Nightmare Campus

Nightmare Campus is an anime movie
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Teenager Masao is visiting his father at an archaeological dig in the Himalayas with his mother. When demonic creatures overrun the site, he shoots the one who kills his mother, only to see the corpse turn into his father. A huge earthquake shakes the area, and his school friends back in Japan believe Masao has been killed, but his eventual reappearance is far from the strangest event in school. Masao and his best friend are the embodiment of powerful demonic beings. Other beings, seemingly angelic but in fact completely evil, are trying to take control of the school and the world by unleashing the "demon" in everyone and controlling the powers so released. It's up to the teenage demons to save the world.

Blood, pain, and sadism abound, and there is much nasty sexual content, with the depiction of genitals ranging from the absurdly absent, to suggestive shadows, to explicit realism. The design, art, and animation also vary wildly, with every kind of character style from an Adam Warren-type bimbette to gag-manga goons and retro-styled escapees from early Go Nagai series such as the similarly themed Devilman. The unevenness may be partly blamed on budget problems (even Amano's music budget cuts corners with public-domain Beethoven), but it also indicates Yoshikawa's willingness to experiment with aspects of a genre that can simply be run by the numbers, so uncritical is its audience. This typical (but minor) Toshio Maeda offering has interesting possibilities but sadly never really gets off the ground. The same creator's Urotsukidoji was saved from an early finish by export sales (that means us), but this never took off to the same extent in the West, and so the series climaxed prematurely-a fate with which its target audience is probably in sympathy. LNV

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General Information Edit
Name: Nightmare Campus
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1995
Name: 外道学園
Romaji: Blackboard Jungle: Gaido Gaikuen
Release Date:
Rating: R
Runtime: 50 (mins)
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Aliases Blackboard Jungle: Outerway College
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