Thoughts and Cosplay from the New York Anime Festival

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I'm really never one to back down from a challenge or admit exhaustion, but let me tell you... the mega-event that the NY Anime Festival has flowed into had to be the most overwhelming convention I've ever been to, and I've been going to these things for half a decade. It's the result of some combination of high attendance and small convention hall space, but trying to travel through any of the alleys was honestly akin to swiming through cement encrusted salmon. Just walking 40 feet took so much effort, you really just wanted to crawl into a ball when you finally reached a booth. Put that on my signing schedule and I really didn't get to check out much of anything beyond my publisher's booth.

I did get to check out the Funimation booth and pass along  the sentiment many of you have (one I share) about them putting together superior packages. Maybe I'll be getting some new material from them? Square Enix's booth was adjacent to mine and I'll say that the new FINAL FANTASY sure looks pretty. I did also get a chance to meet few Whiskey Media users on the floor and at the pizza party we put on. As I always say, getting the chance to make any of you at these shows is a true pleasure.

In general, I felt grateful, once again, for the way anime's opened my mind. Had I gone to this show last year, I surely wouldn't have recognized, nor appreciated, many of the characters people were dressed as. Instead, I felt almost like I spoke an additional language as I truly got to enjoy the spectacle of every aspect of the show, not simply one camp or the other.   

 How about some ocular proof; some cosplay phtotos?

I was particularly pleased to see the shows I've been watching represented in these kids' choices. As you'll see above, I made a point to photograph attendees dressed as Simon, Mustang, Yoko and Near. Speaking of DEATH NOTE, even though there were Narutos, Shinigami and Poke-trainers a plenty, Misa was definitely choice for girls (even though, once again, she was also the hardest to get a picture of.) I had to throw Pedobear in, too, even though I still don't quite get the joke. 
Anyway, here's to another endlessly-fun, if exhausting, anime convention experience. Hopefully the next one I go will be a little more low-key... for my sake!

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That's a pretty cool Red Ranger costume.
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Ditto on the Red @ Pedobear.
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Sooo, I take it that you didn't get to ask the FUNimation people about any plans for the One Piece: Strong World movie? =( That was basically the only bit of information I wanted to hear out of this convention.
I really don't want to watch the fansub version of Strong World. I want to wait, but that could be 5 years away if they are waiting for the anime dubs to catch up. I'm patient, but not that patient. I would just like someone at FUNimation to give some kind of ballpark estimate.
The Pedobear thing isn't something I completely understand. From my basic knowledge of how it's been used. It's often see as a sort of mock "seal of approval" for images that have an expletive nature of young characters. As far as I know, it's just put on most things to mock it by saying it's something "Pedobear approves", but it could actually be used literally . I don't really know the full history behind it, and I've never been interested in seriously researching it. Some things I don't want in my browser's search history.
I always just thought it was something that is added in such a way as to mock manga/anime images of young people in sexual situations. Sort of as if to say that this is sooooo bad "The KKK approves". That something is so racist that they like it. In this context, if something is so innapropriate in a manga/anime "Pedobear approves". Though, that is just my theory.
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I enjoyed this event as well. It got really crowed at one point but I was already leaving. Here are some of my impressions on the con and some pictures:
Also Tom I think you should try and go to anime related panels and screenings, if you can, to really see how the industry works in some ways.
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ahhh that red ranger is my hero.
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Not enough sexy lady cosplay, aww. 

I've only been to London MCM, and that was pretty packed, I bet this was nuts. Hope you had a good time Tom. 
Red Ranger kickin' ass.
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Red Ranger with the Green Ranger's shield is classic. I think he even has the Dragon Dagger in his right hand.
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cosplay still scares me
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pink power ranger is the best
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this scares me.
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Sooooo, is this it for all the news we're getting out of the NY Anime Festival?
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Team Rocket!
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@FoxxFireArt:   It actually has been copoted now by the pro pedophile community (yes they do exist) somewhat like the old Nambla.  Its pretty disturbing actually and not something you should have photographed.  It has gone beyond a joke now...
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@FoxxFireArt said:
" Sooooo, is this it for all the news we're getting out of the NY Anime Festival? "
Well you can look at my blog on the panels I want to on Saturday.
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That makes the person in the cosplay more disturbing.
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Red Ranger with Green Ranger's chestplate looks awesome... actually dug most of those costumes
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@KaosAngel said:
" cosplay still scares me "
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@FoxxFireArt:   Yup as I expect he knew exactly what he was doing. 
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