Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu

Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu is an anime series
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Girl ninja Shinobu attends a secret ninja school-no outsiders are allowed on campus. Like all good Japanese school story heroines, she has boundless enthusiasm but very little ability. She has a partner, a magical creature called Onsokumaru, a bright yellow ball with arms, wings, and perverted tastes. The school principal Ninja Master is the same type of creature, but with a white beard. Her other companions include talking alligator Devil and her genius younger sister Miyabe. Onsokumaru gives her a test of ninja skill as part of her exam-she has to steal an ordinary schoolgirl's underwear. The target is Kaede Shiranui, who coincidentally is also studying for an exam. But Shinobu is such an incompetent ninja that she's immediately spotted by her intended victim. When Kaede challenges her, she bursts into tears and the story of her total failure comes tumbling out. Kind-hearted Kaede gives her a pair of panties so she can pass, and a friendship is forged in vague imitation of that to be found in E-chan the Ninja Girl. But when Shinobu invites Kaede to look around the ninja academy campus as a thank-you for helping her to pass her test, the principal tells them that any non-ninja who sees the campus cannot be allowed to leave. Fortunately this doesn't apply to the audience. Based on a manga by Ryoichi Koga.

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General Information Edit
Name Ninja Nonsense: The Legend of Shinobu
Name: ニニンがシノブ伝
Romaji: Ninin ga Shinobuden
Publisher ?
Start Year 2004
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Aliases 2 x 2 = Shinobuden 2 x 2 = Tale of Stealth The Nonsense Kunoichi Fiction
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