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DE CAPO III #1 - - Special Review

Let's just hold this image in our head and smile, all right?

Sometimes, I wonder if we’d be better off if all these shows about after-school high school club were actually just about the same characters. Archie gets by just fine, putting out however many comics simultaneously starring Betty, Veronica and Jughead, et al - - why can’t these animation studios just make things simpler for us and fess up to how they really are just using the same personality tropes, over and over again?

Yeah yeah… one can say the same thing of any genre, or of all stories in general. All the same, it is a lot easier to differentiate one show’s blue fox spirit from another show’s red fox spirit than it is to... say... say how the blonde tsudende in a sailor outfit in one show is different from the brunette tsundere in a sailor outfit in another show.

There are certainly great shows in this genre, but this is unfortunately another iteration where I’m having the hardest time recalling what happened in the pilot even just minutes after I watched it. It's like so much sleep flaking off my mind's eye.

Maybe it’s just confusingly staged? We jump around in time, and there’s some intrigue about a magic sakura tree that’s blooming after years of dormancy. Somehow that factors into a rivalry with another club, and… and…

Well, things get hazy after that point, and I really do feel like I’ve seen this shwo before.

The central image of the sakura tree in full bloom is mighty pretty, though. I’m not stone-hearted enough to not give DE CAPO III that, at the least.

Watch this episode, “Cherry Blossoms Bloom" here and decide for yourself.

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metalsnakezeroon Feb. 11, 2013 at 5:03 p.m.

Here this about De Capo 3, it is not good.

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