Niceny is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Currently hypnotised by the organization NEO to serve them, Niceny was the aid to the Gourmet Corps Executive Chef, Dores, and is a powerful member within the organization itself.


Niceny's origins are as of yet almost completely unknown. He served as the Aid to the Executive Chef of Bishokukai prior to and after his introduction.


Niceny is a secondary Antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.



Niceny Full Profile
Niceny Full Profile

Niceny is a seasoned man with grey hair slicked back and a thick grey mustache. He has pointed ears and his eyes have an inverted color scheme with white irises. His figure is quite stout and muscular and he wars a black jump suit with green snake embroider designs.


Niceny is a stern yet respectful man. He did not hesitate to use excessive power such as utilizing the Nitro to achieve the Bishokukai's goals. Despite being serious, he did mock Rapp and Ryu, indicating that they were unworthy opponents for him.


Dores - Niceny served as the personal Aid to Dores, the former highest ranking Chef in Bishokukai. They were both defectors to the NEO organization.

Story Arcs

Meteor Garlic Arc

Niceny makes his first appearance when he arrived at the Human World Bishokukai Headquarters via riding inside a large beast that he cut open to exit upon arriving. Niceny questions Joejoe about the situation regarding the kidnapped Chefs. Joejoe told him it was becoming difficult with the stronger Chefs so Niceny suggested using the Nitro to do it. Later at the Gourmet World Headquarters, after learning that President Ichiryuu of IGO was coming to their headquarters, nearly the entirety of the Bishokukai convened at the entrance to stop him. After completely failed attempts from Kaitora and Kariu to subdue Ichiryuu, Niceny respectfully but forcefully told Ichiryuu that he could not allow him to pass. But before a fight broke out, the Bishokukai Boss Midora himself appeared and ordered everyone to stand down as none but himself were a match for Ichiryuu.

Cooking Festival Arc

Niceny faced off against IGO 0th Biotope members Rapp and Ryuu. He mocked them stating that he wished the their leader Ichiryuu were there instead, indicating that he did not consider them worthy opponents. Later, Rapp is seen defeated on the ground, however it was indicated that A Nitro rather than Niceny had defeated him. Shortly after the battles in Gourmet World were over, Niceny is seen with Joei and the rest of the NEO organization for he was in fact part of the group himself. They went off in celebration of their victories over both the IGO and Bishokukai.

Powers & Abilities

Niceny is presumably a highly accomplished Chef and a competent warrior. He could enter the Gourmet World, indicating quite a degree of power. The only special abilities that he has thus far displayed is a degree of elongation.


Shown very briefly. Niceny displayed the power to elongate his arm and hand extensively. To what degree is unknown.

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Name: Niceny
Name: ナイスニィ
Romanji: Naisunyi
Gender: Male
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