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Publisher Go! Comi Talks Troubles, Delays

And what troubles and delays there ARE, whew.

 From the Go!Comi-published manga Her Majesty's Dog
 From the Go!Comi-published manga Her Majesty's Dog
The Yaoi Review links us to a post at manga publisher Go! Comi's website that talks about the company's myriad problems-- in vague, unspecific terms, to be sure (it's unusual for a company to talk about the specific things that have gone wrong), but I had noticed how rarely Go! Comi titles appear in my Quick Picks release calendars these days, and I would really like the second (and third) volumes of Kurogane Communication eventually. Volume two was due out in September of 2008.

In the post, Go! Comi apologizes for the delays and explains that they can't really promise specific release dates for any of the delayed titles because publishing is so unpredictable that "what is on hold today might literally go into production tomorrow." The company also posits that they may have to shut down their website in order to keep costs down and keep books coming-- regular users will be given advance warning if this has to happen.

None of it sounds super positive, but at least they're being somewhat honest and open about it, instead of continually promising a return and new books and then not delivering...*coughs*
JDon Jan. 25, 2010 at 8:04 p.m.
 I don't get how shutting off a web site is going to save enough money that it would make a difference between publish and perish, I wonder who their provider is.  I only pay a few dollars a month for my own web host.  OK, if it means they can't moderate their own blog, fine, then turn off comments.  A lot of web sites can just run without a lot of administration work.
giaon Jan. 25, 2010 at 10:12 p.m.
@JD: If they took down the video that would probably help a bit. Depending on the numbers you get, bandwidth DOES get pretty expensive.
MorpheusDreamweaveron Jan. 26, 2010 at 8:23 a.m.
The post just mentioned scaling back or shutting down the community features of the website. I'm not sure how much that costs in terms of hosting & administrative expenses, but every penny helps.

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Go! Comi is a publisher of Japanese and OEL manga. Its popular titles include Her Majesty's Dog, Kurogane Communication, and Tenshi Ja Nai! as well as the recent forays into the OEL market, Japan Ai and Masque of the Red Death.

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