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Nico Robin is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She ate the Hana-Hana Fruit. From this she can bloom any part of her body like a flower. She is a cool and mature beauty.


Robin alone on Ohara Island.
Robin alone on Ohara Island.

Nico Robin was born on an island in the West Blue called Ohara. At the age of two she was left to live with her aunt and uncle while her mother Nico Olivia left on the Ohara research vessel. She was abused and neglected by her relatives. At some point, she found and ate the Bloom-Bloom Devil Fruit. This only made her more of an outcast to the rest of the island. She found comfort and kindness from the scholars of Ohara, led by Professor Clover. She was able to borrow any book she wanted from their vast library, and she wanted to study to be a scholar, like her mother. That way she could travel with her upon her return. She quickly graduated to a scholar at the age of eight, but they banned her from joining their research on the Poneglyphs, since it was strictly banned by the World Government.

Robin's life was pretty routine, until a giant named Saul washed ashore. She befriended him and did her best to help him as he built a raft. Though he was unknowingly on the island he wished to reach. When he learned that he had washed up on Ohara, he warned Robin of the Marine battle ships that were coming to destroy the whole island. Saul was a Marine Vice-Admiral that abandoned his position once he learned what fate was coming for Ohara. He was also the one who captured then freed Robin's mother from imprisonment.

Robin with her mother, Olivia.
Robin with her mother, Olivia.

Olivia returned to Ohara. However, due to their long separation, neither Olivia nor Robin recognized each during their initial passing. Olivia wished to protect Robin from being associated with her crimes as a pirate, thus severed ties with Robin and denied being her mother when she was arrested by the Wold Government officials. In Robin's attempts to get her mother's attention, she called out that she had become a scholar and an archeologist, just like Olivia. Robin added that she could also read the ancient writings on the Poneglyphs. This proclamation was heard by an World Government official, Spandine. He left Olivia on the island and invoked the Buster Call. Robin's reunion with her mother was cut short as the island was being obliterated. Olivia gave Robin to Saul to try and save her while she stayed behind to try and save the knowledge of the island with the rest of the scholars.

Kuzan spares Robin.
Kuzan spares Robin.

Saul tried to escape with Robin but her was stopped cold in his tracks by Vice-Admiral Kuzan. Before Kuzan finished Saul off. He told Robin that she shouldn't cry. The sea is a vast place and surely she will one day find friends that will protect her. That no one in this world is meant to be alone. She ran away in tears, but Kuzan found her. Despite being the one who killed Saul he aided Robin in her escape. She used a row boat and the ice path Kuzan created. Off the coast she sat alone in the boat, watching Ohara burn, and doing her best to mimic Saul's bizarre laugh as tears ran down her face.

The World Government had framed the scholars of Ohara for the islands destruction. When it was learned that Robin survived. She was declared the "Child of Demons" and a 79,000,000 berry bounty was put on her head. She spent the rest of her childhood on the run. Anyone who took her in quickly tried to sell her out for the bounty. Her reputation made her a valuable ally for pirates, but even they tried to give her up when trouble arose. She quickly adjusted to using and abandoning people and pirates to survive. After several years, the Shichibukai known as Sir Crocodile found her. He had heard of her ability to read the Poneglyphs and wanted her as his partner in his plans. She agreed, but only planned to use him so that she could find the Poneglyph hidden in Alabasta. In hopes that the Poneglyphs would contain the information the scholars of Ohara risked their lives to learn. She became Miss All-Sunday, a member of Crocodile's secret organization, Baroque Works. Robin's true motives were always ambiguous during her time as the partner of Crocodile. She was always playing many sides. As a member of the crew, Robin allowed Princess Vivi to shadow her, while attempting to learn the identity of Baroque Works leader, Mr. 0.


One Piece Vol. 13 JPN (Apr 2000)
One Piece Vol. 13 JPN (Apr 2000)

Nico Robin is a main character of the series One Piece, that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. She first appeared during the Whiskey Peak Arc that began in Volume 12. She would later appear in Volume 13. She was initially introduced as an antagonist of questionable loyalties who later joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

Robin's first appeared in One Piece Volume 13, CH. 114 "The Course", and her first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 67"Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirate Fleet Sets Sail". She has had two separate voice actresses for her adult version and another for her child version, told in the flash back story in the Japanese anime series. Her standard Japanese voice actress is Yuriko Yamaguchi, but while on maturity leave, was filled in by Yuko Kobayashi (Ep. 299-319). The child version of Robin was voice by Anzu Nagai. For the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation, her voice is done by Stephanie Young.

Oda has described the crew as a family unit, and Robin was referred to as the matured mother figure, he's described her as looking like a crane, represented by the color purple, and smells of flowers.

