your senses.
After seeing to Karen's safety, Koyomi and Shinobu catch up on old times.
Karen Bee, Part 5

Chock-full of brother-sister family fun time!

The side effects from Karen's curse prove too much for her to handle and Koyomi offers some TLC to help ease her pain.
Karen Bee, Part 6
Somewhere, Madonna is cheering at all the voguing in this episode.
Hitagi and Koyomi make plans to deals with Kaiki but Karen leaves on her own to bring him to justice.
Karen Bee, Part 7
A sibling rivalry that would make Sasuke and InuYasha proud.
Hitagi and Koyomi make plans to deals with Kaiki but Karen leaves on her own to bring him to justice.

Tsukihi Phoenix Arc (Episodes 8-11)

Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 1
There are so many taglines to run with but I'll settle on, "My little sister can't be this cute... but she is and I want to sleep with her."
Koyomi challenges Karen to a game that quickly takes both of them to a place no brother and sister should go.
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 2
You Are (Not) Alone.
While going about his day, Koyomi meets two mysterious strangers who are more than meets the eye.
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 3 & Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 4
Conflicts come to a boil as the series reaches its conclusion.
After a brutal attack on Tsukihi, Koyomi and Shinobu team up to take down Yoduru and Yotsugi.

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