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NARUTO Ch. 683 Review

When things are at their worst, the only place to go is up,....right?

I actually agree more with Tobirama. Hashirama is naive.
I actually agree more with Tobirama. Hashirama is naive.

Victory seems out of reach as Naruto and Sasuke are now worlds away from each other. In the real world, the Hokage try to piece together what's going on, and Obito may finally be able to right some of his life's sins with the time he's been given.

The Good

Events could only take a turn for the better this week, because they certainly couldn't get worse. I just hope that Kishimoto has gotten his jokes out of his system for now so things can start moving once more. That's something I can say that happens in this issue. I just find a few events a bit too convenient at times.

If Kishimoto wants me to be impressed and intimidated by Kaguya, I wish he'd stop telling to be and show me more of a reason. So far, he's only shown us flashes of skill. Just as Kaguya starts to become more active is when the writer starts focusing on other people. Cut it out with all the cliffhanger jump cuts and spend a page or two showing me more of this battle to save the world. More time and effort was spent showing Spiral Zetsu holding back the Shinobi Alliance.

The Bad

Obito has suddenly become an omniscience plot device.
Obito has suddenly become an omniscience plot device.

Someone in the comments from last week's review made mention of a rather disturbing fact. One that this Shinobi World War has lasted just about as long as WWII. Yeeeah, there is no real justification for fictional wars to be outstretching ones in the real world. Yet in story, this has maybe only spanned two days. To give some more perspective. If you had been a freshmen in high school when this war arc began, you're probably graduating by now, and it's still not even near over. There are entire manga series that don't last this long. It becomes worse because Kishimoto has just been extending it by subbing in new villains at different stages through the arc. The SOUTH PARK guys love to tease that George R.R. Martin drags things on for too long. They've obviously not readNARUTO over these past few years.

Isn't it convenient that Kaguya just happened to drag along everyone that was needed to undermine a technique that she would later use on Sasuke? Yet she makes no move to kill them or even impede their movements. You can't build her up as a god-tier character and expect me to believe she's also oblivious to her surroundings. I know fiction is filled with plot convenience, but this is stretching it. My problem here is mainly that Obito understand a bit too much about what's going on. How could he possibly know that the Naruto clone and Sakura's power equal just enough energy to pull off this inter-dimensional hitchhiking?

Verdict 3/5

After the abysmal showing from last week's NARUTO, there was only room to improve. This chapter was pretty average but still enjoyable. However, I was also working off pretty low standards. It was nice to see Kaguya becoming more proactive. I only wish we could see more of that and a little less of the exposition surrounding it.

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About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers/@FoxxFireArt /

Destinyheroknighton July 10, 2014 at 5:27 p.m.

Hmm, this chapter would be ok. If I didn't realize how bad Sakura's character become. I remember back when Naruto was dying and I was keep asking "why Sakura isn't using her 100 Healing Chakra? She still have that diamond on her head." Now, she have an chance to save her beloved Sasuke and show him that she isn't useless, she volunteer right away. She is the main problem I have with Naruto, she drive me nuts.

Also, I have a problem with their plan. Kaguya can easily throw Sasuke back, they are wasting their time. Toby is going to losing his life for nothing. I'm really surprise that Kaguya can't hear their plan, guess those ears are for show. Another thing, why Madara's legs still their? I know they from the time Sasuke cut him in half, but they shouldn't be their. They should have been teleported with Team 7 or fall into the lava or been crush by the meteors. Also, I don't get Tobirama reasoning. Using Edo tensei on Madara is a very bad thing to do, when Madara die he was a god like being and he know how to get out of Edo tensei. All you doing is making things worst

Hagoromo should go and talk to his mother, instead of the dead Hokages. They should really go to doctor phil, because sending monster forms of yourself or having two kids fighting her won't solve your problems, that isn't healthy . Now, I questioning how he become a sage

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