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Anime Vice -- July 2014 Monthly Community Report

With July 2014 over, it's August and time for the monthly report. This blog helps assess the different communities we have in Anime Vice.

With July 2014 over, it's August and time for the monthly report. My blog helps assess the different communities we have in Anime Vice. I want to highlight achievements, user content, and significant events while pointing out areas we can improve on. It's like the broader version of FoxxFireArt's community spotlight.

Front Page

July was a busy month for everyone. For the staff, Tom made his ritual journey to Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con. We had a special Anime Expo 2014 -- THE VICE PIT news where Sam and Tom introduce Joseph and myself for the first time! It was a such surreal and awesome feeling being on the Vice Pit for the first time. Hopefully, I get over my camera shyness.

Tom Pinchuk and Matt Murphy were covering several new summer 2014 anime shows (please see Summer 2014 Anime Guide). They are planning to end it with a series of vids starting with Vice Pit episode. Outstanding Anime Vice member, WayBig1010101, started his community project on the front page, AMV Contest. He plans to do every month.

Here's an archive of all the front page articles:

Tom Pinchuk
Matt Murphy
Kristoffer Remmel (FoxxFireArt)
Anime Vice Crew
Vice Pit


The RPG community has gained 2 new members: WayBig1010101 and LHWKnight. These are the significant events I seen. SamJaz shares his thoughts on originality, Originality Vs Ripping Off Character Ideas - a quick rant. Lobos_del_Rayo shares his experiences with the RPG community in his Author's Notes: Lobos and Crow's growth. Kuma, Justalittlegirl, and SamJaz update the The New Viceverse Canon's character section with new formatting styles.

Hottest RPG Threads

Vapovile and SamJaz wrote this section.

  • Melon Lord: A fun RP with no real deep story, meant to showcase everyone's characters under the crazy story of a guy controlling melons that take on various forms. Lots of fan service.
  • Room For Two More: Elyssa Miyata and Rachel Shizuma attend their first day at King's Grammar, a school in London that has a population of both regular and supernatural humans.
  • Faul Johann: It's a murder mystery thriller where supposedly one of the characters being played is the killer.


The Battle forums have the most foot traffic and most new users coming in each month. Despite our successes to build a happy and tight knit battle community, we had disputes. The main disputes are usually in debates between 2 or 3 users in a gridlock. You can tell if they over quote each other. The battle forums had the most mods transition in and out over the years. The rules have gone between lax and strict depending on the mods who overseeing the forums.


Updates on Rules

Whis has been banned from the battle forums for being featless until he is feature in a battle in future Dragon Ball film, anime, or OVA.

Community Projects

Low is the Best Battle User of July. He started a manhwa theme starting with God of High School. WayBig1010101 started The Hall of Fame community project, taking Low's lead. It has been doing pretty well, gathering users from the RPG and Battle forums.

Battle User Facts

  • Comicfanforever restarted the Toriko vs Dragon Ball theme in July, enticing other users to do the same due to recent developments with Toriko.
  • CosmicDude created the most DC themed threads in July.
  • ImDictatorBowDown is the only user who made Zatch Bell threads while Ikki_Minami was the sole Beelzebub user.
  • A total of 185 battle threads were created by a total of 58 users.

Most Battle Threads Made and Strongest Battle Themes

Dragon Ball, Naruto, Toriko, and One Piece were our top five frequent battle threads. It was great to see God of High School, Hunter x Hunter, and One Punch Man in the top 20. ComicFanForever and Stingerrain tie for the most battle threads created.

Here's the Gdocfor the whole data.


July was another busy and successful month in wiki. Most of our wiki were concentrated on newer shows. We had a recent surge of interest in the Wiki Task: Manhwa Project due to Low's battle theme. I published the Summer 2014 Wiki Task Project which highlights our wiki editors who done a lot of wiki tasks. Check that out. Here's July's current wiki projects.

Team Wiki Projects

Akame ga Kill
  • Takashichea - Episode summary, anime snapshots, Volume Creation/Reformatting, and Character Creation
  • Oglaphone - Short volume summaries, Character Creation, and character pages
  • Dekken - Character Creation, anime snapshots, and Character Profile Portraits
  • MadnessReaver - Character pages
  • MrWhiteX - Episode and Volume attachments
  • WereWolverine4 - Epsiode and Volume attachments
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
  • Takashichea - Episode summary, anime snapshots
  • Toxin45 - Character Creation, Volume and Episode attachments
  • ForgottenOne - Character Pages
  • MrWhiteX - Used to do characer pages. Is retired from the wiki project.
  • Rubberluffy - Character Pages
  • SpeedForceSpider - Character Pages
One Piece
  • Takashichea - Episode summary, anime snapshots
  • Dekken - Character Portraits, anime snapshots

Solo Wiki Projects

Fairy Tail
Takashichea - Episode Summaries, Anime snapshots, Character Creation
Yusuke52 - Character Pages
Taichokage - Character Pages
One-Punch Man
Taichokage - Character Pages

Community Spotlights

Because Tom had two conventions (Anime Expo and San Diego Con) on top of July 4th, Foxx still continues to write community spotlight threads. Click on these to find out great wiki pages, awesome blogs, and rad reviews!


