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AV MOD MATERIAL: Quick Picks - 09/13/12

Can your day be complete without anime? Nope. Let us tell you what to watch/read!

This week on Anime Vice's Quick Picks we have an assorted collection various anime, manga and video games. From your regular werewolves to the franchise classics. You have loads to pick from...

DBZ/Sailor Moon
DBZ/Sailor Moon

takashichea's Picks: Due to the recent editorial written by Nick about Sailor Moon, I wanted to check out the manga series. An anime series I'm familiar and I had a good time watching with from my childhood. That, along Dragon Ball Z, which by the way, season 3 DVD of DBZ's looks awesome!

The epic showdown between Goku and Frieza reaches its climax as planet Namek crumbles beneath their feet! In the aftermath of battle, neither fighter is anywhere to be found, but Earth's few remaining heroes have much bigger problems. A mysterious and powerful stranger known only as Trunks arrives from the future with a warning: the Androids are coming, they take no prisoners, and even Goku - wherever he may be - is no match for their kind!
Contains episodes 53-77.
Spice and Wolf
Spice and Wolf

Bighearts711's Picks: My pick this week is Spice and Wolf. At first I thought the series wouldn't be much, but as I dug deeper into it, the story became more entertaining. Holo's antics and relationship with Lawrence was the focus of the series for me in the anime as well as the manga.

Lawrence, a traveling merchant searching for profit, finds a naked girl with the ears and tail of a wolf asleep in his cart. Her name is Holo, a harvest goddess with an untamed beast lurking inside who longs to return to her beloved northern home. Armed with his street smarts and her animal instincts, the simple peddler and forgotten deity begin a journey through the wild countryside. Along their path, the riches of happiness shall be reaped even as the bankruptcy which dwells in the human heart is exposed.
Contains episodes 1-13 of season one and episodes 00-12 of season two.

Also, my heart goes out to those still reeling from the 9/11 incident in the US.

Cluster Edge
Cluster Edge

sora_thekey's Picks: Unlike my co-authors here, I'm going to pick an anime that I am not familiar with: Cluster Edge. I read the premise for this series and it reminded me of a combination of A Certain Scientific Railgun and Library Wars. These are two franchises I really enjoy so I might enjoy this one too.

Cluster Edge Academy isn't just any school, it's THE school, where the offspring of the elite come together to prepare for their roles running a world where artificial soldiers and religious sects are major factors in the battle for total control. That may be why new transfer student Agate Fluorite doesn't quite seem to fit in. It's not just that Agate's enthusiastic attitude stands out among the somber, brooding balance of the student body. There's something about him that demands notice, even from jaded honor students like Beryl Jasper, and from the moment of arrival he's been at the center of a series of mysteries that not even Agate understands.
Agate's not just another student, he's part of a something so momentous and dangerous that the world that built Cluster Edge may not survive its passing. It may take a miracle to survive the deadly forces already in motion against him, but Agate mmight just be able to produce one!
Contains episodes 1-12.

Is there something that caught your eye this week?

Anime Releases

ImageTitle (Format)CompanySRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Bleach (DVD Box Set 14)Viz Media$49.95$34.99$29.999/11/12
Cluster Edge (DVD Collection 1)Sentai Filmworks$49.98$44.99$37.499/11/12
DragonBall Z Kai (Season 3, DVD andBlu-Ray)FUNimationBD: $54.98
DVD: $49.98
BD: $39.31
DVD: $34.99
BD: $32.99
DVD: $29.99
Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up (Full Series, DVD/BR Premium Edition)NIS America$69.99$55.99$51.999/11/12

Kanokon: The Girl who Cried Fox(DVD, Full Series and OVA)

Media Blasters$39.99$29.99$23.999/11/12
Spice and Wolf (Full Series, DVD/BR Combo Pack)FUNimation$64.98$45.32$38.999/11/12
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie (DVD Seasons 1-2 Reprint)Sentai Filmworks$49.98N/A$29.999/11/12

