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The Top Ten Teams I Want to See Become Power Rangers Before I Die

God Len, Rita has escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers with attitudes!

To no surprise, I am a fan of the Power Rangers, or the Japanese equivalent super sentai. Despite my love, I am sick and tired of the creators giving this power to people I’ve never heard of before. Yes, it was nice for the first 50 times, but now I think its time to give the power to a team that has a history of working together in the past; or to a team I think will work together well.

So to help set my dream in motion, I decided to make my own top ten list of teams I want to see become Power Rangers before I die. Though I also decided to sacrifice a goat, and pray to the gods for this to come true, just incase those of you who read this are not television producers. Well, if I'm going to pick the team, why not pick the members of the team as well? Might as well put my sacrifice to good use and recommend the members in each team, and their respected colors as well; because we all know, not everyone can be the red ranger.

10. Star Wars Jedi

The future (or is it the past?) needs more super sentai, and there is no better group to take on this role than the Jedi. Seriously, just having lightsabers the same color as their suits is what my wildest fantasies are made of.  X-wing zords? Sign me up.

Red: Luke
Blue: Obi-Wan
Green: Qui-Gon Jinn
Yellow: Shaak Ti
Pink: Sayla Secura


Black: Anakin

9. 90’s Rock Stars

When the monsters attack, the only thing that can save the world is music; but not just any music, hot blooded 90’s rock! Forming a team of epic musicians can only mean that their final attack is going to be based off of music, forcing the monster to head bang himself to death.

Red: Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Blue: Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine)
Black: Lenny Kravitz
Green: Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)
Pink: Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)


Orange: Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

8. Band of Brothers

I’m totally not joking here. it is my dream to see a super sentai show set during WWII. Though with that said, the team would most likely be on the Japanese side for obvious reasons. So I'm going to be a good patriot and recommend Easy Company, who is perhaps one of the greatest teams to fight in this war; they would be my first choice to protect the world from Nazi super monster soldiers. 

Red: Richard Winters
Blue: Lewis Nixon
Black: Ronald Speirs
White: Eugene "Doc" Roe
Green: Carwood Lipton


Camouflaged: George S. Patton

7. Final Fantasy Characters

If they can make a fighting game out of the Final Fantasy franchise, then there is no way in hell they can’t turn them into a super sentai team. Just imagine it, great enemies, great weapons, and instead of summoning giant robots, they summon monsters! And don't tell me you wouldn't want to see a live-action version of Sabin's Bum Rush!

Red: Warrior of Light (I)
Blue: Sabin Figaro (VI)
Pink: Yuna (X)
Green: Balthier (XII)
Yellow: Selphie (VIII)


Gold: Cecil Harvey (IV)

6. Professional Athletes

When the world is in trouble, someone of great intelligence figured out that instead of giving a couple of loudmouthed teenagers special powers, why not just give it to people who already have talent, like professional athletes.  It will be like Space Jam,  but  without Bugs Bunny, and with sexy Anna Kournikova beating monsters until they explode. (Grow up)

Gold: Michael Jordan
Silver: Michael Phelps
Bronze: Tiger Woods
Purple: Anna Kournikova
Pink: Shawn Johnson


White: Muhammad Ali

5. Gundam

Gundam in perhaps the least likely thing to ever be made into a super sentai series, but it would be soooooo cool and it would sell millions; for real. Think about it, instead of calling on their giant robots and making it combine to fight a monster, they just need to combine themselves together. Can you imagine what a 5 Gundam super robot would look like? My mind cannot even comprehend its awesomeness.

Red: Char Aznable in the MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type
Blue: Amuro Ray in the RX-78-2 Gundam
White: Setsuna F Seiei in Gundam Exia
Green: Heero Yuy in Wing Gundam
White: Garrod Ran in Gundam X


Gold: Domon Kasshu in the Shining Gundam

4. Action Movie Heroes

When it comes to the most brutal super sentai team, nothing can beat the American Action hero team. They don’t only just slice the monster in half, making it sparkle and explode, but snap its neck and stick icicles in its eyes. Not to mention they are so cool that they are all red rangers.

