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Gokusen (Live Action) (2002 - 13 Episodes)

Kumiko Yamaguchi is a new teacher at Shirokin High School and is put in charge of the unruly class 3-D. Little does the school know, Kumiko is the 4th generation heir to a Yakuza clan.

1 - 1
A zealous teacher goes on a rampage!! (Nekketsu sensei Ô abare!!) 04/17/2002
1 - 2
Don't abandon your friend!! (Tomodachi mi suten na yo!!) 04/24/2002
1 - 3
Don't judge only by appearance!! (Mita me de kimen na!!) 05/01/2002
1 - 4
If you fail, start over (Shippai shita ra yarinaose) 05/08/2002
1 - 5
To fight is different from violence (Kenka to bôryoku wa chigau) 05/15/2002
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