Character Evolution

" The things you have destroyed back there were priceless artifacts. Precious treasure whose importance cannot be measured.... History may always be repeated, but humans cannot go back in time... You wouldn't understand that would you? "

Nico Robin "One Piece" in Skypiea

Nico Robin's early design
Nico Robin's early design

The character Nico Robin has not had the most drastic changes in appearance over the length of the One Piece series. Her character's growth had been quite dramatic as far as personality and loyalties have been. Her first appearance in the manga series she was 28 years-old and the second in command of the villainous organization known as Baroque Works. Her original name was known and went by the title of Miss All-Sunday. Her loyalties were in a state of constant flux during the series until the end of the Baroque Works Arc in Alabasta. Her membership into the Straw Hat Pirates was a surprise to many readers of the series, and the crew in the story were mostly distrustful of her. Though, she won over the majority with her charms.

  • Age: 30 (28 pre-time skip)
  • Hair : Black
  • Height: 6' 2" (188cm)
  • Measurements: 39-23-35 (99-59-89cm)
  • Distinguishing Marks: Bird shaped eyes/Pointed nose
  • Favorites: Historic sites/books/coffee
  • Crew Position: Archeologist
  • Specialty: Language/Intel/Assassination
  • Devil Fruit: Hana-Hana Fruit (Paramecia)
  • Dream: Find the Rio Poneglyph
  • First Bounty: 79,000,000 (Beli)
  • Current Bounty: 80,000,000 (Beli)
Nico Robin (pro time skip)
Nico Robin (pro time skip)

After the Skypiea Arc, Robin was more accepted into the crew, but she kept a level of emotional distance. She never used any of the characters' names, but would address them by their position in the crew (i.e. Luffy was "Captain" and Nami was "Miss Navigator"). Though as a child, she had always been on the run and abandoning people when they became a threat to her, Robin became so fond of the crew that she attempted to sacrifice her own life to save them when she was approached by the dangerous CP-9 in the Water 7 Arc. The crew staged an all out war against the World Government to rescue her from her death wish. It was only then that she realized the Straw Hat Crew are the friends she had been wanting all her life. This marked the point of the story where she fully accepted her position as a member of the crew.

After their escape from Enies Lobby, the distance she had kept with the crew dissipated and she started using their actual names when talking with them. The relationship became as meaningful to her as her own personal quest. In Sabaody Archipelago, when Rayleigh tempted her with the truth that his crew had learned of the lost century, She chose not to know to stay on her own quest.

After the two year time skip in the series, Robin is now 30 years old, but much of her appearance has not changed. The most dramatic difference is in those two years her hair has grown dramatically longer. No evolution to her powers has been revealed yet.

Major Story Arcs

Baroque Works Saga - Whiskey Peak Arc

Nico Robin meets the Straw Hats.
Nico Robin meets the Straw Hats.

She first appeared in the story when the crew was just leaving Whiskey Peak Island. The town had been filled with bounty hunters and Baroque Works agents. It was thought that she had killed Igaram, as he was trying to play the decoy. Though he survived. It is unknown if Robin had permitted him to live or if Igaram had survived the explosion on his own. Robin's arrival on the Going Merry came as a surprise to everyone. She offered them an Eternal Pose that would lead to an island called Nanimonai, but Luffy crushed it. She seemed interested in Luffy's high spirit and left without incident.

Baroque Works Saga - Alabasta Arc

Robin returned to Crocodile's side and spent her time in Alabasta at the City of Rain base. She sent out orders on his command. She only revealed herself outside Crocodile's Rain Base casino when Luffy's crew had invaded the city. She had kidnapped Vivi and was challenged by Pell. She played with him by using her powers to make it appear she had impaled Vivi with her arm. Though Pell is a powerful warrior, his skills could not match Robin's proficiency with her powers. She defeated him and took Vivi to meet with Crocodile. She didn't stay to witness the fight between Luffy and Crocodile outside of the city, but after Luffy was defeated. Robin was the person who rescued him from the sand-filled grave Crocodile had left him in. She left him with Pell, who had stumbled upon them and wished for a rematch.

In the capital city of Alubarna, Robin was with Crocodile, holding Cobra Nefertari hostage, as the war raged outside the palace. She mainly watched as events unfolded and took the king to the hiding place of the Poneglyph Crocodile had been seeking. On the way to the tomb of the previous kings, they had run into Tashigi with her Marine escorts. When one of the soldiers recognized her, Robin viciously defeated them all using her powers. As she read the hidden Poneglyph, disappointment befell her and Crocodile soon arrived. Robin lied to him and said it only talked about the history of Alabasta. Robin tried to kill him using a vile of water she had kept, but failed. He gored her with his hook and left her for dead.

Luffy saves Robin and Cobra.
Luffy saves Robin and Cobra.

