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American comic book writer Nick Tapalansky waxes philosophical on his early love of anime, the dark period in which he avoided it like the plague, and how FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST saved his nerdy life.

I stand before a towering Laputan robot from CASTLE IN THE SKY.
I stand before a towering Laputan robot from CASTLE IN THE SKY.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ever since I realized what show Nick's tattoo was paying tribute to, I've been hoping to have him write something for this site. Guy's an otaku from bone to flesh, and he's got plenty of perspectives to offer in what will hopefully be a regular column. Make him feel welcome.

Hi there. My name’s Nick Tapalansky, and I write comics for a living. I’m a self-professed nerd. You might even say I wear it on my sleeve (more on that later.) Today, I’m here to tell you just how FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST saved my nerdy life. Let’s get acquainted first, though...

A zombie-noir called AWAKENING was my first book (recently reprinted by Archaia Ent., purveyors of such fine titles as HYBRID BASTARDS! by your own Tom Pinchuk). My wife, Jackie Santiago, is a freelance American manga artist who's making waves in the sketch card world. I’ve got another book due out sometime next year. It's a supernatural teen romance that owes much to my other great loves: anime and manga.

Jackie's manga-tastic artwork.
Jackie's manga-tastic artwork.

All this is to give you an idea of just what I, an American comic writer, am doing here. Anime and manga, and Japan in general, is one of the common joys in my marriage. We marathon shows. We’re playing through a JRPG bucket list (just wrapped FINAL FANTASY X-2 last night and started PERSONA 3: FES). We honeymooned in Tokyo, braved torrential rain to reach EVANGELION WORLD at Fuji-Q Highland, and piled our bags high with swag from Akihabara.

We’re going back for two weeks this October with two of our friends, intent on acquiring more nerdery, culture, and ramen.

Beholding the EVA UNIT 01 with awe and fear.
Beholding the EVA UNIT 01 with awe and fear.

So to review, I write comics, love Japanese culture and media, and spend time with my wife watching anime and playing video games. But there was a skip in the record a few years ago. A near thing, when anime was just tossed off the table.

I’d seen it all, I thought. Like an old flame that had come around and broken my heart a few too many times, anime had started to feel almost TOO predictable. (And this was coming from a guy who, just a few years before, had sat through 508 episodes of DRAGON BALL through DBGT without complaining).

The Octopus Kingdom that was.
The Octopus Kingdom that was.

There was a time that every dollar I had was spent at Octopus Kingdom or Games and James in NYC. That was where you could get fansubbed VHS for $5 a pop. And these weren’t the crappy Suncoast-bought domestics (see that recent Vice Pit if you don’t remember those bleak days). Oh no, these had six, seven, sometimes as many as eight episodes a tape. It was a golden age, and I tried everything. YU YU HAKUSHO, PSYCHIC FORCE, RUROUNI KENSHIN, EVANGELION. And yeah, my favorites, DRAGON BALL and SAILOR MOON. It got to a point where I’d walk in and they’d just pack a bag for me and give me a price. I didn’t even know what was in them, a lot of the time. I had a wall of VHS in my room, and I loved it.

But somewhere in my senior year of high school I started to see redundant tropes. Maybe it was just me getting older. Maybe it was me getting deeper into American comics that were speaking more to my creative interests at the time. From SANDMAN to BONE, American comics were doing things that few anime series seemed willing to do - - they were testing me, challenging me, deviating from the tired tropes of yesteryear. I had grown up loving American comics but - - like anime circa 1998 - 2000 - - I felt it hit a rut in the early 90’s, right around when I met SAILOR MOON. Now, it was happening in reverse.

Octopus Kingdom closed. Anime hit the mainstream in a big way thanks to Toonami. And I was missing it, even if one or two of my friends still kept on with the love affair. When they recommended things for me to watch I’d smile and wave them off. I’d seen it all, hadn’t I?

Oh no. Oh no I hadn’t.

Ed and Al!
Ed and Al!

One night, on one of those amazing “order as many pizzas as they’ll deliver and guzzle a few liters of soda” nerd gatherings we all covet so much, I finally relented. My friend had been raving about some show he’d fallen in love with. I’d been out of the loop for a few years and was pretty amazed to find he had the complete series subtitled on DVD long before the first season hit domestic shores. Wonder of wonders. The show itself didn’t sound like anything special at first: some fantasy jaunt, brothers in search of a Philosopher’s Stone, blah blah blah. Whatever, put it on, I’m gonna read this comic and - -

Holy. Crap.

