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HUNTER X HUNTER #18's Secret Competitive Edge?

Episode #18 - - Watch & Learn. Tears of rage!

Man… I wouldn’t be shocked if Togashi wears his favorite soccer club’s jersey every time he sits down at his drawing board.

Look, don’t get me wrong - - dedicating half an episode to ‘cast interviews’ is a fun conceit. Especially after I griped a little about how difficult it was to comment on the… simple problem-solving in the last episode; this gives me something a bit easier to pick apart. Nevertheless, I can’t help but take a step back and chuckle about it. I mean, of course Togashi would handle these scenes like they’re the pre-roll of a UFC pay-per-view, or the psychological conjecture of SportsCenter being voiced by the actual players. This is the guy who takes every opportunity to revel in the depiction of games and their rules in thorough detail.

Hell, look at the screen cap above! I’ve analyzed how Gon differs from other shonen heroes before, and here he is, getting moved to tears because he feels like he didn’t do his best in a post-match self-evaluation. That’s a different from Goku doggedly challenging himself to do better, and seeking out worthy opponents. It’s far more reflective of actual competitive personalities you’d find in sports psychology.

I’d love it if Gon’s growth as a character saw these latent attitudes gradually eclipsing his personality. It’d be a hell of an arc, watching a cheerful, sporty little moppet turning into a humorless, hardass competitor. You lunatics have all been telling me that this series gets darker, and that Gon looks more like other shonen heroes as it goes on, so maybe I’m not too far in this conjecture?

And again, a final note harping about Togashi’s intentionally ridiculous costume design... because the gal’s beehive cap is just absurd. Dude really is just seeing what he can get away with.

Watch this episode, Big × Time × Interview " here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Marshal Victoryon Nov. 13, 2013 at 7:17 a.m.

Getn closer to where i left off . This one made me like Leorio Palladiknight as a character an not comic releif.

bigz007on Nov. 13, 2013 at 12:25 p.m.

Ponzu actually passed this part of exam in 1999 version of the series, and number plates were never shown (who got which one). The studio changed that in 2011 version. I guess they thought about it more and decided that there is no logical way for her to pass, considering the point system from those number plates. It was a plot hole.

I like Ponzu's design. She will have a small role in about 60-70 episodes, so don't forget about her...

After this part of the exam there is one part with escaping the island with storm on the way in 1999 version, the studio cut that part out in 2011 version. I don't know if it's a canon or not.

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