Luffy, to everyone's surprise, arrived to save the day, and defeated Crocodile. However, Luffy was poisoned in the process. The caverns were falling all around them and Robin gave Cobra the antidote to Crocodile's poison, so he could administer it to Luffy. Robin was ready to stay there and die since she felt her dream of discovering the true history would never come. Luffy was revived. He stood up and carried both Cobra and Robin to safety, despite Robin's demands to be left to die. At some point after the rescue she got away from Luffy and disappeared.

Jaya Arc

Robin asks Luffy to join the Straw Hats.
Robin asks Luffy to join the Straw Hats.

Once the Straw Hat crew had escaped Alabasta on the Going Merry, Robin revealed that she had been hiding on their ship the entire time. Most of the crew was in complete shock to see her there. Robin requested Luffy to be a member of his crew. Robin explained that she had no where else to go, and that Luffy would not let her die. Luffy quickly accepted her at her explanation. However, most of the crew was against Robin's staying. Nevertheless, Robin was clever enough to have a strategy. Sanji, Chopper, and Luffy were easy enough for her to win over. Robin wooed Nami with the jewels she had stolen from Crocodile's treasury. Usopp was convinced once Robin played into a joke with Luffy. Oddly enough, with Zoro, Robin did not try anything to convince him one way or the other.

Robin used her archeology skills.
Robin used her archeology skills.

After a short time sailing, large chunks of wood started falling from the sky. It was from a giant ship that almost crashed upon them. Robin was able to use her archaeology skills to determine the age of a skeleton that fall on their deck. Soon after, the Log Pose was pointing straight up. She explained to Nami that this cold mean their next destination was a sky Island. A salvage crew appeared. While everyone was busy, Robin stole their Eternal Pose to the island of Jaya. On Jaya, Robin left on her own to shop for some clothes. She used her influences to interrogate the locals for clues of Sky Island. She returned with information about a town outcast who lived on the Easter Coast of the island. Once there, the crew met a man name Montblanc Cricket, the descendant of legendary liar Montblanc Norland. Cricket told them about a way the crew could reach the Sky Islands--using a giant, underwater geyser that was due to erupt the next day. He agreed to help the crew ready their ship for the trip, but almost too late Cricket remembered that they needed a South Bird. The crew split up to find one before dawn. Robin was paired with Zoro. The bird was very intelligent and the crew struggled to catch one. Robin, using her powers, captured the bird easily by grabbing the bird and tossing it down.

The crew returned and found Cricket and his friends Masira and Shojo had been attacked and seriously injured. It was the doing of some pirates that had given Nami and Luffy such a hard time in Mock Down earlier that day. They even stole the gold that Cricket had struggled so hard to find. Luffy ran back to Mock Town to get the gold back, and returned just in time for the crew to set sail for the Knock-Up Stream. The trip up the stream was extremely treacherous, and they might not of survived if Nami had not suggested opening the sails to catch the jet stream created. The Going Merry flew into the sky, through the dense clouds, and into the White Sea.

Spypiea Arc

The air was thin in the White Sea, and they were soon attacked by some savage wearing mask. He was defeated by a strange knight named Gan Fall. The crew found a gate leading up higher and didn't pay the toll to Skypiea. On the local beach of Angel Island they met a young girl name Conis and later her father Pagaya. As they enjoyed the beach, the local military, the White Berets, arrived because they didn't pay the toll. They seemed intent on trying to arrest them, but were defeated and sent running by Luffy. At Conis' home, they learned about the realm called Upper Yard, the land of God Eneru. The crew tried to leave, but the ship was dragged into Upper Yard by a white sea monster with her, Nami, Zoro, and Chopper on board the Going Merry. They were left at an alter as a sacrifice. Robin left with Nami and Zoro to explore the land, and returned in time for Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp to arrive.

They stayed on the land and named explained that the Upper Yard was actually a part of Jaya that had been cast into the sky. They split up as part of a plan, the next morning, to reach the location of a city of gold to escape. Robin was on the land team with Zoro, Luffy, and Chopper, but they were separated after a monstrously large anaconda attacked. While alone, she was attacked by the priest Yama. She was so enraged at his willingness to destroy artifacts to get her. She turned his attacked on his and left him a bloody mess before tossing him off a giant cliff. Robin was the first to arrive where the city of gold was suppose to be. There was a city, but no gold. She examined the location and speculated that the Golden Belfry the island was famous for could hold a Poneglyph. She along with Zoro, Gan Fall, and Wyper tried to attack Eneru, but she was the first to fall from his lightening powers.

Robin finds Gold Roger's writing next to the Poneglyph.
Robin finds Gold Roger's writing next to the Poneglyph.

