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The long-lost heir to the Katana clan travels around Sengoku-era Japan as his female bodyguards try to help him marry a rich woman to keep his bloodline going.


Raizou is a loner who lives in a tiny shack most of his life, and is often ostracized because of the weird horn that sticks out of his head. However, after saving an unconscious girl, she tells him that he is the long lost heir to the (fictional) Katana clan, a once-powerful Japanese family that has all but died out during the Warring States era. In order to keep the clan alive, Raizou has to find a woman from another powerful family and marry her.  
Though Raizou himself is afraid of this plan, his three kunoichi bodyguards (including two females and one trap) escort him from town to town, trying to help Raizou in their quest to continue the bloodline of the Katana clan. But while they persist in their mission, each bodyguard holds their own feelings for him.
Book # Name Rating Release Date
Volume 6
July 12, 2011
Volume 5
May 24, 2011
Volume 4
Nov. 16, 2010
Volume 3
June 22, 2010
Volume 2
Dec. 29, 2009
Volume 1
Aug. 25, 2009
General Information Edit
English Name Ninja Girls
Japanese Name: 乱飛乱外
Romaji: Rappi Rangai
Publisher Kodansha
Start Year 2006
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Aliases Rappi Rangai
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