I brought the series home with me. I watched it as quickly as I could. Then re-watched it right away. It subverted all the tropes I’d grown weary of. It had real characters who broke molds. It was an adventure, a tragedy, a romance, a horror, a commentary on the power of the state and science vs. religion (a personal fave).

I could write a thesis on the portrayal of western religion in anime and FMA would fall right in as Exhibit B (Exhibit A, of course, is EVANGELION). It was sweet and funny and honest. It was the sort of story I would want to tell one day. Maybe I still will. It meant enough to me to put a piece of it on my body for the rest of my natural life, because above all else, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is a disarmingly human story. It resonates with me in a way that few stories in my life ever have.

And I want to remember that, always...!
And I want to remember that, always...!

So, yeah, FMA saved my nerdy life. Sure I was playing KINGDOM HEARTS at the time (another tattoo for another article). And yeah, okay, I’d already started writing comics (an admittedly nerdy pursuit). But without FMA I would’ve missed out on worlds of enjoyment and thought-provoking inspiration. I think I can honestly say that I’ve been more inspired by anime and manga than by American comics at this point. More importantly, watching FMA reminded me of some of the best times of my younger years. In a way it was like coming home again.

In my youth I’d watch anything if it came from Japan. Then I closed myself off, some kind of self-professed (idiot) expert who’d seen it all. Not long after watching FMA and starting to get back into the mix I met my wife. Coincidence? I think not.

Nowadays, thanks to being back on the scene and the power of Netflix, I watch anything if the animation is up to snuff. After FMA there’s been SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, MUSHI-SHI, SCI-FI HARRY, GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC, EDEN OF THE EAST. I moved backwards, forwards, and sideways. I’ve caught up on all the Miyazaki flicks I’d missed, like SPIRITED AWAY, one of my favorite movies, period. I’ve been surprised by OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, laughed at BAKA AND TEST, and positively rolled for HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD.

Brotherhood gave it another go.
Brotherhood gave it another go.

More recently there was, of course, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD. I don’t feel it’s an exaggeration to say it’s one of the finest serialized stories ever animated. A timeless series that appeals to most anyone. Maybe that’s why Toonami's still running it, two years after it wrapped up. It’s a wake-up call to people who, like me, had closed themselves off because they thought they’d seen it all.

It represents a new trend in anime, sticking closer to the manga on which it’s based and not being afraid to revisit something older to present it from a different angle. The recycling trend we all roll our eyes at in American media (largely because it seems to be done for a quick buck than for artistic merit) has been subverted by the Japanese and turned into something worth celebrating rather than reviling.

Like any creative medium, anime moves in cycles. To write something off for a perceived lull is not only foolish but self-defeating. That kind of elitism is an idiot’s prison, not a haughty pedestal. Anime is going to hit ruts, and yeah, some of it, maybe a lot of it, is going to be derivative. But if FMA is anything to go by I think we’ll all be inspired, and have lots of new and exciting shows to watch, for years to come. And going back to the motherland this October, you’d best believe I’m going to be on the lookout for the next big thing.

So what about you, Anime Vice community? Any of you ever walk away from anime in frustration, fists shaking at the screen? What show brought you back into the fold? What should I be looking for when I hit Akihabara? Hit me in the comments below!

Nick Tapalansky is an author of comics and other things, some of them nominated for awards and stuff. Read some comics for free at his website and find him on Twitter as @NickTapalansky.

Jonny_Anonymouson Sept. 4, 2012 at 4:46 p.m.
What got me in to Anime proper was Sword of the Stranger, oh man I love that film!! 
However I'v never seen any Fullmetal Alchemist, maybe thats something I'll have to remeday
FoxxFireArt moderator on Sept. 4, 2012 at 5:32 p.m.

I keep a pretty open mind in media. Sure things turn me off, but that doesn't turn me away from the media altogether. One More Day in SPIDER-MAN kept me from buying any more SPIDER-MAN comics, but that was just until Quesada was no longer EIC at Marvel. I wasn't turned off comics. I still love Fred Perry's GOLD DIGGER.