Robin eventually woke up as Luffy and Nami were going after Eneru, who was planning to destroy Skypiea. After Eneru's defeat. There was a grand party, and the people of Skypiea found the Golden Belfry. She was able to examine it and found it did have a Poneglyph, but didn't hold the information she needed. What she did find was the language of the Poneglyph written beside it. It said that the Rio Poneglyph could be found at Raftel, the last island of the Grand Line. Though, the most shocking thing was the named signed on the message was from Gold Roger. The crew was able to find a horde of treasure and traveled back to the Blue Sea. She now had a clue that following this crew could lead her to her dream

Davy Back Fight Arc

Robin, Nami, and Usopp in the Davy Back Fight challenge
Robin, Nami, and Usopp in the Davy Back Fight challenge

It wasn't long after returning back to the sea of the Grand Line that the crew arrived at the island of the Longring Longland. Another large pirate ship belonging to the Foxy Pirates arrived and blocked off the Going Merry's exit. They were challenging the crew to a series of pirates games called Davy Back Fight. They are three separate games, and the captain of the winning crew is allowed to select from the losing team to be a member of his own crew. Luffy agreed to these games, and Robin took part in the first contest. It was a race around the island using makeshift rafts out of three barrels.They nearly won the race until Captain Foxy exposed his Devil Fruit powers to slow time with a beam. During the third and final of the matches that Robin watched as Luffy fought one on one against Foxy. This was her first tie witnessing the amount of beating Luffy would take for the same of his friends. He was willing to die rather than abandon a single one of them. He was able to pull out a victory, and the crew was able to continue their journey.

As they were going back to the home of Tonjit, Robin was socked to find Admiral Aokiji sleeping outside the man's home. He reveals to the crew that all the groups she has every been associated with has been destroyed. She attacked him and split his body in half, but it as useless against his Ice-Ice Devil Fruit powers. The Straw Hats tried to defend Robin but he froze her over. She could have died if they Luffy hadn't saved her from being shattered, and taken by Chopper back to the Going Merry to be safely defrosted. Luffy had also fought Aokiji solo, but was easily frozen over, as well. Aokiji only ended his pursuit out of respect for Luffy's chivalry.

Water Seven Arc

Robin and Luffer were both saved by Chopper and suffered little injury, but she was surprised at the lengths Luffy would go to save his crew. They eventually came to a Sea Train Station and were nearly run over by the sea train the Puffing Tom. After meeting the conductor Kokoro and her grand daughter Chimney, they moved on to their next destination, the Water City Water 7. Robin went into town with Chopper to look for books, but she was approached by a member of the CP-9, a vicious and powerful black-ops team of the World Government. Robin went with them out of fear they would hurt the rest of her new crew. The CP-9 wanted her assistance in assassinating the mayor of Water 7, Iceburg. If she refused or resisted, they would unleash the Buster Call on Luffy and the rest of the crew. Not wanting them harmed, she agreed. The first assassination attempt failed, but Robin was seen and became the scapegoat for the attack. She later secretly met up with Sanji and Chopper, but she only coldly told them she was leaving the crew and to sail away from the island without her.

Robin helping the CP-9.
Robin helping the CP-9.

During the next attack on Iceburg, he talked with her while they were alone. She confessed her reasoning for helping the CP-9 was to save the crew from the Buster Call, and that she planned on going in to Enies Lobby, the court island of the World Government. She knew this would mean her death. The Straw Hats arrived to confront Robin about trying to leave, and the CP-9 were revealed to be members of Iceburg's own Galley-La Company. Robin refused to explain herself to Luffy and said this would be the last time they would see each other. Luffy and Zoro were easily defeated by Rob Lucci, the captain of the CP-9. Robin went to the sea train to Enies Lobby, but she had no idea that they were able to escape and save Iceburg, who told Nami that she had sacrificed herself to save the crew.

Enies Lobby Arc

Robin finally declares her wish to live.
Robin finally declares her wish to live.

Usopp and Sanji tried to save Robin on the train, but she betrayed them so she would leave with the CP-9. Once at Enies Lobby, she was taken to meet with the CP-9 leader, Spandam. Luffy and the crew arrived on Enies Lobby to save her, and Spandam revealed he was never going to honor their deal to spare the crew. The Sea Prism Stone cuffs she was wearing prevented her from fighting back. He even had the Golden Transponder Snail of Aokiji to invoke a Buster Call. The cyborg Franky, who had also been captured by the CP-9 for his knowledge of the plans for Pluton, tried to escape with Robin against her wishes. They made it to outside the tower office of Spandam. Across the chasm between the two towers was Luffy. She screamed at him for coming and said she wanted to die. The rest of the crew arrived, and they proved their resolve to save her when Luffy ordered Usopp to burn the World Government flag. Touched by their loyalty, she broke down and admitted she wanted to live and go out to sea again.


Nico Robin - One Piece Vol.

