Ninja Cadets

Ninja Cadets is an anime series in the Ninja Cadets franchise
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A comedy OVA about Ninjas.

 The Kabuso clan's seizure of Byakuro Castle is marred by the disappearance of the infant princess, who is carried off into hiding by an honorable ninja. Years later, an energetic young group of ninja wannabes are about to be put through their final exam-a mission into the occupied Byakuro Castle to steal the MacGuffin Scrolls of Power. The evil Kabuso clan has hired highly skilled mercenaries to follow them, knowing that one of the young cadets is actually the missing princess.

Often looking like a spin-off of designer Sue's work on El Hazard, Ninja Cadets is a lazy afternoon's D&D; with a sushi flavor-wandering monsters, a bit of comedy business, and a satisfyingly big fight finale. There is a promising monochrome beginning as Byakuro Castle is stormed by evil hordes, but the story soon collapses into a pastoral idyll in which the life of an outcast assassin is presented as a summer camping trip, where you get to play with knives while a mommy ninjette cooks supper. Faced with innumerable foes and a map seemingly drawn by a bored teenage Dungeon Master (you can go any direction you want, as long as it's over the single bridge), the daftest ninja in the world decide it would be a good idea to split up. Then they wander listlessly around the countryside like bored kids on a school trip, which is probably the distant genesis of this whole story.

Luckily, when they reach the impregnable fortress, it's guarded by the daftest samurai in the world, and the scene is set for a walk through all the set pieces of chop-socky ninja films-tiger claws, throwing stars, singing floors, and reconnaissance kites. Our elite assassins try some really smart moves like throwing fire around in a room full of paper scrolls, and voice actress Maria Kawamura steals the show as a suicide-blonde evil minion with an electric-chair hairdo, seemingly inserted at the last minute to inject some much-needed evil into the proceedings. Armed with the Scrolls of Power, the ninja set off to depose the bad guys, just as the ending credits roll-further episodes were not forthcoming. Forgettable fun, but while this does indeed boast both scrolls and ninja, Ninja Scroll it ain't. L
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Eiji Suganuma

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Name Ninja Cadets
Name: Ninja者
Romaji: Ninja Mono
Publisher AIC
Start Year 1996
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Aliases Ninja Mono
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