Night Warriors - Darkstalkers' Revenge

Night Warriors - Darkstalkers' Revenge is an anime series in the Darkstalkers franchise
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A anime adaptation to the Darkstalkers video game series.

 Demitri Maximoff, the most powerful and most feared of vampires, plots to use the psychic energy raised by his human followers to take over the power of the other Darkstalkers, who have always regarded him as an undesirable element. Given that his hair resembles a squeeze of toothpaste, it's hard to blame them completely, but the alternatives aren't so attractive. Meanwhile, the elderly band of advisers to luscious Darkstalker clan chief Morrigan, the girl who put the suck in succubus, is concerned about her general flightiness and the constant in-fighting between clans, which weakens their chances of retaining dominion. But their lady just wants to fight, seeking out Demitri for that purpose and turning the end of episode one into a duel with erotic overtones. Some of the other game characters put in cameo appearances-dour half-Darkstalker Donovan, tiny psychotic Anita, kitten-girl Felicia, and zombie serial killer/rock-star Raptor. Volume two sees Donovan fighting some cursed armor and meeting sisters Hsien-Ko and Ling-Ling, who have become Darkstalkers to help them free their late mother's soul from the dark powers she died fighting.

Amid all the rumbles (which recreate the original game's battles onscreen with real punch and conviction), there is the glimmer of a plot surrounding the Darkstalkers' removal of light from Earth. This has divided humankind into their servants and the rest, preventing the rest from growing much food or progressing against the faux religiosity that rules their lives. The mysterious Pyron seems to offer humankind the promise of renewed light from his artificial suns, but he's really out to destroy Earth. Things turn nasty as the Darkstalkers struggle to fight Pyron off before Donovan saves the day.

Films based on games have to overcome major structural problems before they can work as anything but cynical merchandising exercises. Night Warriors comes close to sustaining a narrative, but as with Street Fighter II, the characters are too firmly embedded in the endless repetitions of gameplay to develop much. There are some interesting subplot possibilities-Donovan's self-hatred and his quest for enlightenment, Morrigan's Gormenghast ennui, Anita's shattered childhood, the spiritual and material impoverishment of humankind-but they're flagged rather than explored, relegated to the status of motivation for yet another rumble. LNV
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Shukou Murase

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Name Night Warriors - Darkstalkers' Revenge
Name: ヴァンパイアハンター
Publisher Viz Media
Start Year 1997
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Aliases Vampire Hunter
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