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Tezuka to Hit the Big Screen Once-- No, Twice More!

Mmm, delicious classic manga adaptations.

Tezuka Productions has announced two new projects based on the works of legendary mangaka Osamu Tezuka. Anime films based on two of Tezuka's classic works, Buddha and Princess Knight, are in the works.
It's interesting that these are the series chosen by Tezuka Productions-- they both revolve heavily around a single character's life and growth. Buddha, of course, revolves around Buddhism founder Siddhartha, who is said to have achieved supreme enlightenment, spurring one of the world's great religions. Vertical has already released all eight volumes of the manga, so if you haven't read it and want a sneak peek, you've got a perfect option all handy.

And then there's Princess Knight, which I'm personally a bit more excited for. One of the first-ever “shoujo” manga, Princess Knight revolves around a princess named Sapphire who has pretended that she was a boy for her entire life in order to safeguard her throne. She has a third identity, too: the Ribbon Knight, who defeats dastardly black hats and keep her subjects happy and safe. Unfortunately, while disguised as the Ribbon Knight she falls in love with a prince, who eventually comes to be familiar with all three of her identities...separately.

The Princess Knight manga is much harder to get your hands on in English so far, as Paploo mentions on the license wishlist thread. Kodansha published six volumes as “bilingual” editions, but a full English-language release has never been made available, although VIZ published a lone story in Shojo Beat back in '07. The anime is an even sadder story: it was dubbed in its entirety back in the 1970s, but then disputes arose and it wasn't broadcast. A few copies leaked out and even ran on TV later, but I've never seen any myself...

So, I'm looking forward to both of these films. How about you?
NovidAnonon April 21, 2009 at 10:25 a.m.
The Princess Knight issue is sad, but it happened way too many times during the 1970's. So many deals fell through the cracks with the Syndication business it was a near miracle that other anime (from 1977 onward) got on. Im happy for the movie but do kinda wish somebody with a heart for Tezuka's work find the rest of the dub for historical reasons.
paplooon April 21, 2009 at 2:30 p.m.
There was a few home video releases of the dub as "Choppy and the Princess", either as episodes or as a movie compilation, with the most releases occuring in Britain. I think RightStuf has mentioned a few times that they had tried to track down who exactly owns the rights to the dub......  no idea if they're still working on it.

The french dub had a limited dvd release here in Canada recently [and they've yet to issue the 2nd half of the series], though the theme song for the french version is kind of scary 0_o Fantastic show though. I hope VIZ tackles the manga again someday.
XION66578on April 22, 2009 at 1:25 a.m.
Yeah I have been trying to find Princess Knight for years.

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