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is certainly a series I recommend to people. As I even pointed out to Tom a while back, the manga art looks fairly similar to the work of Joe MAD (Joe Madureira).

I really enjoyed HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD, but the level of fanservice may turn you off. BLACK LAGOON is a great mature series, and I always enjoy ONE PIECE. The way this manga sells in Japan is just insane.

Now, if you're going to Japan. I love DETECTIVE CONAN. The US publisher butchered the series in English when they white-washed the cast. You can only get the real story in Japan.


Look up FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD. This anime follows the canon story. The first anime series started with the manga story, but then went off in a really weird direction. FMA:B's first episode or two aren't fro the manga, but it quickly goes right into canon all the way to the end. They even arranged it so the manga and anime ended and nearly the same time.

FMA: B can be found for free on both YouTube (officially by FUNimation) and on HULU.

NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 4, 2012 at 7:37 p.m.


SWORD OF THE STRANGER is definitely on my "must watch" list. I saw pieces of it while I was signing at a comic shop in Philly last year and fell in love with the animation, though I'm sure the story is top notch too. It was done by Studio BONES, the guys and gals behind both FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST shows and tons of other good stuff (including another fave of mine, OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB).

Like FoxxFireArt said, track down FMA: Brotherhood however you can. I can't stress enough how amazing a show it is. If your brain isn't burning with joy and amazement by the time it's done, you may need medical attention.


One of my best friends and I shared an elevator with Joey the Q at San Diego Comic-Con right after One More Day hit. We had to fight some desperate urges to shake him profusely. Admittedly, post-One More Day SPIDER-MAN has a lot to love, especially once Dan Slott came on as regular writer. But yeah, it's REALLY hard to look past what was done to get to that point. I tend to follow the story peripherally now and enjoy the bits I do pick up, but I miss married Spidey (maybe because I'm married myself now and can identify better with that guy).

I totally dug HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD. The first episode turned me and the wife off at first, but we stuck with it and by the end of episode two we were hooked. The fanservice was gratuitous at first, but as soon as the series showed that it was self-aware with breast-jiggling sound effects we were committed. Fingers crossed for a second season.

You know I think FMA: B is just about perfect, but I have a real soft spot for that weird ol' FMA series and all of its Dante nonsense. It's the series that got me back into anime, introduced me to the FMA manga, and so on. I guess it's one of those things I can admire, warts and all, because it had a lot of heart. But you're right, it's totally weird.

I'll definitely check out BLACK LAGOON and DETECTIVE CONAN. ONE PIECE is something that seems like a huge investment, so I've always been shy about diving in. I'm just gonna have to get over it though because all I keep hearing is how good it is.

Thanks for the recs!

sora_thekey moderator on Sept. 4, 2012 at 9:29 p.m.
"Sure I was playing KINGDOM HEARTS at the time (another tattoo for another article)."

You sir, are awesome!

Rxanaduon Sept. 4, 2012 at 10:01 p.m.

If we're talking about what brought me to this website, I guess my reason would be for Tom's coverage of GURREN LAGAN in his Watch & Learn segments. I had heard about the show but was turned off from watching it due to the fandom surrounding it (This is also the main reason I don't watch shows like NARUTO and ONE PIECE). What was different about his coverage, however, was Tom tended to bring his knowledge from other experiences of his life to the discussion (more on that later).

This was enough for me to use one of the links he put after the articles to watch the show on FUNimation's official YT channel all the way through. Actually, until that point, I had been watching shows via illegitimate streaming sites, unaware that other sources were available for me to watch anime quickly and legally. So, thanks to Tom, I was able to start learning about more reputable online services to watch shows.

The show that had me stick with Tom through these years, however, was his coverage on The Tatami Galaxy. Every episode was another chance to learn more about Tom's college years as they may have correlated to the events surrounding the unnamed protagonist of the series. It also marked the second anime series that struck me personally, the first being WELCOME TO THE NHK. That story is for another day, unfortunately.

As far as anime I would recommend, I'd suggest HAIBANE RENMEI, THE FUTURE DIARY, (maybe) TORADORA, (definitely) WELCOME TO THE NHK, THE TATAMI GALAXY, and (last, but not least) Naoki Urasawa's MONSTER. Best thing about all of them is that they're all on Hulu free of charge.

