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I'm Finished with HUNTER X HUNTER

After powering through 130 episodes, I've finally had enough.

There’s some fitting symmetry here. This is the second long-form shonen serial I’ve watched all the through (to the latest episode, at least). The first one, of course, was YU YU HAKUSHO. Two series by the same creator. One demonstrates the positives of the genre. The other showing the negatives.

The only compliment I can make here is that the show did answer my complaint in the last write-up about the latest, twenty-odd episodes lacking real stakes. Nukes go off! Thousands of innocents are threatened with mutation! Reality itself seems to implode in on itself!

...And I couldn’t be more nonplussed.

In all the time I’ve been doing these write-ups, there are few moments more disenchanting than when I get thrown out of the implicit handshake deal I make with these shows. I know it’s all mumbo jumbo. I know it’s all silly. But let me at least pretend to be serious about it.

I can’t do that when I’m watching moments of tense, dramatic conflict involving a red, talking octopus with bushy eyebrows, cherub-like chibi’s and an old man in a bike suit who actually has a special attack where he makes a heart with his hands. Togashi’s game has always seemed to be about him making you feel pathos for inherently ridiculous characters. That game got old a long time ago. There’s no sense of humor about these characters. The shows seems to be taking them seriously. Whether it’s failed drama or failed comedy, it’s just too silly to watch.

The biggest shame about all of this is that the “Chimera Ant” arc started so promisingly. I never indulge the assurance that I should power through lame episodes because “it gets soooooooo good after episode #57,” but I decided to give in this time. Episode by episode, I went through material that never felt like A-content, always hoping that it would build to something. Well, it never did. I can’t wait for anything, anymore. It never came.

As far remakes go, this makes FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD look much better. And as far as Togashi fight shonens go, it makes YU YU HAKUSHO look significantly better. I'll probably do a post-mortem on this in a video later.

Watch this last episode and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the last batch of episodes.

Donwunon May 23, 2014 at 10:14 a.m.

Scary face pic you got

Well, my biggest criticism for this franchise is that it has completely shifted gears from what it started out to be and now that i myself got tired of the terrible pace of this arc and have just read all of the current manga i can tell you the direction of the story continues to weave down this non-narritive and anti-shounen trait

Considering how this story has progressed and the themes it tackles i cannot whole-heartedly call this a shounen anime anymore, this is seinen through and through regardless who it is targeted at in terms of demographic and honestly i just don't see a younger audience attaching to this story at all's too slow paced and strategic for the masses and in contrast to other jump shows

I still think this is one of the best shows i've seen overall in terms of writing and depth but in retrospect and especially after reading all of the manga now i feel this franchise is basically just an outlet for Togashi to formulate and initiate cool ideas with more than creating an actual progressive story. There is no narrative story for this series actually, just an interesting world and adventure to be had without the One Piece as a so called end point

Honestly where the manga stopped is good enough for me to leave this franchise as well.....with no ill feelings, but i tell you just by calculation it will take about over a year for them to catch up to the manga at this point and where it ended imo just finished wrapping up every element of this chimera ant saga

Ultimately i can't begrudge anyone for feeling burned watching this now but i still think it's a worthy anime series...just not for the masses....not at all

Oh and i've enjoyed reading and discussing this with y'all vicers - just don't wig out about it too much...just don't think it's worth the aggravation

Kino88on May 23, 2014 at 11:11 a.m.
Yup, this show is a dud. For me this may be remembered as one of the Worst anime I have ever seen. It's not funny, it's not cool, it's just dull garbage. Dragon Ball got away with it because there was always an element of parody Behind all of the plotting and standoffs. Togashi however seems to think he is writing something profound With all these stupid characters. So yeah, good move Tom, dump this trash.
Lurkeroon May 23, 2014 at 11:28 a.m.

One of the reasons why I did not feel bad about dropping Hunter x Hunter after becoming bored with the slow paced and tone deaf narrative that lacked any of the suspense that was present in York New is that the author didn't seem to care about the story. HxH went on multiple hiatuses and took so long to be released in manga format that I felt the author wasn't interested in the plot anymore. It seemed like he wanted to turn HxH into something like One Piece where there is no real overarching plot and the arcs are mostly coincidental adventures.

