Nightmare in Dreamland/Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland

Nightmare in Dreamland/Usagi vs. Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland is an anime episode of Sailor Moon that was released on 05/23/1992

At the beginning of the episode, Usagi, Rei and Ami are hanging out at the Hikawa Shrine with Luna. Luna says that she is glad to see them all together but that they should not get overconfident - they have some tough battles still ahead of them. Usagi is reading one of Rei's Sailor V comics, but they start arguing over it while Ami studies an encyclopedia and everyone ignores Luna's speech. Luna finally manages to get everyone's attention and tells them that they need to work together to find the princess they are looking for. Usagi and Rei, who seem to be similarly immature in a lot of ways, theorize that the princess must be wearing a sign that says who she is. When they come to the conclusion that they have no idea how to find this princess, Ami suggests that they focus on fighting the monsters that keep appearing until Luna gets more information. Ami shows everyone a newspaper advertising a new amusement park called Dreamland. Supposedly, around 50 people have mysteriously disappeared from this park recently.

Meanwhile, Queen Beryl watches an image of the three Sailor Warriors together. She expresses her displeasure at Jadeite for allowing that many of them to gather together and threatens that he does not have many chances left to redeem himself. Jadeite again promises her that he has a new plan to steal a large amount of energy and kill the three Sailor Warriors. Queen Beryl reminds him that he can be replaced at any time.

The girls show up at the amusement park, where a press conference is being held. A blond security guard is assuring the media that the recent disappearances did not occur in the park, claiming that the number of people in and out of the park every day has been the same. He pushes the reporters out of the room and then reveals his face - he is, of course, Jadeite in disguise. The girls wonder if it is really a coincidence that the people who disappeared came to the park. As they talk about the problem, they see Usagi riding the carousel instead of working. After Rei lectures her, Usagi ends up face to face with what appears to be a lion and becomes terrified. However, a woman who looks like a doll holding an apple approaches and says that it is only a mechanical lion. She brings out several other animals to show that she controls them. She puts Usagi on the back of the mechanical bear, and Usagi seems to be having fun. Rei says that she feels a strange aura coming from the woman and advises Usagi to stay away from her. The strange woman tells the girls to come to her show at the candy house in an hour. Although Rei and Ami are suspicious, Usagi seems oblivious and excited about the show. On the inside of the castle, Jadeite waits with a pile of sleeping humans and comments that once someone comes into the candy house, they can never come out.

The group decides to split up and investigate. Ami and Luna go off together, while Usagi and Rei pair up. Rei and Usagi watch the strange mechanical animal woman play with children in the park. As she helps a little boy ride on one of the mechanical bears, Rei tells him that it's dangerous and he should get off. Usagi, still not convinced that the woman is evil, picks the boy up and puts him back on the bear. Rei and Usagi end up fighting back and forth and pulling the poor kid in two different directions, until his angry mother intervenes. Finally, Ami and Rei decide to ride a toy train to "patrol" around the park. The train comes to an abrupt stop and Usagi's head crashes into the guy in front of her, who turns out to be Mamoru. Mamoru tells her she has a rock-hard head and makes fun of her "dumplings" (He always jokes that the buns on top of her head look like dumplings). Mamoru and Rei comment back and forth on Usagi's hairstyle until Usagi jumps up and asks why a single guy is riding a toy train by himself anyway. She asks if it could be because he's just a big loser, but he angrily says he has his reasons for being there. However, as the train starts up, he admits to himself that Usagi hit a sore spot. Rei whispers to Usagi that the guy in front of them (Mamoru) kind of looks like Tuxedo Mask, but Usagi yells that he looks nothing like him.

Usagi and Rei meet up with Luna in front of the candy house and find that Ami has already gone in by herself. Inside the house there are children feasting on piles of candy. The strange woman from before appears on a stage and welcomes everyone, then sprays a strange pink mist out of her mouth. Ami realizes that the apple she is holding is collecting energy, but she passes out before she can do anything about it. Usagi and Rei sense that something is wrong, but cannot get inside the locked doors. The two of them transform and Sailor Mars uses her Fire Soul attack to break down the front doors. Inside, Jadeite sees them coming and says that this will be their last fight. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars run in and are greeted again by the strange woman with the apple. She produces an illusion in which they are suddenly in a field of flowers. She tries to put a circlet on Usagi's head, but Rei realizes it is a trick and grabs it from her. The circlet turns into a snake and bites Rei's arm, then turns to stone. The woman tells Rei that the poison will slowly make her turn to stone, but Rei uses a cleansing tag to immediately purge herself of the poison. The woman retracts her head into her body, then turns into a doll that has a design reminiscent of a Queen of Hearts. She introduces herself as the monster, Moolyd. Sailor Moon gives her speech, but Moolyd quickly produces another illusion. In the illusion, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars are in a white forest where Tuxedo Mask comes riding up on a white horse. Both of them fall for the trap and go running up to "Tuxedo Mask" with hearts in their eyes, getting on the horse with him and riding on the carousel with him. Suddenly the real Tuxedo Mask appears and throws a rose, knocking Moolyd's apple to the ground and dissipating the illusion. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars turn out to be riding on broomsticks rather than the carousel. Tuxedo Mask says that people should only dream when they are sleeping, and leaves. As Moolyd attempts to create a third illusion, Ami wakes up and transforms into Sailor Mercury. She tells Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars to aim for the apple, and uses her Bubble Spray to create a fog. Rei places a cleansing tag on the monster's head, and Usagi uses her Moon Tiara Action attack in combination with Rei's Fire Soul, creating a red-hot version of the Moon Tiara and defeating the monster.

Jadeite, realizing that he has failed again, curses the Sailor Warriors and vows to make them pay. At the end, the girls get a break and enjoy some ice cream, but Usagi and Rei fight and Usagi drops hers.

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