New Family

New Family is an anime episode of Clannad After Story that was released on 01/15/2009

Plot Summary

Tomoya and Nagisa move in together and talk about how they would start their new lives together. Nagisa decides that she'll make an oath; she proclaims she won't cry despite hardships. As the night goes on, they start talking about working and how Nagisa shouldn't push herself too hard. She eventually contacts a former classmate and finds a waitress job at a new restaurant.

During another evening, the couple starts talking about each others' wishes. At first Nagisa alleges that she has no wishes but she eventually admits she wants a baby.

The next day after his work, Tomoya visits Akio at the Furukawa Bakery. Akio, disguised as a wannabe rapper, drags Tomoya along to visit Nagisa on her first day at work. The two hostesses that greet them at the restaurant are previous acquaintances from Tomoya's school. When they sit down, they get waited on by Nagisa and she never realizes that Akio is concealing himself. The two previous acquaintances go to their table and tell Tomoya that Nagisa is very popular. When Nagisa gets hit on by two customers, Akio and Tomoya try to escort them outside. They run away and the manager asks to speak with them but Akio runs away. The manager talks to Tomoya privately and he talks about Nagisa's personality.

Back home, they talk about their school getting renovations done. Tomoya gets upset over it because it changes the memories that were made there, similarly to how he felt when he saw the grove be replaced by the restaurant Nagisa works for. Tomoya questions to himself why he reacted to things completely changing around them.

Another day goes by and Akio shows off the pictures he's been taking of Nagisa secretly. Sanae and Nagisa return from their talk and Sanae proclaims that Nagisa is pregnant.

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