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Ichigo: "Dad, this isn&squot;t the time for The Talk."
Ichigo: "Dad, this isn't the time for The Talk."

The truth of Ichigo's mother may be deeper than he ever expected, but there is still more to the story.

The Good

Isshin, you're so old fashioned.
Isshin, you're so old fashioned.

Okay, what happened to the real Tite Kubo, and who is this person Shueisha put in his place? This chapter was eventful but tightly structured. It had some laughs and still worked in some honestly romantic drama. Kubo could have easily made Isshin's fight with Masaki's Hollow into a two to three chapter event, but he summed that whole issue up within a page. He even abbreviated Isshin and Masaki's courtship. By not drawing every little bit out of this flashback made for a stronger story. To top it all off, I never expected this to lead into some facts about Masaki's death that were unknown.

The subplot between Ryuken and Katagiri is a pretty touching story. She caught my attention early on, and she's obviously in love with Ryuken. I so hope that she turns out to be Uryu's mother.

The Bad

I wish you had more screen time.
I wish you had more screen time.

Nothing was really bad about the chapter. I would have liked to of known more about Ryuken and Katagiri, but I feel the focus is going to move on to the events of Masaki's death that we didn't know before.

Verdict 5/5

When BLEACH finally ends, I wonder if they could hire Isshin to be Kishimoto's editor. The man has an appreciation of keeping a flashback tight and summarizing where needed.

This chapter was probably one of the better written chapters of BLEACH that I've read in a long time. One of the more prevalent criticisms about the series is that it reads better as a collection than by the chapter. However, this chapter stands strong on its own. Kubo has been dragging out nearly everything about this final arc, but he chose to keep this tight. I'm unsure what inspired him to do so, but I'm happy he did.

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Halberdierv2on May 17, 2013 at 1:01 a.m.

That was good. even naruto right now is managing to make its supposedly epic showdown feel deflated compared to this.

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Bleach tells of the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo's a fifteen year old that could see ghosts. One day he obtain the power of a Shinigami and now protects the spirits on Earth that have yet to move on.

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