That's not what I wanted from HxH and what Togashi was offering wasn't interesting anymore.

I still plan on checking out the Hunter chairman election arc to see if the story shifts gears back into something that intrigues me.

Destinyheroknighton May 23, 2014 at 2:45 p.m.


It still in Shonen Jump, so it still a Shonen (it haven't pull a Jojo yet) and seeing the rankings it usually get in the magazine, it is high up their. But I do wish Togashi would move to Young Jump or Ultra Jump to let the new guys get a chance


One Piece where there is no real overarching plot and the arcs are mostly coincidental adventures.

Half and half on the coincidental adventures (the Straw Hats does have a route they follow), and the overarching plot is Luffy trying to be the Pirate King and to do so he have to travel around the world


Watch Recently, My Sister is Unusual, then tell me Hunter X Hunter is the worst LOL!

Anyway, I see were you getting at. But I have a soft spot for HxH

Togashi probably shouldn't take HxH that serious, if he want to throw in crazy things. Look at One Piece, it don't take itself to serious. Oda make a balance

taichokageon May 23, 2014 at 3:30 p.m.
I would disagree. I wouldn't call HXH a Seinen. It's not nearly as dark as most action/adventure seinen I've seen/read. Compare it to Hokuto no Ken or Guyver which are old school, or Shingeki no Kyojin, Claymore or D. Gray man which are all currently ongoing Shounen and all darker than HXH. Although I might say Shingeki no Kyojin could just about be Seinen.
MrASSH0LEon May 24, 2014 at 2:05 p.m.
@taichokage: I don't understand how Blood Lad  and Zetman are seinen, but not Attack On Titan which is way more gruesome( at least from the anime)
taichokageon May 24, 2014 at 2:12 p.m.
Yes. I've thought of the Blood Lad example many times. It's not even as dark as say Bleach and it has more comic relief.
Marshal Victoryon May 24, 2014 at 3:04 p.m.

Again do not marathon another series Tom. I was one who backed the idea, an now in practice its a dud. Yes you watched 130 episodes of colors moving on a screen. An seemed to have forgotten all the parts you marveled over.

You missed...Gon's motivation early on. But did get Kurapika motivation in the In York New arc , but missed why the Phantom Troupe stopped where they did. Kind of a hit an miss along the way. To the point of missing a city standing out side of the Kings fortress. Waiting to be killed in mass for more troops for the ants. Not mutated , they would die in mass maybe 2 % would become a ant.

That old man with the heart emote sign.. that was a tribute to the voice actor who played him that passed away.

Also the idea few have that the show changed extremely in the ant arc hold some merit that it was slower with more drama. But people died in the 1st arc the trials. A lot of people died in the trials. It was just not as bloody an they died with much less drama.But died they did. The blood an death was there. Just not as much blood on screen.

Also would ask so when some one starts to read one of your stories theirs a "implicit handshake deal " ,this is what your getting? If plots an story arc's did not change how boring would that be? I just confused how on one hand the show becomes to slow an serious. Then on the other it does not take it self seriously.

Opinions vary. But in my opinion marathons of anime to get threw to the new stuff is more like work than the entertainment it that it should be.

SpeedForceSpideron May 25, 2014 at 12:15 p.m.

@taichokage: I don't understand why people use Seinen like its a genre and its a demographic not a genre. HXH is kinda dark sure but it isn't an automatic Seinen look at K-on.

On topic though: I am not feeling hunter anymore. This arc has went downhill and doesn't deserve the hype. If Hisoka comes back I might consider watching more. But I still don't see how this is better than Hakasho.

SycoMantis91on May 30, 2014 at 11:07 p.m.

Honestly I didn't power through episode 1, it's rare to be as uninterested and have to try to hard to care about a show as this one almost immediately. I know people say to give it a few episodes, but literally everything was dull and unappealing to me, there's no excuse for a first episode that doesn't at least pique your interest enough to watch episode 2.

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