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Whoever wrote this one was FEELING IT, man.

Well, it’s a treacherous good news/bad news situation, ain’t it? I’m not even talking about Eren’s “escape or persuade” predicament, either.

See, on the one hand, this episode actually centers on an emotional dilemma that - - wouldn’t you believe! - - is actually applicable to the human experience. Lord knows, I can think of plenty of times where I was in spot similar to the one Armin’s in here; realizing that his self-image is much lower than the one his friends have actually been perceiving as all this time. When he digs deep inside himself, finds his confidence and then steps out to potentially put himself in harm’s way, that all felt like it’d been written by somebody who’d actually experienced something similar - - not somebody who was basing it all on a bunch of trite platitudes.


I’m really hoping that this is the last of internal monologues we hear in this show. To be fair, it would’ve been really difficult to convey the emotional drama adequately without this particular device. At the same time, the monologue really could’ve certainly been more concise. As I’ve said, the boon and the bane of these shows is that they get plenty of time to linger on ideas that would’ve been briskly passed by in tighter, feature-film running time. The boon’s obvious, but the bane is that the lingering can get excessive rather easily. I can’t point to any specific lines that should’ve been axed but, boy, did I get the point long before the plot moved on.


Commander Pixis’ intervention at the end was quite pleasingly sensible, at least. While you can appreciate characters acting stupid in the context of a story, up to a point, you really do need some characters to be thinking as reasonably as the audience after a while.

Watch this episode, "Response - The Battle for Trost" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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Lurkeroon June 19, 2013 at 7:39 a.m.

Armin's internal monolog took WAY too long. It could be an attempt to stall time for the anime, but it made the pacing slow. I was actually doing something else while watching this episode and when I started giving my full attention to the episode again (maybe after 10 minutes) Armin was still debating with himself!

Those streets must be real dusty because the smoke in the air lasted much longer than one would expect.

I dunno what it is with some writers and their inability to show and not tell. I recall a scene from an earlier when Hannes stated out loud to someone else: Mikasa is skilled, Armin is smart, and Eren is determined. They will be okay.

The writer made no attempt to let the viewer/reader make that assumption without it having to be said.

takashichea moderator is online on June 21, 2013 at 12:30 p.m.


Yeah, it did stalled. Both episode 9 and 10 covered chapter 11 in volume 3. Bessatsu Shonen Magazine is a monthly publication. There is about 45 manga chapters. The anime cover the story arcs in chronological order while the manga jumped ahead five years then it started doing flashbacks of the training arc. The episode drags on. This whole Trost District arc is taking too long.

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