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Battle Royal: Amuro vs. Heero

The winner is the one with the red shell.

When two amazing Gundam pilots battle each other it usually comes down to the weapons, armor, and special features of the actual robot and not the pilot themselves. That sucks, because the Gundam anime was created to take the emphasis off the robots, and onto the people who control them. So how about we throw away these giant robots and put two interesting pilots in something a little more fun.

Who would win in a Mario Kart Race, Amuro Ray from the Original Gundam, or Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing?

Rainbow Road 
Rainbow Road 


The rules for Mario Kart are simple. First you have to work for Nintendo, which I guess means we are already going to be breaking rule number one, but whatever. Second, each race has three laps, and for this race the only place that matters is the number one spot. Third, items will be allowed just like in the game, so this will not be a 100% race based on skill; there needs to be a little spice to make it interesting. Finally, there will be no other people participating in this race other than Amuro and Heero.


Of course this epic match won’t be played on a boring course found in the Mushroom Cup. No, these are Gundam pilots, they naturally do battle in space! So this match will be fought on Rainbow Road, the final track in every Mario Kart game to date. Here there are no guard rails, insane hairpin turns, and the occasional loose Chain Chomp.

Amuro Ray 

Amuro is the main character from the original Gundam anime. He is the hero of the One Year War, and helped save the Earth from Char’s Counterattack years later. He just so happens to be the next evolved form of man, named Newtype. Newtypes have a heightened mental awareness, and the ability to use basic ESP powers.

Regardless, Amuro is a genius at using technology; for example he was able to start up a Gundam and defeat two attacking Zaku on his first try. For this race, we will use the Amuro from after the original series. At this point he is a seasoned and skilled pilot, able to hold his own, even with a headless Gundam. Dispite his skill, Amuro can sometimes be overemotional, which can put him at a disadvantage on the battle field.

Heero Yuy 

Unlike Amuro, Heero was raised as a killer. Not much is known about his past, except that he was an assassin before becoming a Gundam pilot. Because of this Heero is seen as being emotionless. This is not always a bad thing because he can keep a calm mind while in the thick of battle.  
Heero is a professional; he does his homework before missions, and will do whatever it will take to make it successful, unlike Amuro who is more spontaneous. However, when things go bad, Heero has a tendency to self destruct his vehicle. We will use the Heero from after the original series.

The Battle 

Amuro, confident that he will win, is taken aback when Heero peels away when the light turns green. Heero was prepared, like he always is, and looked up how to do the start boost on gamefaqs. However, this lead will short and sweet because an item box will be sure to give him an item that Amuro can use to strip Heero from first place. I suspect that both are so talented at firing weapons that each time someone gets an item, their places will switch. They will constantly switch back and forth throughout the first and second lap, but the third will be different. By this time both will have a true handle on their carts, and know exactly how each item works. The winner will be the one that learns the fastest, and makes use of any advantage given to him.

The Winner 

Let’s face it, the Gundams in Gundam Wing were built a lot stronger than the ones in the original. Heero was used to soaking up tons of damage with the Wing, instead of dodging. While Amuro on the other hand had to dodge almost every attack, or else he would die. With that said I believe Amuro will be the winner because of his ability to dodge Heero’s attacks.

Throughout the fight Amuro will learn how to use the items. By the third lap he will be able to attack Heero from first place. How does he do this? By using his Newtype powers to control a shell like a fin funnel. With the right shot he would be able to hit Heero while he is turning and force him to fall from the Rainbow Road, throwing away any hope for victory.
Ryuku_Ryosakeon June 4, 2010 at 4:17 p.m.
@hitsusatsu11: Breaking your characters just for plot. Then the show is just plain bad then.
hitsusatsu11on June 4, 2010 at 4:20 p.m.
@Ryuku_Ryosake: Ya, like MSG doesn't do that. At least they never had to make a detour to get salt.
Charagonon June 4, 2010 at 10:31 p.m.
In a single round of Mario Kart I have to side with Heero.
He's going to take one look at the course map, memorize every turn and straightaway, and calculate the fastest and most efficient route before the light even turns green.
Amuro's Newtype abilities will keep him on the road and will allow him to avoid any banana peels dropped along the way, but ultimately he's just not going to be able to keep up.
CharredKnighton June 5, 2010 at 1:25 a.m.

Amuro, primarly due to the fact that Heero is an idiot.  By episode 10 his already killed the pacifist leaders of Earth.  Also Heero's strategy is mainly sitting steal and hoping the armor protects him.  Amuro is a little bit better than a robot.
HeeroYuyon June 5, 2010 at 9:26 a.m.
@hitsusatsu11: Hildreth was good and all, it's just I blame his performance for why the English speaking world thinks that Heero has no emotions. Midorikawa on the other hand made it apparent that Heero could be spooked and care (albeit only a little) about others.
@Ryuku_Ryosake: You do realize that Tomino's nickname is "Kill 'em all Tomino" right? He kills off characters all the time, usually just so he doesn't have to worry about ever dealing with them again or make sequels.

Dig Deeper into Heero Yuy

Arguably the main character of Gundam Wing, he is one of the original five Gundam pilots and pilots the Wing Gundam and Wing Gundam Zero. Despite his young age, he is a trained professional with little emotion and extensive knowledge and piloting experience.

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