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HUNTER X HUNTER #19 Just Revels in Child Endangerment

Episode #19 - - Watch & Learn. Even Killua's unnerved.

What… the… hell?

You know a scene’s got be a special kind of violent when a shonen show has to repeatedly cut away to reaction shots and let the off-screen sound effects get the message across. Once again, the disbelief suspension gets even more difficult when we’ve got to accept that a grown man is stomping the shit out of our adolescent hero.

You know, it’s even more striking to me because, for the longest time, I’ve honestly wondered why more of these adventures don’t have their heroes taking the third option of a breaking a villain’s limbs when presented with the ol’ Kill-or-Don’t-Kill Conundrum. Seriously, I’ve wanted to see some character go ahead and do that, over hundreds of hours of entertainment, and when some variation on it finally comes into being, I regret having asked for it. Ninja dude just breaks Gon’s arm, man. That is harsh.

At this point, I know that any commentary on HUNTER X HUNTER (for the first arc, at least?) has to cover about three points…

  1. Is there an uncomfortable degree of child endangerment? Yes, refer to the scene described above.
  2. Does Togashi demonstrate his sports/games obsession? Yes, the Hunter Exam’s final phase is presented as tournament with complicated brackets and elimination rules that I’ve honestly never run into before.
  3. Is the simplicity of the plot at hand rather headscratchingly simple and focused? Yes, this entire episode focused on Gon losing one match.
  4. Do you still feel compelled to keep watching? Yes, I’ll be back next time. It’s just a given, now.

Watch this episode, Can't Win × But × Can't Lose" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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jj_jacksonon Nov. 19, 2013 at 8:22 a.m.
This show seems like it cuts the heros no breaks (no pun intended) i hear it gets worse later on actually i know it does i'm on greed island arc in this anime i had a point of disbelief at one fight in greed island it was violent extremely againts a child. it right reminds me of breaking bad when u have the ask the question "geez can they do that to childen on tv?!"
rubberluffyon Nov. 21, 2013 at 8:05 a.m.

Haha the danger Killua and Gon get exposed to has barely even started at this point.

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