Spandam panicked and started dragging Robin to the Gates of Justice, and Rob Lucci as his guard. The Straw Hats crossed the tower and engaged in heated battles with the CP-9. One of them held the key to Robin's cuffs. When Luffy caught up in the secret tunnels, Lucci stayed behind as Spandam dragged her on. Though in his haste, he accidentally activated the Buster Call. She struggled to buy time, and Franky arrived with the key to free Robin. The rest of the crew reunited to fight with the Marines as Luffy fought Rob Lucci. He won but couldn't move. Robin used her powers to pull him into the sea where teh Going Merry was waiting for them. Before they escaped, Robin reached out and used her Clutch on Spandam. Sadly, the Going Merry split in two just as they met with the Galley-La Worker's ship, and the crew gave it a burial at seal.

Franky approached the crew back on Water Seven to offer to build them a ship, and a huge party was thrown to celebrate their victory. During the party, Aokiji talked with her from behind a wall and told her why he left her escape on Ohara. It was to honor his friend Saul's last wish. The next day the crew all learned they either now had bounties or their prices increased. With their new ship completed, Robin used her powers to convince Franky to join the crew. They named it the Thousand Sunny and left for Fish-Man Island, but had to go through the Florian Triangle first.

Thriller Bark Arc

Nico Robin on Thriller Bark
Nico Robin on Thriller Bark

Robin and the rest were greatly enjoying the luxuries on their new ship when Luffy found a barrel in the sea. Once opened, it fired a red flare into the sky. Worried they had been marked, they started to sail away and into the Florian Triangle. The clouds were so think it was dark as night, and they passed a huge dilapidated ship that had a singing skeleton aboard. Luffy went aboard, and returned with the living skeleton named Brook. During dinner, they learned Brook was a devil fruit user and had his shadow stolen. The waves got rough, because the ship had been captured in an island that was a ship called Thriller Bark. Robin was attack and licked by some odd invisible man, and Robin joined Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji to explore the island to find Nami, Usopp, and Chopper who had crashed on the shore earlier. They came across a rather odd patchwork Cerberus, and Luffy tamed it. A horde of zombies attacked the crew in a graveyard, but they were no challenge. An old man came from the woods asked for their help to defeat the master of this island ship, Gecko Moria, a member of the Shichibukai.

Straw Hat vs. Oars
Straw Hat vs. Oars

Luffy was captured, and Robin with Franky were attacked by a giant monkey-spider Taralan. They were rescued by Brook, and he explained that these zombies were made by Moria by removing a person's shadow and attaching them to a dead body. Their weakness was to eat salt. Back on the Sunny, they found Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. Their shadows had been stolen to make zombies. Robin and Chopper both fought against Dr. Hogback and were able to outwit the zombie versions of Zoro and Sanji, Jigoro and Inuppe. An enormous giant came crashing through the building. It was a zombie giant named Oars that had been animated using Luffy's shadow. Luffy was chasing after Gecko Moria, and Robin with the rest of the crew fought a difficult battle against the powerful giant. The crew fought well, despite Robin refusing to help in Franky's embarrassing Tactics 15 attack. It took a drastic turn when Gecko Moria was revealed to be inside Oars and could manipulate him from inside. Robin tried to break Moria's neck, but he switched places with his shadow to avoid the attack. Now behind her, he cut off her shadow. The crew was being wiped out, but saved by Luffy's return. He was larger than before and his skin as blue. Shadows had been forced into his body to give him a power boost that allowed him to toss around Oars. Once this Nightmare Luffy form wore off, the crew worked together to deliver the final blow on Oars.

Luffy battled and defeated Moria, but he was seriously injured. Everyone gained back the shadows they had lost to Moria. The Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma arrived to wipe them out with a single attack. When everyone woke up, Luffy was fine, Zoro was covered in blood, and Kuma was gone. They celebrated Brook joining the crew, they took most of Moria's treasure, and set sail for Fish-Man Island again.

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

The crew ran into the Red Line and hit a dead end. They had no way down to the sea, and saved a mermaid named Camie from being swallowed by a Sea King. She told them how to get to Fish-Man Island, but a call from the Flying Fish Riders distracted them. A friend of Camie was abducted. The crew went to save her friend, who was revealed to be a former enemy to the Straw Hats' called Hatchan. He had reformed, and the crew rescued him. Hatchan told them they would need a special coating on their ship to reach Fish-man Island, and he would introduce the crew to one as thanks.

They landed on Sabaody Archipelago that wasn't too far from Marineford, the Marine home base. Robin went shopping with Nami and she explained that this island had a tradition of discrimination and slave trading against Fish-men and other races. While they were gone, Camie had been kidnapped for the slave trade. They all headed to the slave auctions, but Robin arrived as the fighting was already going on. Luffy had punched a member of the Celestial Dragons, the royal family of the World Government. The battle was ended by Silvers Rayleigh, and they followed him to his friend's bar. Though Robin already knew, he revealed to the rest that he was the first-mate of Gold Roger. He then told them to true story of Gold Roger's last few years. Robin considered asking about the Rio Poneglyph at Raftel, but this journey with her friends was far more important to her now. The coating for their ship would take three days to finish. A Marine Admiral was on the way tot he island due to Luffy's earlier attack. They were each given a piece of a Vivre Card and told to hide out for three days.

