New World Phase.3

New World Phase.3 is an anime episode of Jormungand: Perfect Order that was released on 12/11/2012

Koko launches her newest kidnapping operation from a hotel somewhere in Cuba as a storm hits the island. Her team breaks "Rabbitfoot" out of a convoy from Camp No as she's being transferred, but doesn't kill any of the guards this time. However, SEAL Team 9 arrives and is close behind while Plame is guiding them from overhead using a Predator drone. Lehm's team quickly runs into trouble as the SEALs are harder than any other opponent they've faced, and they're barely able to hold them off.

Koko quickly provides help, first by using a drone of her own to shoot down the Predator, and then giving the SEALs a preview of Jormungand, messing up their GPS until they almost run straight into a Cuban Revolutionary Army base. With Koko's team safely away, the SEALs retreat.

On a tanker at sea, Lutz decides to stick around with Koko's team while she takes a bath inside with Jonah. He promises to stay with her, so she decides to let him in on the plan once they reach port. Later, she tells Leila that as much as she hates her and would have left her at Guantanamo, Minami needed her for the project, so Koko kidnapped her. She's essentially still a prisoner in her employ, but at least she gets to play with the brand new computer that Dr. Miami and Dr. Baburin are designing, with a death threat hanging over her head if she dares leak any information.

The next day, the ship docks in Cape Town, South Africa. Koko finally reveals her plan to make modern war impossible with Jormungand. Using the new Hek-GG satellite network with Miami's new computer, they will force all planes to drop out of the sky, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths but also returning the skies to a pre-1910 state around the world, as the first step in her plan for true world peace. Jonah gets freaked out by this news and the episode ends with him pointing a gun in her direction.

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