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Quickie: VIZ Goes Simultaneous with Rinne

Quickie post quickie post!

I'm on my way out the door almost literally as I type this but this is kinda big, so I wanted to get it out here before I left: word is that VIZ will actually be simultaneously publishing Rumiko Takahashi's upcoming manga Rinne in the US while it's running in Japan. Unfortunately I don't have time to bust out all the details (check back here for them, or check out Publisher Weekly's article on the matter. Basically it'll start running on The Rumic starting on April 22nd-- which happens to be my birthday.

ETA: Okay, I'm back! There isn't a lot more to add, though, aside from the above picture (from the aforementioned, and the following blurb about the manga's plot:

"Rin-Ne is the story of Sakura Mamiya, a child who disappears into the woods and returns to find she’s able to see ghosts."

Simultaneous anime has been coming into its own slowly but surely, but simultaneous manga has been pretty slow in coming. Nice to see some progress being made, especially since the CLAMP mangettes have been pushed back for so long (though I'm still totally looking forward to them). Thanks for the birthday present, VIZ!
Kuroon April 15, 2009 at 5:46 p.m.

Let's hope Rinne isn't shitty like Inuyasha. I'd accept something as good as Ranma, but something as amazing as Maison Ikkoku would be the best .
Nikoon April 16, 2009 at 7:41 a.m.
Go April birthdays!

I hope it's a good story, and I'm interested in seeing how well the simultaneous release goes.

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