Red: Chuck Norris
Red: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Red: Steven Segal
Red: Sylvester Stallone
Red: Bruce Willis


Crimson: Bruce Lee

3. Historic Heroes

Sometimes, the greatest place to find the Earth’s greatest saviors is to go back in time and snatch them up; just like Bill and Ted has taught us. Not only would this team be a powerhouse on the battle field, but extremely entertaining outside of battle. I wonder if they would live in one house like some kind of MTV Real World show?

Red: Alexander the Great
Yellow: Joan of Arc
Black: Miyamoto Musashi
Blue: Leonidas
Green: Guan Yu


Gold: Gilgamesh

2. Gods

Is there no better way to snuff all those atheist monsters appearing in the world today, then to summon the super sentai god rangers on their unholy butts? Short answer, no. When gods join forces and put their differences aside, no one can defeat them. For some reason, I think of their “zords” as giant statues of themselves detaching from their bases and joining the battle. I can be 100% certain that if Japan makes this show, all war will stop.

Red: Jesus
Yellow: Buddha
Blue: Allah
Black: Anubis
White: Shiva


Purple: Zeus

1. The American Presidents

Finally the number one group I would love to see as Power Rangers, the American Presidents. From beating back the communists, to destroying terrorist scum, the American Rangers are not afraid of anything! In the world of the American Rangers, each one of their giant robots are stored in some kind of monument in Washington DC, bursting out of their foundation when ever there is trouble. Nothing can stop the great power of the Manifest Destiny attack!

Red: Teddy Roosevelt
Blue: Abraham Lincoln
White: Barack Obama
Black: Andrew Jackson
Gold: JFK


American flag print: George Washington

Count_Zeroon June 1, 2009 at 2:07 a.m.
@Niko: I must admit I had no particular reason for Spidey and Luke Cage being Black and Blue respectively (well, aside from subconsiously wanting to avoid having the Black Ranger be black and Spidey be Blue.). Though, even the classic Spidey costume had some black in it as well - in fact, the classic Spidey color scheme was Red and Black. However, the reason it would sometimes appear blue was actually due to a bit of comic color shorthand - occasionally blue will appear amongst black to indicate really dark black- this is also why on occasion Superman's hair will appear blue as well (particularly in 90s comics).

Anyway, one more team, just for the road. RPG Game designers (and ones who are no longer with us are still elgible).

Red: E. Gary Gygax (D&D)
Black: Dave Arneson (D&D)
Yellow: Steve Jackson (GURPS)
Green: Sandy Peterson (Call of Cthulhu)
Blue: Mark Rein-Hagan (The World of Darkness/Storyteller)
Prospective Latecomers: Robin D. Laws (Feng Shui), Steve Long (Hero System), John Wick (Legend of the 5 Rings), Mark C MacKinnon (Big Eyes, Small Mouth), Kevin Siembeida (Palladium Multi-System - Rifts/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness/Robotech/Heroes Unlimited/Ninjas and Superspies)
Sire_Don Aug. 30, 2010 at 3:07 a.m.

On the "American Action Heroes" List, I would've traded Steven Seagal for Jason Statham...I know he's english but c'mon...anywho, here's my list 
Famous names in Horror movies 
Red - Vincent Price 
Black - Elvira (oh yes)
Green - Eli Roth 
Blue - Wes Craven 
White - George A. Romero 
Latecomer - Pink - nameless topless girl (Hey, don't judge, someone's going to get slaughtered, it's a horror list, and it's ALWAYS the nameless topless girl)

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Made by Shotaro Ishinomori and Toei in 1975, the Super Sentai Franchise is one of the greatest Tokusatsu franchises still active, in 1993 its Zyuranger footage was used by Saban to make the American show Power Rangers.

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