Night of Sacrifice

Night of Sacrifice is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 11/08/2012

In the moment of danger, trust issues start to show between Taira and Sakamoto. Sakamoto wants to save everyone especially the girl who just tried to kill him.

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Plot Summary

Taira arrives to help Ryouta who went insane
Taira arrives to help Ryouta who went insane

Ryouta tells Taira to take care of Himiko while he goes across the river to get the BIM. Then, Taira and Himiko are surrounded by komodo dragons. Ryouta throws a BIM, but it doesn't explode. He realizes that the owner must be killed in order to use their BIM. After Taira gets his leg bitten by the giant lizard, Ryouta tosses the BIM that blows the lizards. Meanwhile, Taira and Ryouta walk down the river, and Taira asks Ryouta why is he helping them and not leaving them behind to die. Taira states that he is scared and explains that he is was a monster at work even though he is kind to his family. He takes advantage of the loopholes to get things done for his company. Taira thinks this is karma. When they hear the lizards coming, Taira tells Ryouta to run fast. Ryouta finds himself alone and yells out for Taira. He uses his sonar chip only to find nothing. Then, Ryouta thinks that Taira has abandoned Ryouta and Himiko to die. Ryouta yells out in anger, and the lizards find Ryouta. A little flying BIM detonates the lizard, and Taira arrives to the scene. Ryouta feels relieved and thinks their radar canceled out. He apologizes to Taira, and Taira tells him to not give up hope. Moments later, Taira informs Ryouta that he would not let anyone close to him, but he had to trust Ryouta who believed in him as well. The two feel the sea breeze and finds a building.

Himiko: You pervert!
Himiko: You pervert!

Arriving to the abandoned building, they try to climb the ladder that gives way. After they fall down, Taira goes to distract the lizards by using his BIM. Ryouta tries to wake up Himiko and wonders if he has to become a monster. He cries and laughs maniacally. Taira spots Ryouta climbing up the ladder without Himiko. He wonders if he is sacrificing Himiko and him. Then, Ryouta tosses a BIM that burns down the lizards. He explains that he made Himiko press the bomb and that the wind disperses the toxic gas. Next day, Himiko wakes up and gets startled at the bloody corner. Ryouta finds Taira suffering from his injury outside on the ledge. During the day, Ryouta gets water for Taira, and when Himiko climbs down the ladder, Ryouta looks away. Himiko asks Ryouta if he did anything weird to her when she was passed out. Ryouta remembers what he did, and Himiko notices Ryouta's face and calls Ryouta, a pervert. When Ryouta grabs Himiko's shoulder, she freaks out and remembers Mitsuo and the grisly attempted rape scene. Later that night, Ryouta tries to help Taira and asks Himiko to bind Taira, so Ryouta can help him.

At Tyrannos Japan, Gemu asks Tsuneaki about the status report. Gemu notices that Ryouta is still alive, and Tsuneaki states that Ryouta only killed one person and gathered two allies. Back at Ryouta's post, Himiko looks at her cosplay photo of Miho and herself. Then, Ryouta stands near by and asks her for her name and notices that Himiko does cosplay. Himiko kicks Ryouta for looking at her cell phone. Himiko states that she is not working with anyone and that she does not trust men at all. Ryouta asks her how she got all the BIM and the food. He tells her that she can only use BIM from the ones she killed. Taira wakes up and asks Ryouta whether if Himiko is a murderer. Himiko states she is protecting herself, and she cries. Ryouta tells her that he cannot relax his guard. Before Himiko could say anything, a sonar is detected. Himiko states that she has been found, and she says she will leave the post. Ryouta tells them that he will distract the enemy.

After the Credits

Ryouta detects someone using his sonar, and he searches for her person. He nearly dodges an intruder (Masashi Miyamoto) with a knife.

Points of Interest

  • A new BIM is revealed. It's a homing type. The first person to have this BIM is Taira. These BIM are not strong.
  • Mitsuo only appeared in the flashbacks, and Himiko has not moved on after the attempted rape by Mitsuo.
  • Miho only appeared in Himiko's photo when Himiko viewed the photo on her cellphone.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Taira uses a stick to drive the lizards away while Ryouta tries to carry Himiko to safety. A spider crawls on his hand makes him lose his grip, and he falls from the ladder. Compared to the anime, Taira first tries to help Ryouta and Himiko climb the ladder, but they fall. Taira uses his BIM (Ryouta makes a note of its specs in this scene) to drive the lizards.


  • Japanese Name: 生贄の夜
  • Manga Chapter: 18 - 24. In Ch. 24, the anime does not reveal Ryouta's nightmares.
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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