Manga Releases

ImageName & VolumePublisherSRPAmazon.comRightStuf.comRelease Date
Arata: The Legend Vol. 11Viz Media$9.99$9.99$7.499/11/12
Attack on Titan Vol. 2Kodansha$10.99$6.00$8.249/11/12
Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 20Viz Media$9.99$9.99$7.499/11/12
His Favorite Vol. 1Sublime$12.99$10.39$9.749/11/12
House of Five Leaves Vol. 8Viz Media$12.99$10.39$9.749/11/12
Loveless Vol. 9Viz Media$9.99$9.99$7.499/11/12

Sailor Moon Vol 7


Video Games of Interest

ImageNameConsole(s)Company/iesSRPGameStop.comAmazon.comRelease Date
Tekken Tag Tournament 2Playstation 3
Xbox 360
Namco Bandai GamesPS3: $59.99
X360: $59.99
PS3: $59.99
X360: $59.99
PS3: $59.96
X360: $59.96

Sources: / / / /

-- Geo (sora_thekey) 24/7 geek! -- Follow me on Twitter: @Geo_sorathekey ~ Bigheart711: The anime fan beneath the blue roses! -- Twitter: @MasterMenos ~ Taka (takashichea), your friendly neighborhood wiki editor. -- Twitter:@Takashichea

Jonny_Anonymouson Sept. 13, 2012 at 12:23 p.m.

Spice and Wolf sounds cool as does Cluster Edge, sounds very Morning Glories. Count me in for both

Bigheart711on Sept. 13, 2012 at 2:22 p.m.

Nice job, everyone! :) I thought this one turned out excellent, even though I wanted Dan as an special guest just so he can rave about Tekken Tag Tournament 2 this week. I was thinking about getting it as a birthday gift this year too. <3

Daniel_Newton moderator on Sept. 13, 2012 at 2:38 p.m.

Great post guys, there's plenty of interesting releases this week. I remember checking Kanokon out a while back but I didn't get very far into it, I'll have to take another look at it some time.

Sorry I didn't do my bit, I didn't realise this needed to be posted right away. Tekken Tag isn't out until tomorrow in the UK anyway, so I don't have my hands on it just yet. Judging by Jeff's review over on Giant Bomb and what I've heard and seen about the game though, I think it's fairly easy to recommend it to any fighting game fan and it's a must have for any Tekken fan, regardless of the last Tekken game you enjoyed.

sora_thekey moderator on Sept. 13, 2012 at 4:19 p.m.

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Spice and Wolf sounds cool as does Cluster Edge, sounds very Morning Glories. Count me in for both

OMG! Comparing it to Morning Glories just made me want to watch the anime even more! I love MG!!!

@Daniel_Newton: @Bigheart711: I'm sorry but we were already a day late with the article. Still would like to hear your opinion on the game once you get your hands on it Dan.

takashichea moderator on Sept. 13, 2012 at 4:35 p.m.

@Bigheart711: @sora_thekey: @Daniel_Newton:

No guys, it was my fault for the delay.

Tuesdays and Thursday are my long days. I hardly get any breaks. I wish I can do the manga tables on Monday, but the list of volumes is out on Tuesday.

Besides that, I should try out Spice and Wolf if I get the time. I haven't tried Tekken since I only own Nintendo consoles with the recent addition of the PS2 last winter break.

That Sailor Moon and Piccolo fan art looks great!

sora_thekey moderator on Sept. 14, 2012 at 4:39 a.m.

@takashichea said:

That Sailor Moon and Piccolo fan art looks great!

I thought you'd like it! :)

Bigheart711on Sept. 14, 2012 at 5:08 p.m.

@sora_thekey: @takashichea: Understood. Our schedules can make things tough at times, but we definitely won't be counted out when it comes to working together ever since the QP's revival.

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