Speaking of free stuff on Hulu: SWORD OF THE STRANGER, JIN-ROH, and OBLIVION ISLAND are all available there, as well.

P.S. Just throwing it out there, but AMERICAN POP is on there, too.

AgentJon Sept. 5, 2012 at 1:16 a.m.

That devotion you hold to Fullmetal Alchemist is similar to what I have for Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. Certainly not as big a name, but that human element is a common thread, perhaps even more strongly in the latter. Also excellent is the under-appreciated anime adaptation of The Count of Monte Christo.

FoxxFireArt moderator on Sept. 5, 2012 at 3:48 a.m.


Might as well uncross those fingers regarding HOTD. The manga has been on an indefinite hiatus for a few years now. I have no idea what Daisuke Sato is writing now - if anything - , but Shoji Sato is drawing and writing his own series now, TRIAGE X (Imagine WANTED but with interesting characters.). I can't image they would do another anime series since the first one contained most of volumes 1-4, and there are currently 7 volumes before it suddenly stopped.

In HOTD, did you know in the manga the scene of Saeko and Takashi at the shrine didn't happen until after they left Saya's home, and the anime cut out a great chapter about Rika Minami and her partner at the airport? I like Saeko so much more than Rei.

As far as ONE PIECE. Remember that this is also a wiki database site. You can quickly learn about characters on here and drop in anywhere you'd like. I could suggest Volume 61, where the time skip starts. However, I also love the Thriller Bark Arc. If you've been to Japan, I'm sure you have an idea of how big it is there. The manga volumes often sell more than 2 million units in under a week. Tell me the comic publisher that wouldn't kill for those numbers on anything?

NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 5, 2012 at 6:01 a.m.


Haha! Thanks, man. It's funny, I forget about the tattoos sometimes because I'm just sorta used to them (I have one on each forearm) and every once in a while I'll get spotted for them in, like, the supermarket or someplace unexpected, which is TOTALLY RAD (NES shoutout!). Shows just how well Japanese media has penetrated the American market at this point. Gotta love it.


Yeah, Tom's a great dude. We've been pals for years and I'm really excited that we share so much nerdery in common, from American comics to manga, anime, and video games. We both make our living in the American comic world too, a fun, mystical, and sometimes terrifying space to be sure.

Thanks for all of the awesome suggestions. I hear you about the advent of all these legal anime sources. Like I said in the article, back in the day I used to pick all my stuff up from Chinatown as copied fansubs. It's amazing to me to be able to get access to so many shows that never would've been localized fifteen years ago. And not just on DVD/Blu-Ray but to stream it, sometimes days after it airs in Japan, and legally? Insanity. But insanity I love.


GANKUTSUOU is on my Netflix instant queue, been meaning to settle in and watch it for years. I absolutely love the character and set designs. I'll give it a whirl after I wrap up BAKA AND TEST.

Now... Where can I find more of this BECK you speak of? I keep hearing about it peripherally and it's probably high time I track it down.


GUH. I'm gonna try to hold out hope anyway - if Sadamoto can keep going on the EVANGELION manga after 18 years, maybe the HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD team can pull it together...

I'm with you on Saeko vs. Rei for sure. Rei hasn't really given us much reason to like her, at least in the TV series. Any difference in characterization in the manga or is it just plot beats that are different?

In the interim, while waiting patiently for HOTD news that may never come, I'll take a look for TRIAGE X since I dig the artwork I've seen from the HOTD manga. Thanks for the suggestion!

As for ONE PIECE, I'm sort of a ridiculous completest and if I'm gonna dive in it'll be all the way, starting from the beginning. I haven't watched a truly long format show in years - the last one being FMA: B coming in at a paltry 64 episodes. I think I wore myself out between 200 eps of SAILOR MOON and 508 (plus movies) of DRAGON BALL related insanity when I was a lad. I suppose I have to bite the bullet sometime though, and more of these long format shows keep piling up in my "gotta check it out" list.

You're right about it being huge in Japan, though! Forgoing sales numbers (which are just amazing and jealousy inducing) the amount of tie-in merchandise everywhere is insane.

AgentJon Sept. 5, 2012 at 12:14 p.m.

