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YU YU HAKUSHO #45 -- Watch & Learn

Where puberty produces deadly weapons.

Beast armor, huh? Powered by seasoning packets? Honestly haven’t run into that particular gimmick before. We had that bad guy with the sweaty BO powers some episodes back - - there seems to be some undercurrent here about the monstrous dangers of puberty. And again, speaking as somebody who competed in such tournaments around the same age as Yusuke and his pals, I can say that may be one of the truest messages ever expressed by an anime. Forget all the existential hooey in EVA and all that hokum about self-realization in GURREN LAGANNthis shit actually applies to life, man.

In all seriousness, the real strength of this show from the beginning has come down to how it can craft tension out of the most basic ingredients and in the most straightforward scenes. Bad grooming getting turned into superhuman powers is an example of that. The more noteworthy case in this episode, though, is bit where Genkai’s drawing the egg out of Yusuke.

You know, all too well, that he’s going to master the powers of the thing so he can go save the team from the latest batch of heavies. That's a given. But when that moment comes when she takes it out of him for a second, you actually do believe that maybe, just maybe, they aren’t going to succeed this time. Perhaps it comes down to the abstract interplay of intense colors, perhaps it comes down the expressiveness of the voice acting, perhaps it comes down the precise timing… but they fooled me again.

Hey and speaking of intensity - - here’s a question for those of you who watched this back during the Toonami days. Was there as much cussing on the show then, or am I seeing the uncensored DVD version here? They’ve got some dirty words here that really push the limits of TV-14.

Look up this episode, "Hiei Fights On" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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tristenkw5on March 29, 2012 at 12:50 p.m.

Nah, the cussing was cut out of the Toonami block. I'm not sure if they cut out some of the bloodier moments as well. Then I suppose they got tired of doing said cutting, and moved it to Adult Swim. It stayed in the active anime roster until the end of the smaller arc after this one, then they moved it to like 4 am for some reason.

KingSolomonon March 29, 2012 at 1:18 p.m.

I think when they where still experimenting with adult swim they had the full show on. Swearing and all. Though at the same time that was also when they were experimenting with unedited late night dbz...

zaldaron March 29, 2012 at 10:49 p.m.

Heh...sigh its amazing but I never really do get tired of hearing you talk about the powers of bad hygiene in wresteling, and you do really well swing from analyzing the said existentialism in EVA and Self Empowerment in Gurren Laggen to reviewing without to much snark these more um....guttzy shows. Not many people can do that I have found...I certainly couldn't. Will have to check out your reviews over on screened sometime.

HighPrieston March 30, 2012 at 1:38 p.m.

My understanding of the cutting that went into the Toonami version that made it into Adult Swim and DVD releases:

1. The Middle Finger. They flip the bird a fair amount in this show, or make other potentially offensive gestures depending on your culture. I think these were cut out Toonami, but not Adult Swim.

2. Swearing, as mentioned by Solomon and Tristen. Again, not on Toonami, probably were on Adult Swim.

3. The violence shots of humans. I seem to recall the demons getting killed pretty violently on Toonami, but the shot of the mafia guy getting his head blown off in the last arc was probably cut for Toonami. Some other violent shots against humans (all antagonists) were probably cut out but I can't recall if they were before or after episode 45 so I won't spoil them here. I don't recall if these aired on Adult Swim - I'm not even sure Adult Swim ever aired up to this point, as it was switched to Toonami after about a year on Adult Swim.

4. Shizuru's cigarette (other cigarettes too, but she's by far the heaviest smoker). This is probably the easiest way to tell if you're watching an edited version or not. Is Shizuru a smoker? If yes, you are watching an uncut version. This actually makes a pretty big plot hole in that fight way back in the early episodes, where Yusuke beat a guy using Genkai's cigarette as a light source. I think smoking made it into Adult Swim... but I could be wrong. I certainly remember Cowboy Bebop characters smoking...

Of course most of this is from memories of television airings about a decade ago so I could be completely wrong.

[EDIT] Evidently I am a big font of misinformation today. A LOT of blood was edited out, human and demon alike. A full list of this episode's cuts can be found here. Be warned this also has episode 46 cuts, but where that starts is clearly indicated so no real spoiler danger.[/EDIT]

thekokapellion May 8, 2012 at 1:11 p.m.

Fun fact about editing for content on adult swim. In an episode of Bebop during which Faye is beating up a bunch of thugs to find information on a guy she's looking for, she bursts into a guy's room with a gun to threaten him for information and he's in bed with another man. In the adult swim version they edited it so that the guy on the bottom was a pillow. XD But they forgot to take out the extra scream, because both men scream when she turns the gun on them, so it's like, "The pillow is so frightened!" =) Just little fun fact. One of the things I love about this old crusty dub of YYH is the way Funimation plays with the script so it's almost a different show than in the Japanese, and it's a much better show. It's not so much the voice acting (although I love the English cast) as it is the writing, and one of the improvements is Yusuke's foul mouth. Also, the announcer girl has little personality to speak of in the Japanese version, but in the English track she is re-written as a bloodthirsty, lascivious sadist. A stroke of ingenuity on the part of the writers.

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