NYAF09: Day Three Wrap-Up!

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Okay, I'm exhausted from almost twelve hours traveling (2 to/from the airport, 1 at the airport, and 9 on planes-- hurray for terrible routing!), but I wanted to make sure I got this final wrap-up posted today, so here it is!
A few other things I thought I'd address...

The Great Merger of 2010

New York Anime Fest will, next year, be a part of New York Comic Con. On a very practical level, it won't change much for me except less travel, and maybe I can score a bigger budget if we can do a combined Comic Vine/Anime Vice trip. (Hey, maybe we could even drag out a Giant Bomber?) There are definitely ups and downs to it as an attendee, however. I think for many of us it'll be a similar situation to San Diego Comic Con, where you have to make choices between more comic/US pop culture and the anime/manga side of things.
But New York Comic Con always had a pretty decent set of anime/manga stuff (which is why I went), so it'll be more of that where it already existed, not tons of it where it never was there before. I also suspect that many of the NYAF attendees also attend NYCC, so for Reed Exhibitions it may mean getting money out of those people only once instead of twice. I vaguely recall hearing that the decision had more to do with difficulty getting two Javits dates spread far enough apart and not competing with summer cons than any financial problems with the shows themselves-- though my memory on where I heard that is sketchy, so take it with grains of salt --and I never understood the change to be definitely permanent, either. So we'll see how it goes.

Who Was There, Who Wasn't

Lately at all the big cons, someone makes a big deal out of the fact that Bandai Entertainment hasn't been doing booths (just panels). I'm going to help Bob Napton out here by pointing out that prior to their acquisitions of Haruhi and Gurren Lagann, BEI never did a heavy con appearance, and now that the economy's having trouble, yes, they've tightened that budget up significantly. But it's not like they've ever been FUNimation, with a huge booth presence everywhere, and Napton has said many times that it's not especially a bad sign.
 Wherefore Art Thou?
 Wherefore Art Thou?
On the other hand...Yen Press, a New York City local company, had neither a booth NOR a panel. I did see Kurt Hassler on the show floor briefly, but I was in the middle of something else and couldn't chat him up, unfortunately, and I have heard neither rumors nor confirmation on why Yen's presence was so minimal. Typical reasons for that sort of thing can range anywhere from "we just didn't have any new licenses" to "we're ticked off at the convention organizers" to "we're tightening budgets," in my experience, and each of those reasons also has its own range from it being a benign issue to it being a dire problem, so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions prematurely there.
However, VIZ and TOKYOPOP, who have been a bit more reticent with booths and panels, each held a panel, although I don't believe either had a booth this time around. Other NYC locals like Media Blasters, Vertical, and Del Rey were there, of course; regular attendee Fanfare/Ponent Mon slipped out but I know it's hard to justify the expense of coming all the way from the UK and it's a small company. FUNimation, of course, was a major presence, and even Manga Entertainent showed (though I sadly missed their panel!), leaving only Right Stuf-- who never runs its own booths (Shawn Kleckner tells me they feel no reason to compete with other convention dealers) and I've only seen do panels at Anime Expo and occasionally its local con, AnimeIowa) --unrepresented as far as anime licensors go in the US, I believe, depending on whether you include Crunchyroll in that category.

The Javits Center Is Slightly Annoying

I don't know New York well enough to know if there's any other place that it would be feasible to hold an event like NYAF, but I said in the Blogger's Roundtable panel that I wasn't super-fond of the place-- their Internet access on-site is terribly spotty, and there's NO food or decent hotels within a block, with a single exception: the Best Western where I stayed, which I was scoffed at for staying "in the middle of nowhere" rather than further from the con center, closer to restaurants and shops down on 8th. There is also an eternally "basement" feel to NYAF, which get stuffed into the downstairs area (which is also where the anime panels and whatnot happen during NYCC, and some(?) of the non-anime stuff too).
I also know, regardless of whether it factored into the decision to merge the two New York cons or not, that getting dates at the Javits Center is freakin' hard, and when the Javits says they want to have your convention is when you have it, period, which seems kinda lame. It'd be nice to see the New York cons settle into more regular time frames.

My Panels Were Awesome (But Not Because Of Me)

 Photographic evidence of box karaoke; I totally rocked "God Knows" (I&squot;m told)
 Photographic evidence of box karaoke; I totally rocked "God Knows" (I'm told)
And I didn't make either one, so all the credit goes to these people: for How to Get Famous On the Internet, Adam Gharamani hosted along with Michael Pinto and I was happy to be along for the read. The Bloggers' Roundtable (or as I like to call it, the Bloggers' Comedy/Drama Hour-or-Two) was developed by Reverse Thieves and starred Ogiue Maniax, Deb Aoki, The Gaming Dungeon, ComicsWorthReading's Ed Sizemore, Subatomic Brainfreeze, Anime Almanac, and briefly Ed Chavez, and...I'm willing to bet I've forgotten someone, as this is sort of like listing the seven dwarves but worse because there were more of us. So sorry to whoever I forgot. But I wanted to do a quick shout-out to thank them all for having me along on both the panel an the karaoke awesomeness that followed-- you guys rock and I was proud to be up there with you! Let's do it again some time. <3
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Thanks for all your hard work bringing us all the news and interviews and pics and everything!!
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Sooooo.... did you guys record the karaoke by any chance? :D
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I would love to find out if VIZ ever plans to reprint Detective Conan (Case Closed in the US) with the proper Japanese names and fixed translation. Of all the series they choose to change names they pick the one that is my all time favorite and the most detailed oriented. It's because of this alteration that I boycott all VIZ publication. You don't see them changing names in Naruto and Bleach.
That and the way they hardly release One Piece, yet Naruto is shoveled out by the freakin' truck load. The US publication of One Piece isn't even past the Alabasta arc. Naruto is well into the Shippuden stage.
They can't say there isn't precedent for it. VIZ republished the Dragonball series to repair the art edits they did. Detective Conan is just a text issue. I don't understand the need to de-Japanese a Japanese series.
I was happy to hear Soul Eater was being published by someone other then VIZ, but I'm waiting to see if they edit the art.
As you can tell I'm passionate about the issue.
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Great job guys, keep the videos coming!
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