ONE PIECE Ch. 773 Review

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A split personality is no excuse for poor grammar.
A split personality is no excuse for poor grammar.

As Robin is on the way to rescue Rebecca from her mother's killer, she's found herself the target of Gladius and Hakuba. While Cavendishbattles to keep himself in check, Bartolomeo shows his full value and dedication to help a Straw Hat in need.

The Good

Started has a heel but has gone full on face.
Started has a heel but has gone full on face.

It's yet another chapter where the Straw Hats are put in the backseat, but Bartolomeo more than makes up for that in this issue. It's a little hard to put too fine a point on just what draws me to him. Is it his character development he's had over the months, his courage and self sacrifice, or just how bad-ass he looked delivering that final blow to Gladius? Don't think that I didn't notice that attack being a homage to one ofLuffy's signature moves.

I've really found myself taken with this rooster-headed weirdo, and it was great to see him step up in multiple moments this week. Any guy who's willing to take that much abuse to keep Robin safe has my respect.

On a plus side, I'm really happy to see that Robin isn't some weakling in need of protection from others. She proves that in how she catches Hakuba with ease. That's something I really needed to see, after the direction Rebecca has taken recently. Robin even coming to Rebecca's rescue is a great way to finish things off. Having the Straw Hat's Flower Woman fighting in a field of flowers has some pretty good potential.

The Bad

First PSYCHO-PASS and now in ONE PIECE I get to make an obscure reference to the story of SYBILA. Unfortunately, the Cavendish and Hakuba conflict is my least favorite portion of the chapter. Trying to figure out which of his personalities are in control is designed to increase the tension of the situation, but it all feels more like filler, for me.

Verdict 3/5

For as much as this story's focus on the secondary cast is starting to wear thin on me, it still remains fairly entertaining for me. I even enjoyed this chapter more than last week's issue. That is almost solely supported by Oda's character writing. Bartolomeo sacrifice and dedication makes him a hard character to deny. Given how this chapter ends, I'm really hoping next week puts Robin or any of the Straw Hats back in the lime light.

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I assume "started has a heel but has gone full on face" was a intentional parody of the poor grammar in the issue? ;)

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@zaldar: No, it's a reference to wrestling terms. "Heels" are bad guys in wrestling. "Faces" are the good guys.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

@zaldar: No, it's a reference to wrestling terms. "Heels" are bad guys in wrestling. "Faces" are the good guys.

got that ... but I assume the first has should be as for grammar purposes ....

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Bartolomeo and Robin steal the show in this chapter, I really hope Robin (and Rebecca) get a solo fight in this arc. But seeing what happen in the next chapter, I'm very disappointed.

Anyway, that for next time. I like the chapter

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@Destinyheroknight: Tell me about it. Oda teasing like that was unnecessary. I like 773 more than 774 also.

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