Night of Punishment

Night of Punishment is an anime episode of Monster that was released on 04/27/2004
The episode begins with Tenma going to Junkers and asks him if he can talk. Just then, Inspector Runge came to interrogate Junkers and if he cooperates, the charges against him will be released, but Junkers is too afraid to tell about a "monster" is responsible. After the interrogation, the inspector leaves with a policeman to keep an eye on Junkers.
Tenma walks with Junkers outside the hospital and tells him about his life of knowing that lives are equal because he saved a young twin boy. Junkers admits that he wanted to have a clock and becomes friends with the doctor.
In the night, Tenma is walking with another man when he sees a clock that Junkers might wanted. In the hospital, Junkers calls for the police officer that he is ready to confess, but he is dead, getting Junkers afraid that the "monster" is coming. When Tenma arrives, he finds Junkers running away and follows him to a construction site.
Inside, Tenma calls for Junkers, who tells him to not go any closer. When Tenma still goes on, Junkers shouts out to not look at him. He asks him who is he talking about and Junkers replies about the mastermind who killed his friends. When Tenma goes to him, he encounters a mysterious figure. The figure says that his life is saved by Tenma 9 years ago and that he is a twin boy. Tenma realized that it is Johan Liebert.
Johan is amazed that Tenma remembers him and Junkers warns the doctor to run away. Tenma asks Johan of what is he going to do with Junkers, which Johan replies that he is going to kill him. Tenma urges him to not do it and Junkers tells him that Johan has hired and his friends to murder people, making Tenma realize that Johan is the mastermind of the murder of 4 middle-aged couples. Because of the police being the obstacles, Johan plans to kill Junkers and his friends next. Junkers is told by Fizz that they were hired by a "monster" and that Johan doesn't care about killing people. He urges Tenma to run away as Johan says to Junkers about talking too much.
Tenma tells Johan to stop this and reminds of him about his past. With this information, Johan can't run away and Tenma urges him not to commit murder. Johan says that his name is not his real name and that no one must know about his past, including the 4 couples and the Lieberts. Because of Tenma saved him, Johan sees him a like a father. Tenma tells him that he can't just kill people, which Johan asks "Why not?" He replies that because he saved Johan's life, Tenma realizes that lives are equal. Johan has revealed that he killed Tenma's boss and the other 2 doctors because Tenma wished they were dead. Johan kills Junkers and tells Tenma that he should have died the night Tenma found him, but he resurrected him. Tenma takes a look at Johan for the first time as an adult and the latter leaves Tenma shock about the murder.
Runge questions Tenma about Johan and lets him go. Tenma begins to cry, realizing his mistake to save Johan.

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Hidenobu Kiuchi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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