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The Top Three Greatest Anime Theme Songs of All Time! - - THE VICE PIT

The Real Folk Blues Man and his keyboard return to gift us with his amazingly overwrought musical renditions! Your heart will soar as these thematic covers pierce your soul with all four corners of entertainment!

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  • Compare the Real Folk Blues Man's interpretations to the songs' original performances...

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    Darokion Feb. 4, 2013 at 7:46 p.m.

    @EganTheVile1 said:

    @Username_Undefined said:

    @EganTheVile1: Are you talking about One Reason? That was the Japanese opening. I was really surprised when I was watching Wonderland when it first came out. All they did for the Toonami run was cut down a 4:30 song from a 1:30 opening to a :30 one

    I was talking about the 30 second English language Deadman theme that I can not believe some hack band got paid for, and continues to get paid for, geeez, I am glad I never judge an anime based on it's opening theme otherwise I might have turned away from DW based on that mess. But if your saying a longer, and better version exists, I may hold my judgement until I hear that version.

    Actually they reworded the song for Deadman Wonderland. So take a 5 minute song, re-write lyrics for a 90 second anime intro, then cut that down to 30 seconds for the American dub. (The song was ALWAYS in English though.)

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