Straw Hats face PX-Cyborg
Straw Hats face PX-Cyborg

Before the crew could even split up, They were attacked by someone who appeared to be Bartholomew Kuma, and it took their united forces to defeat him. This was just a cyborg copy of Kuma, and a man named Sentomaru appeared with another copy. They were being wiped out, and things only got worse when Admiral Kizaru and the real Bartholomew Kuma appeared. One by one, Kuma made each of the crew disappear before Luffy's eyes. Robin was the last to be blasted away into the sky and toward the East Blue.

Lost Friends Mini Arc

Robin captured on Tequila Wolf
Robin captured on Tequila Wolf

Robin landed on an giant bridge that was being constructed in the East Blue called Tequila Wolf. She was captured, cuffed with Sea Prism Stone, and they knew who she was. Though they had no idea how she suddenly arrived. They tortured Robin to try and get information out of the crew, but she refused to talk. One night, she was able to escape as the Revolutionary Army was attacking to free the slaves that were being forced to make this bridge.

Dawn Island Arc

Robin with the Revolutionary Army
Robin with the Revolutionary Army

The Revolutionary soldiers told Robin that they have been searching for her for ten years, and saw her as "the light of the revolution". They wanted to bring her to meet Dragon, but she wanted to return to Luffy at Sabaody Archipelago. They reluctantly agreed to take her as far as they could to her destination, but also told her of the news she had missed. Luffy had been caught up in a war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines. Luffy had been seriously injured but escaped, and his older brother Portgas D.Ace was killed before his eyes. This news only made Robin wast to return even more. During the rise, she was given a paper that had the most recent news of Luffy. He had returned to Marineford, and the picture that showed him had writing on his arm that said "3D2Y". Robin understood that this was a secret message to the crew. They were to meet again, but not in three days. They were to reunite after two years. This gave the whole crew time to train and become stronger so they wouldn't suffer another defeat, as they did. Robin agreed to meet with Dragon, but her level of training was never shown. For the first time in her life, she wanted to become stronger for someone other than just herself.

Fish-Man Island Arc

Nico Robin; two years later
Nico Robin; two years later

Two years later, Robin returned to Sabaody Archipelago. She arrived sooner than most of the crew. They gathered together at the Thousand Sunny, and escaped the Marines pursuit that had discovered their return. They traveled down to Fish-Man Island, and under the sea they were attacked by a Kraken. Their entrance into Fish-man Island was blocked by the New Fish-man Pirates. In the fight, the ship was caught in a powerful current. Robin washed up with Franky and Nami, but each separated on their own task. While exploring the Sea Forest, she found a Poneglyph to translate. This one read more like a sort of apology that involved someone named Joy Boy.

Robin returned to the Thousand Sunny to find Luffy fighting with his own ally, Jimbei. She used the evolution of her powers to create a full copy of herself to distract them from their fight. Luffy had been trying to leave to rescue the crew members that had been captured, and Jimbei was trying to get him to wait. He wanted to use a plan, and not just barge in. A fish-man named Hordy Jones had staged a coup. and wanted to kill the princess Shirahoshi, who was with Luffy. Jimbei and Shirahoshi pretended to be captured and waited for the signal to come out of hiding. During the huge battle, Jimbei requested Robin free the human pirates Hordy had enslaved.

With the fight over and the island saved, there was a huge party. Robin asked King Neptune to meet with her in private, and they talked about the Poneglyph and Joy Boy. She knew that princess Shirahoshi was in fact the weapon known as Poseidon because of her ability to communicate with the Sea Kings. Jimbei later gathered the crew together to fill them in about how the world changed in their absence. With the island safe, they crew continued to the New World

Punk Hazard Island Arc

It was soon after they emerged in the New World side of the Grand Line that a panicked call over the Transponder Snail caught their attention. This led them to an island engulfed in in flames and volcanoes, and Robin was among the crew selected to join Luffy in search of the one who made the distress. While there, they came across a gigantic dragon that appeared to talk. After the dragon was dead, they discovered that the voice had come from a pair of legs of a man that were still walking around. While exploring Punk Hazard Island, they found the other half of the island was covered in a terrible blizzard. They soon got a call from Brook that the rest of the crew had been captured and taken to the ice side of the island. They were attacked while crossing the lake, but the made it to the other side and stole their attackers' coats.

