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This s*** just got surreal.

It's hip to be cubist!
It's hip to be cubist!

Nami and the gang are in a pinch at the Thousand Sunny, Luffy has made a new friend at Corrida Colosseum, and Bartolomeo has a grudge against Luffy that runs deep.

The Good

Nobody hurts Lucy's Moocy.
Nobody hurts Lucy's Moocy.

If you thought things couldn't get any weirder than living toys having children with humans, ONE PIECEhas just brought the crazy sauce to spice things up a notch. BAM! Some criticize ONE PIECE for having the more cartoonish art direction of the Shonen Trilogy, but it's that style that allows Oda to get away with such zany character designs and powers. Poeple can accept that the devil fruits do the most bizarre things as a way of life. It nurtures the audience's suspension of disbelief, and it allowed the creator to truly craft his own world.

I would say that Nami has been having zero lucky in the New World. She spent half of the previous adventure trapped in another man's body. Now she's been warped into a living work of surrealist sculpture. It all harkens back to her fight with Kalifa. Here's hoping she figures a way out of this quickly. This could get annoying in large chunks.

Will Bellamy jump at this opportunity?
Will Bellamy jump at this opportunity?

I've been intrigued by Oda bringing Bellamy back into the mix, then I was shocked that I found myself cheering him on. I had pondered on what this was leading to, and now we know. It's all being developed in a drama of moral dilemma. He has every reason to accept this assassination job, but is he still the kind of man who would kill the person who cheered him on? A few months ago, I would have said there was no doubt, but now I'm not so sure.

The Bad

The ever obnoxious Bartolomeo drops in and appears to suggest to Cavendish that his grudge with Luffy runs deep. Literally the first thing frantically running through my head was "Please, don't be Sabo. Please, don't be Sabo.". I doubt it'll go down that path, but now we're all left wondering who from Luffy's past this heel could be. I bet the uber fans are already combing through all 700+ backlog chapters trying to spot anyone who looks even remotely like this dude.

Verdict 4/5

Looks like it's back to the tournament.
Looks like it's back to the tournament.

This chapter goes to reinforce that ONE PIECE has to be one of the better constructed worlds made of of random craziness ever to be conceived. How does a sober mind come up with such avant garde concepts each arc that connect so perfectly? Much like modern art, you'll only see craziness up close. Take a few steps back, and you'll start to see the full picture.

I'd be remiss to review this chapter and not touch on the color work. It's so rare that we ever get a full color chapter. In fact, this may be the first for the full issue. This was much better than we saw inNARUTO. More care was given to depth and shading. I wouldn't want this every week, but I liked it.

About the Author

Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek. Follow for news updates: @AnimeVicers / @FoxxFireArt

Jinbeifan1on July 19, 2013 at 10:34 p.m.

dude i was thinking the same thing "this faggot better not be sabo" XD but ive been thinking back and trying to find any villains that luffy has fought before that looks like... so come on people lets pool together and find potentials for this A-hole!

zaldaron July 20, 2013 at 6:34 a.m.

I really don't understand why you wouldn't want color every week...color makes everything so much better and more alive. I don't read this as I don't have nearly the time to keep up with it but I enjoy reading your reviews (yes I know odd) when did I miss living toys having children with humans though...I mean seriously what kind of drugs is oda on???

And I don't know I see craziness up close and far away...

Petiewon July 20, 2013 at 11:08 a.m.

Bartolomeo says his motivations run deeper than Cavendish's wish to defeat Luffy. It could be that he doesn't actually want to kill him at all.

I'm more interested in whatever the heck is in his chained up "DANGER" suitcase.

Destinyheroknighton July 20, 2013 at 12:12 p.m.


Well, you can still get that reaction without color. It just another form of artwork

Oda isn't on drugs, it probably just a lack of sleep. He should really get more sleep, he really do need a year off to rest. Oda is a madman

Bartolomeo is not Sabo he don't look like him at all. I have a feeling Bartolomeo might be related to Porchemy or Higuma.

Franky probably will be the one fighting Giolla, it would be a interesting fight

I love Luffy, he always have fun

I hope Oda give a Logia fruit to a Giant, it be interesting to see how strong will they be

I enjoy this chapter and the color was cool

FoxxFireArt moderator on July 20, 2013 at 10:39 p.m.


Sometimes, the color in this series can look good, and other times it can be so flat as to making the art look dated. I will say that the color in ONE PIECE was a lot better than the NARUTO colors.

zaldaron July 23, 2013 at 2:48 p.m.

Even bad color is better than no color to me but then even bad animation is better than none to me, as a non manga person probably not the person who should be having an opinion here...not like that has stopped me ever before though..

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