Cosplay Pics from New York Comic Con 2012

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This was the year that the New York Anime Festival officially folded into the New York Comic Con... but, fear not, lunatics! There was still plenty of anime/manga cosplay to behold on the con floor - - it was just freely mixed in with the plethora of costumes inspired by comics, video games, movies, TV and whatever else could float your boat.

And it’s worth it to note how that convention floor was especially packed for this go-round. I don’t have any official statistics, but the word around the booths was that attendance was just 1,400 heads shy of San Diego Comic Con’s. When you consider that the Javits Center isn’t quite as big as the SD convention center, you’ll get an idea of how up-close-and-personal your humble anime adventurer got with countless strangers over this long weekend.

For the life of me, I can’t say I observed any discernible trends in costumes selections this year. I did see more than one Wario on the floor, but two evil plumbers do not a trend make. My favorite costume this year had to be the little kid dressed as Goku (Super Saiyan level 2), because it warms my heart to know that another generation of knuckleheads like myself are currently powering up and throwing up assorted Kamaya-maya’s and spirit bombs at each other on a playground near you.

My first runner-up would include the kid dressed as Tezuka’s Black Jack, since I was apparently the only person at the whole con to recognize the character he was playing. It’s nice to bond with a random stranger over excellent, undeservedly-obscure manga.

The other runner up would be the girl dressed as Amaterasu from OKAMI. While good cosplay is good cosplay, it’s especially impressive to see somebody applying some out-of-the-box thinking to the costume they’re making. This outfit was on the other end of scale from the one dog owner at Anime Expo who dressed her pet up as the character, I'd say.

Don’t think there are any summations I can make beyond this. I had an incredibly time at the convention. Ipso facto. Now go on and enjoy these snappies…

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Someone dressed up in a Charizard suit with sunglasses?


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Amon and Jack Skellington's cosplay are cool. The girls who cosplay Scorpion and Sub Zero are beautiful but deadly. Oh, a Final Fantasy 8 cosplay. I almost missed the clown, but I recognized Leon's trademark gun blade and fur jacket. Let's not forget the belt fetish.

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