@NickTapalansky: To my own shock and dismay, it is streaming for free on Hulu. I of course would recommend buying the series (only 22 dollars on Rightstuf) but if you want to see it first, make sure you watch the top-notch dub instead of the also good subs.

Don't feel bad if you searched and couldn't find it. Funimation dropped the "BECK" from the title a year ago, and all the retailers followed suit. Supposedly because there's an actual band named BECK that thought they were big enough to have a claim to the name or something.

AgentJon Sept. 5, 2012 at 12:30 p.m.

By the way, forgot to comment on it before, but isn't that Ghibli museum the best? I was lucky enough to visit about... wow... four years ago? The Laputa robot was certainly a highlight.

NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 5, 2012 at 12:59 p.m.


Nice! For $22 I certainly don't think I can go wrong. I'll test an ep or two on Hulu first, but many thanks for the Rightstuf linkage. I always forget to check on there...

@AgentJ said:

Don't feel bad if you searched and couldn't find it. Funimation dropped the "BECK" from the title a year ago, and all the retailers followed suit. Supposedly because there's an actual band named BECK that thought they were big enough to have a claim to the name or something.

Haha! I actually like BECK (the band/guy)! Amongst tons of other stuff, he also wrote all of the Sex-Bomb-omb songs for the SCOTT PILGRIM flick. He's popular enough that it might've been in Funi's best interest to make the drop, though I hate when stuff like that happens.

And yeah, that Ghibli museum is FANTASTIC. We already bought our tickets to go back in October and I can't wait. The place is beautiful and I'm stoked to see another of the exclusive short films.

Jonny_Anonymouson Sept. 5, 2012 at 1:55 p.m.
@FoxxFireArt@NickTapalansky: I'll be sure to check out FMA: Brotherhood ASAP (once I get a grip of my internet connection speed that is) Oh and the story is Sword of the Stranger is amazing and heart braking 
FoxxFireArt moderator on Sept. 5, 2012 at 2:21 p.m.


I also enjoy Shoji Sato's artwork. He also does a lot of ero-manga work under the name Inazuma. That shouldn't be surprising seeing how much detail he puts into his women.

TRIAGE X is going to be starting publishing in the US this October. I own all of the HOTD manga volumes. There are five volumes currently out in Japan.

Rei is just not a very sympathetic character. The manga and anime of HOTD are an almost exact adaptation with a minor continuity changes. As I said, that moment between Saeko and Takashi at the shrine together didn't happen in the manga until after they left Saya's home. I can understand why they moved it in the anime. Better to leave the story of the anime with a big escape/action scene than a touching moment between two characters.

After their moment at the shrine, Saeko has become more assertive in her desire for Takashi. Saeko was hesitant at first, but she's started to more boldly use Takashi's given name without an honorific in front of the group. Something Rei took notice of right away.

If you're a HOTD fan, you should look for HIGHSCHOOL OF THE HEAD. It's an official parody manga of the HOTD cast. It's not drawn by Shoji Sato, but from what little I've seen, it looks pretty funny.

If you like the PERSONA series, you should really check out PERSONA 4. I would love to buy PERSONA 4 GOLDEN, but I don't want to buy a Vita just for that. The anime they produced based off it was incredible.

Rxanaduon Sept. 5, 2012 at 4:45 p.m.

@AgentJ said:

Don't feel bad if you searched and couldn't find it. Funimation dropped the "BECK" from the title a year ago, and all the retailers followed suit. Supposedly because there's an actual band named BECK that thought they were big enough to have a claim to the name or something.

I thought that was just a funny plot point in the series, when the band's album was being released in America. Well, either way, I'm surprised the "BECK" wasn't dropped from the get-go.

NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 5, 2012 at 8:39 p.m.


Good man! You won't regret it, super swear. Arakawa's story and Studio BONES animation are kind of awesome and unbeatable together.


Thanks for the Sato info. I'll be sure to check out TRIAGE X when it hits next month. Still a shame about HOTD being on hiatus, but life happens. Like the poor mangaka behind NANA who's still ill, I think, which is what's keeping her from completing that series. I enjoyed the over-the-top soap opera of the anime up until the end,


but you could tell the team behind the show were searching for an ambiguous way to wrap up without treading on the unfinished manga. I'd be interested in seeing how it comes together for her if she gets a chance to go back to it.

