Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective Characters

Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series
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A powerful vampire who turned Shido into a vampire years ago. He and Shido once lived a pleasant life together in Transylvania, where they fed on countless innocent people.


A small, green, self-styled "urban fairy" who hangs around with Shido, usually behind his mane of hair.

Kasumi Matsunaga

The twin sister of Yayoi Matsunaga, she was possessed by a nightbreed when she was five years old, after her parents were killed in the same fire that disfigured Yayoi. In exchange for saving Yayoi, the nightbreed forced Kasumi to kill women by ripping off their faces and displaying them in a hidden room beneath the inn the two sisters own.

Riho Yamazaki

Shidos secretary whose parents were killed by Nightbreed. After almost dying Shido turned her into a vampire.

Shido Tatsuhiko

The main character of the Nightwalker series. A vampire who decided to defend humans against his demonic brethren as atonement for the sins he committed early in his vampiric life.

Yayoi Matsunaga

A beautiful N.O.S. agent, that often asks Shido's help on nightbreed cases. In return, she pays Shido with her blood in exchange for his expertise in investigating.

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