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FAIRY TAIL "Review-a-Rito" Contest Winners!

Who used grande creativity to express their love of this shonen in the terms of a burrito? Watch the video to hear the winners!

A few weeks back, we challenged you lunatics to express your love of FAIRY TAIL in... unusual terms. As the video above demonstrates, we were thoroughly impressed with entrants' creativity. The winners will all be receiving some grande FAIRY TAIL swag for their efforts, courtesy of the fine folks at FUNimation!


First off, we start with a warm, fluffy multi-grain tortilla that represents the show's animation. Inside of the tortilla, we have a large helping of sweet and spicy orange chicken, representing the overall story of Fairy Tail.

For this specific burrito, the cook must steal potato chips from Light Yagami's house to create the right sense of intrigue. Lucy? I would categorize her as the melty nacho cheese that holds the ingredients together from the top.


The good… Spicy!

The not-so-good… Bitter!

Miscellanea like Music and Animation… Just Needs More Seasoning and Flavor

The Tortilla part in the burrito is what holds the ingredients together. Newcomers will enjoy Fairy Tail if they like the simplistic characters, a bit of fan service, and light hearted fun.


Fairy Tail is the type of anime series that incorporates a variety of flavors in order to make the show fresh, distinctive, and ultimately satisfying.

Other ingredients would consist of Queso Quesadilla (Lucy Heartfilia), Queso Chihuahua (Lucy Ashley), scrambled eggs (Nichiya), lettuce (Gray Fullbuster), tomatoes (Lyon Vastia), tomatillo salsa (Minerva Orlando), pico de gallo (Sting Eucliffe) onions (Rogue Cheney) sour cream (Kagura Mikazuchi), potatoes (Laxus Dreyar) salt (Mavis Vermilion), pepper (Gajeel Redfox), garlic (Flare Corona), cilantro (Walrod Cken) and guacamole (Happy).


"A Fairy Tale Burrito? It’s a multi-layered concoction that starts with the classics - a layer of bean, a layer of rice - traditional themes and flavors common in other anime burritos, but classic for a reason. They work. They’re delicious, especially in combination. But they aren’t enough on their own, no sir. Fairy Tale adds delectable character to the burrito; layers of vegetables both sharp and fresh. Juicy Lucy tomatoes, hot Natsu peppers, Cool Gray lettuce - they taste great and they’re great for you. Double win.


Fairy Tails’ sauce tempts you to take the next bite. While initially hesitant to delve any further than the first few crunchy bites, the sumptuous and, dare I say, tangy body of the first episode carries you from being a passerby into a frequent customer and consumer of this popular anime.

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takashichea moderator is online on March 13, 2014 at 4:47 p.m.

I need to work on my reviews. Vapovile was a natural writer. He engages with the reader better than me. His review was more entertaining to read.


I wish I had links to read the full reviews of those other guys. I never saw these guys on Anime Vice.

  • Lindo's review sounds crazy, Happy as guacamole. I love Lindo's review.
  • Lewis Harding's review describing Lucy as tomatoes was interesting. Melons, Peaches, and now tomatos for describing boobs. Unless I'm reading it wrong.
  • Gray gets associated with lettuce twice. I see Gray as ... something cold. Dang, I don't know what ingredient in a burrito that acts like a cold mint or something.
Vapovile moderator is online on March 13, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

Aaaah! I can't believe that my username is front and center on the video thumbnail :D. Thanks for organizing this contest Tom, Sam, and Funimation, it was a blast discovering this show. Though you did get my username right in the video, in the choice tastes description here you guys have me listed as "Vapoville" :p. It's alright though.

So did the last 3 winners submit their reviews via the Facebook fan page? I ask because I only ever saw Taka and myself's reviews on AV at least. They were still great reviews though!

Just as a side note, I don't get it when people compare Gray to tomatoes or lettuce, since in my view he is just as hot-blooded as Natsu. Erza would be more like the tomatoes, as she is both cool and sweet at just the right times.

@takashichea: Your review was still great Taka! We all won prizes here, so you should be proud of your review. Personally, I didn't want to read it just because you reviewed a later chapter and I don't want to be spoiled, but I am sure you did a great job.

takashichea moderator is online on March 14, 2014 at 7:37 p.m.


Sorry for the late reply. I usually reply back. Thanks for the correction. I thought you won because of the thumbnail. I forgot to watch the vid. I was reading the review in the spoiler tag for some reason. Yeah, I didn't see the other guys' review. I think they're are on Facebook. I thought we're supposed to post our reviews both on Anime Vice and a link to Face Book.

Erza is definitely tomatoes. I still like your Happy Candy bacon.

Lindoon March 16, 2014 at 3:31 p.m.

Thank you Takashichea for your kind feedback. Everyone did well. Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to submit my review on AV. Instead, I published it on Tumblr and posted it on the Fairy Tail Facebook page. The title is "Burrito Tail" if you're interested in viewing it.

takashichea moderator is online on March 16, 2014 at 3:35 p.m.


Oh yeah, we had a problem with the E-mail sign up verification because of our sister site, Screened, was shutting down as of March 14, 2014. That's why the E-mails don't work during that period. It was sad to see it go.

Thank you for the link. I will read it. It's great to see more folks participating.


You call me Taka for short or Kerry, my real name.

takashichea moderator is online on March 16, 2014 at 3:41 p.m.


I wish I had a TUMBLR account to comment. I like how you did a bit of role playing with MENU section and introducing the main course:

  • Natsu - Habanero Hot Sauce - Nice one!
  • Erza - steak
  • Mirajane - soft chicken - Great, I remember she was full of angst and rage back then with Erza. Now, she is all sweet and tender.

The whole review makes me feel like a customer. That was an engaging read. I had fun reading it. I was never a burrito fan, but I learned a lot about burritos from you and Vapovile. I should eat out more and hit the restaurants.

Any particular burrito you want to suggest to our community?

Lindoon March 16, 2014 at 4:14 p.m.

I greatly appreciate your feedback towards my review, Kerry. My main goal was to make the article as distinctive as possible, yet very fun and engaging. Later after I finished the review, I ordered a burrito and the Line Server asked if I would like chicken, and I almost replied "I'd like an Erza, instead", which caught me off guard.

Like you, I don't eat out a lot. I prefer home made meals, instead. Because of such, I don't have a particular burrito to recommend. However, any burrito that contains Igneel (spanish rice), Erza (steak), Gildarts (pinto beans,) and Happy (guacamole), is usually pretty amazing.

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Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

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