And yeah, really digging Persona 3: FES so far. Persona 4 officially made our JRPG Bucket List the other day as a result. I'm with you though - there's nothing really compelling on the Vita for me just yet. I'm already cheesed enough that I have to consider buying a 3DS for Kingdom Hearts - I'm not dropping more cash on ANOTHER portable. Especially since most of my gaming is console based. I rarely pick up my portables unless it's for specific games, and then they go back in a box when the games are done.


Ha! How meta! Maybe that WAS the plan...? I'll have to watch the show and find out!

AgentJon Sept. 5, 2012 at 11:42 p.m.

@Rxanadu said:

@AgentJ said:

Don't feel bad if you searched and couldn't find it. Funimation dropped the "BECK" from the title a year ago, and all the retailers followed suit. Supposedly because there's an actual band named BECK that thought they were big enough to have a claim to the name or something.

I thought that was just a funny plot point in the series, when the band's album was being released in America. Well, either way, I'm surprised the "BECK" wasn't dropped from the get-go.

I wish that had been the case, but if you follow the link to Rightstuf, neither the website listing nor the dvd packaging says BECK. I think I have the only two versions that do (yes, I love it so much I have two different iterations). The amp-shaped box set and the thinpack collection. It is kind of ironic that the band also has to change their name to try to get into the American market.

@NickTapalansky: To clarify, I was only being dismissive of the live BECK as a joke (though truthfully I don't know much about the band beyond the aforementioned Scott Pilgrim music). Maybe that was already apparent, but regardless... (As for your portable conundrum, I would really recommend the 3DS, specifically because PHOENIX WRIGHT TIMES TWO!!!!!!!!)

sotyfan16on Sept. 6, 2012 at 2:27 a.m.

I need to finish Beck but it's pretty good. I also second 's suggestion of Black Lagoon. The first 2 eps are on FUNi's YouTube channel in sub but a new boxset is coming out soon for a good price on RightStuf and I highly recommend getting it and watching the dub as it's one of the best I've ever heard.

You have a great story and props for getting the ink. I've thought of getting some anime/manga inspired tats myself but haven't gotten serious about it. I'm glad you've been taking advantage of what is on Netflix since there are some good series on there (for those wondering, FMA: B is on there but only eps 1-39). I didn't have the falling out with anime that you did but I did write a paper back in college about how it had affected my life. Take a look here.

I'd also suggest seeing Death Note, Code Geass, Steins;Gate, and Summer Wars (to name a few). Depending on your interests I could also suggest some good manga.

I'm glad to hear you didn't give up on anime though and FMA is certainly one that can renew interest. Plus, the franchise is a good introduction to the medium.

NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 6, 2012 at 5:50 a.m.


Yeah, the wife also wants the 3DS so that'll probably win. You know, I've never actually played a Phoenix Wright game... Something I should do, huh?


Thanks, man! The ink came in 2005, shortly after finishing watching the series for the second time and being compelled to remember it. The Kingdom Hearts tattoo came a bit earlier. I don't have any others yet, but I'm sure I will. Just waiting for something to compel me the way those stories did so I don't regret it (for the record, seven years and a marriage later, the tattoos are still good decisions, so I wanna keep up the streak).

I haven't seen DEATH NOTE, but I did read the manga in full (and watched the live action films). I've got SUMMER WARS on the ol' Amazon wishlist too. CODE GEASS and STEINS;GATE, however are new to me. Just read the link on SG and it sounds pretty awesome! Something you think I should buy or is it streaming somewhere convenient?

As to FMA as an introduction or renewal spark, one of my best friends, who happens to be coming to Japan with me in October, just started watching Brotherhood for the first time. He, like me, grew up loving anime but in his case apathy pulled him away rather than an outright "I've seen it all" attitude like mine, so he hasn't watched much anime in the last decade. Now though, years later, it's like he never left the fold, so to speak. He's hooked and happy. Thanks FMA!

Jonny_Anonymouson Sept. 6, 2012 at 1:46 p.m.
@FoxxFireArt@NickTapalansky: Ok, first two episodes of FMA: Brotherhood watched...... addicted 
NickTapalansky staff on Sept. 6, 2012 at 1:49 p.m.


BOOM! Got another one, guys!

Glad you dug it so far. Keep up, it only gets better.

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