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KILL LA KILL #6 Speeds Faster than Internet Streaming Can Handle!

Episode #6 -- Watch & Learn. Right in the breadbasket!

Well, that was a missed opportunity if I ever saw one.

When the nefarious Kendo Club captain (right…?) starts gearing up for his duel with Ryoko, wouldn’t it have made all sorts of sense for him to don an outfit that was just as revealing as hers? The show’s already been making the T&A a bit more… inclusive with the teacher’s constant habit of tossing his hair and unbuttoning his shirt, but it could’ve honestly quashed a few more… concerns if it went this route, too. Hell, the satirical quotient would’ve shot up by however many degrees, too.

But… whatever. This episode demonstrates that it’s always a dicey game, trying to interpret the larger intentions of a serial while it’s still unfolding.

Actually, the show makes a fun piece of (unintentional?) self-commentary when it spells out the heavy's defeat as being the result of him furiously overextending himself. This is a show that get so frenzied and colorful that my Hulu player’s buffering falls behind as it desperately tries to keep up (the quick-cut shinai beat-down being the most sludgy example of that). It’s got that manic Gainax energy, like PANTY & STOCKING playing with weightier drama and headier ideas. And it isn’t always coherent (it feels like a lot of key steps in the build-up to Ryoko’s duel were simply skipped over).

On the other hand, while I can appreciate the simplistic directness of having the heroine comprehensively vanquish every School Council member over every episode, the formula is already losing its charm. Frankly, the Kendo Master got more development than Ryoko during this bout, and I would’ve preferred a more unique break from the one-on-battling formula… like, say, the beat -the-bell race from a couple episodes back.

Watch the first episode, Don't Toy Me On a Whimhere, and decide for yourself, then hear my previous comments on the show here.

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metalsnakezeroon Nov. 8, 2013 at 9:04 a.m.

I would think the opposite if the show continued with the beat -the-bell race all the time. One on one fights help define both characters as they both learn of their limits and where to build (which is where this episode does well on). Japan was where warriors had meaning to their fighting and it still shows in their media. Whether it is a fist fight or a battle of brains. If you think about it, we hardly see the loser come back with a better grasp of their fighting and able to best the hero, making the hero rethink their abilities.

Marshal Victoryon Nov. 8, 2013 at 1:36 p.m.

Um not sure how you would make the Kendo uniform fan service-ish an still have it look like the armor they wear.It was the extreme version of that tho .They really are covered from head to toe.Are we really gona aruge he needed some arseless chaps to blance things out or some such?

If any thing the way i see it each outfit kinda represents extreme version of how some see those clubs . Rember the boxing club guy he thought he was sexy an all to.An was willing to strip .

Also good to see how the "little brother" gets things done with his information network.That was a good sound an sight gag.Double also I think hes even easyer to beat now.Then again any one who has read a bit of Daredevil knows to .

takashichea moderator is online on Nov. 8, 2013 at 4:07 p.m.

Uzu's Three-Star Goku Uniform: Blade Regalia MKII and the first one remind me of Takumu Mayuzumi's Cyan Pile. Both men are disciplined in the way of the kendo. Though, Cyan Pile doesn't use a kendo when wearing his armor.

I liked Uzu a lot.

I do see the Monster of the Day trope only with uniforms. Kill la Kill does take breaks. Plus, this loss is like with Legend of Korra. I like that she experienced her first loss. It shows growth.

Kino88on Nov. 8, 2013 at 4:19 p.m.

this episode was ok.... more action than humor, for me it falls a bit short of last episode's comic energy, but I kinda liked the character development here, so will see if the next episode hits a better balance, I still think the folks at Trigger have more up there sleeves' than a simple fight the subordinates one by one formula,

or will my hopeful assumption be Kill La Killed?........

Marshal Victoryon Nov. 8, 2013 at 5:33 p.m.

@takashichea: Man thanks a ton that was bugging me where i seen something similar .Good cach on Cyan Pile.

FoxxFireArt moderator on Nov. 8, 2013 at 10:01 p.m.
I don't share her ideals, but the more I see of Satsuki, the more I find myself drawn to her. I adore the tactic she used when she was younger. Coming not to battle, but to offer the chance to surrender.

It's pretty obvious that Satsuki has ordered those Life Fibers for Junketsu to absord, the way Senketsu has been. What I find very interesting is that Satsuki finds useming kamui taxing, while it's effortless for Ryuko.
takashichea moderator is online on Nov. 9, 2013 at 11:03 a.m.

@Marshal Victory:

Yeah, it was cool. I thought his face mask and kendo style looked familiar.


Yes! I knew you liked her. You have a pattern for liking strong women with swords like Saeko from HOTD.

zaldaron Nov. 10, 2013 at 11:50 p.m.

So THAT was how they decided to satirize the ridiculous length of shonen torunament arcs...they did it all in one episode? Oh this I can't wait to see! As one who truly hates that part of the shonen formula I bet I will love this...will come back and post after watching it (hopefully tomorrow) this should be fun!

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