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PSYCHO-PASS #31 -- Watch & Learn

The pickings may be slim in this week's spotlight, but it's about quality over quantity.

Oh, the “Omnipotence Paradox” - - bringing me right back to Philosophy 101. We’ve already seen plenty of brains in jars already. How long before we get a Golden Mountain, now?

The show continues to strum on many of the same themes as MINORITY REPORT. “The seers are never wrong, but they don’t always agree.” I was always a little ambivalent when more , uh, serious-minded anime like ATTACK ON TITAN and DEATH NOTE started breaking out visual aides to explicate the more complicated details of traps in their plots (both physical and rhetorical). It works a little smoother here, though. Akane would have “holos” readily available to illustrate her deductions, and her orange men actually did give me a better idea of how Kamui’s trapping the Sibyll system.

I might as well invoke another Philip K. Dick book and bring up A SCANNER DARKLY, because this season’s made a real point of introducing doubles for our leads. (It’s done a shitty job of making you remember anybody’s name though, so bear with me).

Akane’s rival has been a tattle tale, a goody two shoes and every other negative descriptor you might apply to somebody with a clean hue. Now, by contrasting her reaction to the Sibyll system’s secret, we can see her as the worst kind of yes man. Likewise, Akane’s new partner is proving to be the real vision of the “bad boy” to make us better appreciate the more Byronic bad boy Kogami was. (If saving the cat is the quickest way to make you like a character, then choking the dog has to be the quickest way to make you hate him, no?).

Given the theme of this particular episode, I really think the crew’s making a conscious point about the arbitrary qualities of personality types here. That is, you have two pairs of characters fitting the exact same profile, but there’s a degree of chaos as to when they’re right, and when they’re wrong. Somebody can sound good on paper, but that has almost no bearing what they're actually like.

Watch "Omnipotence Paradox" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

Kino88on Dec. 5, 2014 at 5:33 p.m.
Akane finally lost her edge, I suppose it was a long time coming, Her evil partner has actually far surpassed Kamui as a villan I want to see go down in the most deserving way possible, I mean stabbing puppies and kidnapping Grandmas is just.... Wrong, hell this guy would make Dio sick, Overall one has to wonder when Justice will return, will we ever see the Sybil system fall?, is no puppy safe?,
metalsnakezeroon Dec. 6, 2014 at 11:41 a.m.

The show starting to fall a bit with the premise. I mean turning illegal immigrants into animals and then burning them isn't as elegant as last season murders. As well as the villains are little too out there. Maybe because it running short here and there a movie coming soon that things aren't as tight as last season was.

Kino88on Dec. 8, 2014 at 6:22 a.m.
I would agree with you there, definitely not as subtle As the last season, I'm still really enjoying it, but I'm curious about what this will build up to in the end, I'm hopping they bring back Kogami,
Marshal Victoryon Dec. 9, 2014 at 11:28 a.m.

Think every one is right in that this season is not subtle. Also would note to Tom here Akane rival was pegged as a bitch early on. This episode just confirms shes a bitch. The context that she is what Sybil thinks is the perfect citizen should confirm its not about societies greater good but control.

Worried for a bit last episode the show was trying to make us feel sorry for that rival. Glad that now its clear no emotional written heart string were meant to be pulled.

If season 2 falls out the way I think it will I can see a season 3 as the final act in this world.

takashichea moderator is online on Dec. 11, 2014 at 12:57 p.m.

I find Akane's stalker an interesting antagonist. He contrasts Kamui. The stalker wants to paint people black while Kamui wants people to be clear. What Psycho Pass 2 has is the multiple antagonists and the promise of change you didn't see in season 1. You can't trust anyone while in Psycho Pass 1, it was mostly Shogo and then, you find the secret of Sibyl.

YotaruVegetaon Dec. 14, 2014 at 5:36 a.m.

Anime can't resist killing puppies, can it?

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