Our community with reviews is small. Dream is the current leader in reviews and has written the most reviews in the community and with the most recommendations and feedback of all time. WayBig1010101 has started another community project, Anime Survey and Reviews (Summer 2014), to promote reviews in the community. There is a fair amount of response. It's uncertain WayBig's project will be successful unless there are more users writing reviews, pulling the community in the positive direction.

Here are the reviews for July 2014.

Note: One of the reviewers has struggle with English, MrWhiteX, who also struggles with the wiki pages as well. He writes short episode reviews that would be suited for the Hunter x Hunter anime discussion thread.

ReviewersTheir Work


I notice a lot of new users such as Alpha, KingAV, SaiyanPrinceAboveAll, and others posting random questions. That was a strange trend. In addition, we had strange threads made.


The Tsundere Tournament ♀ is going strong while Dream's Official Anime/ Manga Teams/ Organizations Voting Tourney Thread has started running.

Clubs and Discussion threads

Club Activity

Hottest Summer 2014 Discussion Thread

Those two had the most views and comments. These are Anime Vice's most watched series. These other shows are still active with more than 2 people watching: Tokyo ESP, Aldnoah.Zero, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy TAil, Sailor Moon Crystal, Black Butler, Fate/Kaleid liner Prima Illya, and Terror in Resonance.

Due to recent surge of Manhwa interest from the battle forums with Low's battle theme, there is a surge of Manhwa wiki and discussion. BigHeart711 created these two threads: God of High School Discussion (Manhwa) and Girls of the Wild's Discussion (Manhwa). I hit flood fail and asked BigHeart711 to create the God of High School one.

Conventions, Fan Fic, and Artist Show-Off

Thank you everyone for reading. Let's work to make a better community!

Credits for the Banner:

To highlight the Studio Ghibli Closes?! -- THE VICE PIT and Dream's Studio Ghibli Possibly Shutting Down? thread, I used When Marnie Was There, the last Studio Ghibli film as the promo art. I got the cover from this link.

About the Author

Kerry Chhay (Takashichea) is an Asian American Studies student who is a big wiki and anime nerd. He serves as a wiki mod in Anime Vice and an Admin in To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia(a 2nd home for Screened users). Follow him @Takashichea
takashichea moderator on Aug. 5, 2014 at 7:02 p.m.

Thanks Tom! I didn't expect my blog would be posted on the front page. You caught me by surprise again. I'll improve the article and finish linking names to users and finish the front page archive.


I feel concerned since I was a bit more blunt with some of areas we needed to improve especially the battle forums. Finished the article!

waybig1010101on Aug. 6, 2014 at 11:17 a.m.

Wow our community has been busy = )

@takashichea: Good job for putting all of this together taka and also thanks for the spotlight. Before i leave tomorrow for Florida I hope to make the new AMV Tournament Thread, so basically i will probably just make the election thread on the front page. This way its easier for everyone involve.

takashichea moderator on Aug. 6, 2014 at 12:48 p.m.


I hope you have a great time in Florida. You have a lot of projects: the Hall of Fame, the Review Survey, and now, the AMV tournament. Your contributions to the site are enormous.

waybig1010101on Aug. 6, 2014 at 12:49 p.m.

@takashichea: thanks but compare to you I'm doing nothing. If there was a vicer of year award here I think you would win it = )

takashichea moderator on Aug. 7, 2014 at 7:05 p.m.


Thanks, you deserve it more. You have become an outstanding user, proving our community is what it's worth, a user driven site.

I already had recognition in Fire_Star's canceled project, Vicer Of The Month: October Nominations.

waybig1010101on Aug. 7, 2014 at 7:19 p.m.

@takashichea: sorry I don't know who fire star is but I think you deserve recognition even now as our best user my friend

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They heard the fans!

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I don't know if this show ever actually "matured."

RAGE OF BAHAMUT #9+10 -- Watch & Learn

She's actually supposed to be Joan of Arc...?!?!

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