Once at the other side, Robin and the crew found the others, but their minds and bodies had been switched by the powers of Trafalgar Law, and they had several giant children with them. Law would eventually approach them to form an alliance to kidnap the villain Caesar Clown. Robin joyed Luffy to attack Caesar, but he defeated them by removing the oxygen from the area. They were chained with sea prism stone then thrown into a cell with Law, Smoker, and Tashigi. Caesar tried to kill them by putting them out into the poisonous gas he was covering the island with, but they escaped to return into the facility to once again try to kidnap Caesar and save the kidnapped children.

Robin helped Nami in trying to calm the drugged children so Chopper could help them. They chased after them after Zoro distracted Monet from attacking. Once the children were subdued and calmed with a sedative, they were all gathered to escape the labs wither everyone else. The children were given to the Marines for care, and Traflagar Law joined the Straw Hats leaving for Dressrosa with the kidnapped Caesar Clown.

Dressrosa Arc

As part of the alliance to destroy the artificial devil fruit factory, The new pirate alliance was going to distract Don Quixote Doflamingo by handing over Caesar on Green Bit while the others searched for the factory. Robin was teamed with Law and Usopp to drop off Caesar.

Crew Relations

Straw Hat Pirates
Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Crew is far more relaxed then most other pirate crews. They are more of a family. Robin has often been described as the mother figure.

Robin was very distrusted when she first joined the crew. She managed to win over most of the crew right way. Most of her life she had joined pirate crews for her own sake, abandoning them when it suited her interests. With this crew grew a strong bond, and she even tried to sacrifice herself for their safety.

Robin speaks very politely and will use Japanese honorifics to address the crew. More often calling them by their job titles on the ship. Though after she was rescued from the CP-9 this has becomes more relaxed, and she tends to use the crews' names. Especially with Luffy.

  • Monkey D. Luffy - Initially, Luffy didn't know what to make of Robin when he first met her and refused any help she offered. She is the one who gave him the cure for Crocodile's poison. He dragged her out of the tomb before it collapse in spite of her protests to be left to die. When she requested to join the crew he quickly accepted. Due to his Devil Fruit powers, Luffy is immune to Robin's attacks.
  • Roronoa Zoro - Zoro was the only one who wouldn't fall for any of Robin's attempts to win him over, but she also made no attempt to try. Despite his lack of trust he was protective of Robin in Skypiea and fought to save her from Enis Lobby, even losing one of his precious swords in the battle.
  • Nami - Nami originally appeared strongly opposed to Robin's inclusion of the crew. Going so far as to not even address her with her name, but calling her "Baroque Works". She was quickly won over by the jewels she had taken from Crocodile. After this she was calling Robin "One-sama". Through their time together, sharing the same room, the two became very close. Both have a love for books.
  • Usopp - Usopp was terrified of Robin's inclusion to the crew and was one of the last to fall to her charms. It was Usopp who came to her rescue when she was being dragged to the gate way to Impel Down, by sniping all Marine guards in the area.
  • Sanji - Like with every lovely woman, Sanji fawns over Robin. Unlike Nami, Robin will normally politely accept any gift or offer from Sanji. Sanji addressed Robin with the Japanese honorific "chan" or a more childish pronunciation of "chwan".
  • Tony Tony Chopper - Robin is normally very kind and supportive of Chopper. Looking upon him as a cute child, but still speaking to him as an intellectual equal. Since both study the sciences.
  • Franky - Franky was rather distrustful of her. Not for her past as a member of Baroque Works, but for the risk of her knowing about the weapons that are hidden in the world. Once he realized the kind of person she was, he burned the plans for one of those weapons he had been keeping secret, and helped rescue Robin. She was the oldest member of the crew until he joined.
  • Brook - Like with Nami, Brook often requests to see her panties, but these advances go mostly ignored by Robin. Nami normally smacks him before she can even say anything. A polite Speaker Brook addresses Robin with the Japanese honorific of "san".

Powers and Abilities

Devil Fruit Powers

As a young child Robin ate the Hana-Hana Fruit (Hana is the Japanese word for flower/bloom.). This enables her to cause any part of her body to bloom anywhere withing her line of sight, including on her own body. She isn't a physically strong person, but her abilities allow her to strike from a distance, and requires a certain level of concentration. She also feels the pain that is inflicted on these grown limbs. When using any of her abilities there are flower petals floating in the air, and when her grown limbs disappear they normally evaporate into flower petals.

Attack Names:

The patters in the names of Robin's attacks always start with a word in Spanish. Normally, meaning the number of limbs she wishes to produce. The suffix is the word Fluer, French for flower. Often times followed by a certain command of the attack. Her most frequent attack is to bind a target's body with multiple arms so they are unable to move, then either twist, break backward, or slap. Often time to break bones in the process. The names of the commands are in English. Her powers have also been used to catch falling comrades. Creating vines of arms, nets to break falls, or carry injured out of harm's way.

