Nisemonogatari is an anime series in the Monogatari franchise
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Nisemonogatari is a 2012 anime series that serves as a sequel to the 2009 series "Bakemonogatari". Both anime are based off of Nishio Ishin's popular "-monogatari" series of light novels.

Similar to its predecessor, Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari continues the adventures of half-vampire Koyomi Araragi and the people in his life, specifically the supernatural events that his sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, find themselves involved with.

Major Characters

Koyomi Araragi

Koyomi is the lead character of the series and every arc revolves around his interactions with various people. He is a half-vampire, half-human high school student who constantly finds himself having to solve supernatural phenomenon. He has two sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, is dating Hitagi Senjogahara, and has a bevy of other females after him as well. He is generally helpful to others and can be kind when he wants to, but struggles with bouts of pedophelia and often succombs to incestuous desires.

Karen Araragi

Karen is the eldest of Koyomi's two middle-school age sisters. She has a very outgoing personality and a high interest in sports, martial arts, and other athletic activities. While she isn't the brightest bulb in the box, she has a strong sense of justice and feels called to protect others from those who would do them harm. Along with her sister Tsukihi, the two brand themselves as the Fire Sisters and help out those in need. Like her sister, Karen falls victim to both supernatural phenomenon and the incestuous advances of her brother, although, unlike her sister, Karen seems to enjoy the attention her brother pays her.

Kaiki Deishu
Kaiki Deishu is the self-proclaimed Ghost Buster and conman who was the catalyst for divorce of Hitagi's parents. At the start of the series, he is makes a living by peddling "fake" charms (that actually produce the desired effect) to middle schoolers due to their access to funds and their gullibility. Kaiki is a rather cold character with little to no remorse for his actions and rarely shows his emotions, outside of being pleased with himself at swindling people out of their money.


Nisemonogatari is based off of a two-volume light novels series written by Nishio Ishin and published by Kodansha. The television anime series, which has a total of 11 episodes and ran from January 2012 until March 2012, is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and features animation production by Shaft, the same duo behind the Bakemonogatari series. The series is published by Aniplex. In addition to simulcasting on Crunchyroll during its initial run, the entire series was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan beginning in April 2012 with no announcements yet of an US license.



The score for Nisemonogatari is composed by Satoru Kousaki.

Opening Themes

As of episode eight, Nisemonogatari has had four separate opening animations set to a total of three songs.

Opening Animation #1
"Futakotome" by Chiwa Saito
Opening Animation #2
"Marshmallow Justice" by Eri Kitamura
Opening Animation #3
"Futakotome" by Chiwa Saito
Opening Animation #4
"Platinum Disco" by Yuka Iguchi

Ending Theme

Ending Animation #1
"Naisho no Hanashi" by ClariS
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 11
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 4
1 - 10
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 3
1 - 9
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 2
1 - 8
Tsukihi Phoenix, Part 1
1 - 7
Karen Bee, Part 7
1 - 6
Karen Bee, Part 6
1 - 5
Karen Bee, Part 5
1 - 4
Karen Bee, Part 4
1 - 3
Karen Bee, Part 3
1 - 2
Karen Bee, Part 2
1 - 1
Karen Bee, Part 1

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Akiyuki Shinbo
Akio Watanabe
Nishio Ishin
Satoru Kosaki
Shinichiro Kajiura
Takuji Mogi
Ryousuke Sawa
Yoshiaki Ito
Junichiro Taniguchi

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General Information Edit
Name Nisemonogatari
Name: 偽物語
Romaji: Nisemonogatari
Publisher Shaft
Start Year 2012
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