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Night Shift Nurses is an anime movie in the Night Shift Nurses Franchise
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The first Arc about the Nurses from Saint Juliana's Hospital, and the Perverted doctor turning them into Sex slaves.

Although he hasn't practiced medicine for a decade following an experiment that went wrong, Doctor Ryuji Hirasaka is put on call for a month at Saint Juliana's Hospital. He spends much of his time daydreaming about making the attractive, perky nurses his slaves, but eventually meets the chief medical officer, who turns out to be the self-same woman that caused his career to stall all those years before. Blackmail, rape, and bondage duly ensue, in what would become the largest and most successful franchise in the Discovery Series-representing roughly 20 percent of the label's entire output since 2000. Compare to Nurse Me and Lesbian Ward, both of which attempt to emulate its success. Not that erotic movie makers require a reason to write a show about nurses, but NSN was commissioned in the year when the long-running live-action serial Leave it to the Nurses (*DE) approached the height of its popularity. The show's actual origin can be traced to a 1999 computer game and its sequels, all by Mink.

Although not distinguished by a title of its own in the Japanese market, the fourth and fifth episodes were rebranded NSN: RN's Revenge (2001) in America, with Hirasaka using a nurse's hospitalized sister as leverage to blackmail her into doing his bidding. The American release also included several sequences of scatology and bodily insertions that had been cut from episodes 1-3. Note that this installment appears to draw on the plot from the sequel to the original NSN game, but with the male protagonist from the original, a change in cast that would later be revoked in the remake Yakin Byoto 2 (see below).

An "episode 5.5," otherwise billed as a "director's cut" of the earlier story, reintroduced the series to the Japanese audience for further episodes. Released in America as NSN: Clinical Confessions (2003), it continued with Hirasaka's abuse of his compliant nurses, particularly Ren Nanase, a poor waif who only wants a normal romantic life with her would-be love object Naoya, only to be denied it by Hirasaka's "experiments," which continue to involve enemas, insertions, and scatology. However, the emphasis also adds a new voyeuristic element, told through the eyes of a detective investigating reports of "crimes" at the hospital. The detection angle continued with NSN: Carnal Corruption (2003), comprising episodes 8 and 9 of the Japanese series, in which the nurses are confronted with evidence of their crimes-a handy excuse for recycling footage from earlier shows. The story is retold of Ryuji's first-ever guinea pig, Narumi Shinguji, and how she discovered her love for him after he took her virginity by force, before introducing feelings of murderous intent. As the Japanese press release so earnestly put it: "The shudder that ran through the industry will come back again."

The series reached another turning point in 2004 with episode "10.5" in Japan, which revisited the "Golden Moments" (their words, not ours!) of episodes 6-10. Since our own episode count seems one short, we can only assume that one episode is missing outside Japan, or a stand-alone "episode 10" is yet to come in the U.S. Episodes 11 and 12, rebranded in Japan as NSN: Kranke (2005), feature nurse Hikaru inexplicably falling in love with Dr. Hirasaka and agreeing to marry him, before becoming his willing assistant in breaking in his latest victim, Nurse Ai, her stepsister.

A variant version of NSN exists in Japan, based on the sequel to the original game and distributed as part of the D3 Series. In a futile effort at avoiding confusion, we shall retain the Japanese title for this series, Yakin Byoto 2 (2004), and note that it revisits the plot surrounding Ren Nanase from Clinical Confessions, but with a new protagonist, Dr. Kuwabara, whereas Clinical Confessions simply retained Dr. Hirasaka from the previous installment.

Yet another spin-off, this time as part of the Discovery Series once more, presumably based on the third game in the series, came in the form of Yakin Byoto 3 (2005), in which a critically injured man is found dumped at the hospital entrance. He is saved by earnest young nurse Yu Yagami, but is then asked to participate in a "new experiment" run by beautiful hospital chief Reika Mikage. LNV 

Episode Summaries

Note: The following episode summaries are for the first 3 episodes of the Night Shift Nurses story. For Episodes 4-5 go the Night Shift Nurses: Ren's Revenge page. For Episodes 6-7 go to Night Shift Nurses: Clinical Confessions page. For Episodes 8-9 and the Bonus 10th episodes go to the Night Shift Nurses: Carnal Corruption Page. 

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Name: Night Shift Nurses
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2000
Romaji: Yakin Byoto
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Night Shift Ward
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