Robin's Flag & Wanted Poster

Nico Robin's pirate flag
Nico Robin's pirate flag
While a member of the Strawhat Crew, every member has a personal Jolly Roger. Robin's has a purple cowboy hat, surrounded by four arms like a pinwheel.
Out of all the crew it was Robin who had a bounty earlier in life then any other crew member. Not based upon anything that she had done, but of what knew and witnessed. Her ability in reading the Poneglyphs makes her a risk to the World Government. Robin's wanted poster is the first to currently show a change in the photograph.
After the Enis Lobby story arc in Chapter 435/Episode 320. Robin had an increase in bounty and an updated picture. Her bounty marks the smallest increase as seen. Still, she seemed pleased.

Photo 1: This photo of Robin as a child was taken some time after she had escaped from her home island of Ohara.

Photo 2: Judging from the injuries and the fires in the background. This photo was taken during the fight at Enis Lobby.

Other Media


In the anime version, created by Toei Animation, the Robin's appearance was slightly changed from the original manga story. the manga has always shown her eyes to be brown, but the anime has shown her eye as constantly blue.

Shounen Jump Special

Robin appeared in the special anime episode produced that had the Skypiea villain Eneru attacks Tokyo and Odaiba.

Lucky Star Cosplay Cameo

In Episode 12 of the comedy anime series Lucky Star, a character appears in the background dressed up as Robin.

Cross Epoc

Robin is a character that appears in the One Piece and Dragon Ball cross over short story titled Cross Epoc. the events held no canon to the original One Piece story. In this story, Robin is a member of Vegeta's Sky Pirates and all the members have horns wearing Chinese-style clothing. The abandoned their battle with Dr. Gero's Sky Pirates to attended Shenlong's tea party.

Anime Films

One Piece - Dead End Adventure (2003)
One Piece - Dead End Adventure (2003)

Robin joined the crew part way through the original story. Her first anime appearance was in the fifth anime movie One Piece - The Movie: Dead End Adventure. Her first anime appearances was retold in the ninth One Piece movie that was a retelling of the Alabasta Arc, One Piece - The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta. She was also added into another remake movie remake of the Drum Island story where Chopper joined the crew. One Piece- Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura. In the original anime, Robin joined after Chopper.

  • One Piece - The Movie: Dead End Adventure (2003)
  • One Piece - Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004)
  • One Piece - Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005)
  • One Piece - Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)
  • One Piece - The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta (2008)
  • One Piece - Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008)
  • One Piece - Strong World (2009)
  • One Piece 3D - Straw Hat Chase (2011)

Video Games

Robin has made appearances in many of the video games in the One Piece series. Her first video games appearance was in the Jump Super Stars for the Nintendo DS.

(For a full list of games that feature Nico Robin, see her profile on Giant Bomb.)

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Yuriko Yamaguchi
Stephanie Young
Anzu Nagai
Yuko Kobayashi
Rank Game #1185 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Nico Robin
Name: ニコ・ロビン
Romanji: Niko Robin
Gender: Female
1st manga book: One Piece #13
1st anime episode: One Piece #67
1st anime movie: One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure
Aliases Miss All Sunday
Demon Child
Akuma no Ko
Light of the Revolution
Recent Movies
One Piece '3D2Y' Overcoming Ace’s Death! The Oath with Luffy’s Crewmates!

A TV special that shows more of Luffy's training during the timeskip and features a new villain, Byrnndi World "The Destroyer of the World".

One Piece Episode of Merry: The Tale of One More Friend

One Piece Episode of Merry: The Tale of One More Friend is a compilation on story arcs from Luffy and Usopp's fight to Robin's disappearance ...

One Piece: Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle

The Seventh movie in the One Piece series. The crew searches for the treasure of the King's Crown on a strange island.

One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura

The Ninth movie in the One Piece series. It is a alternate retelling of how the crew met Chopper. It also features Nico Robin, Franky, ...

One Piece: Curse of the Sacred Sword

The Fifth movie of the One Piece series.

One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island

The Sixth movie in the One Piece series. A chance for a vacation goes horribly wrong as a festival takes a dark turn.

One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure

The Fourth movie in the One Piece series. The Straw Hat crew enter the great pirate competition, The Dead End Race.

One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase

The Eleventh movie in the One Piece series, and the first to be filmed using computer cell-shading and 3D.

One Piece Film Z

One Piece Film Z is the twelfth movie of the One Piece series, and the first to take place post time skip.

One Piece: Romance Dawn Story (OVA)

One Piece: Romance Dawn Story (OVA) is the animated remake of one of the original story pilots that would later become One Piece.

One Piece: Episode of Luffy - Adventure on Hand Island (OVA)

One Piece: Episode of Luffy - Adventure on Hand Island is an OVA special.

One Piece Film: Strong World

The 10th One Piece film, due out in December 2009. A pirate from the age of Gold Roger has revealed himself to rise once more, ...

One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta

One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta is the eighth movie in the One Piece series. A retelling of the Alabasta ...

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