New Family Part 2

New Family Part 2 is an anime episode of Godzilla: The Series that was released on

After Zilla Jr.'s apparent death, Nick after being told that he should go back to his previous profession instead decides to keep HEAT together to study other mutations. HEAT then discovers that a French secret agent, Monique Dupree told the military about Zilla Jr. and then allows her to join based on the fact she was just following orders and that she provides them with a research vessel. The team then travels to Jamaica where news of another mutation are. When they get their they are attacked by Mutant Giant Squids and when all hope seems lost Zilla Jr. raises out of the water both revealing that he is still alive and kills the mutant squids. Nick then theorises that the mutant squids were forced up by some type of super predator. The super predator which was later named Crustaceous Rex arises from the sea to look for a new food source since Zilla Jr. killed it all. The to monsters then go to battle. This battle eventually lead them to a cliff in which Crustaceous Rex fell off of and buried under rocks. Lead by Hicks military then attacks Zilla Jr. who then frees all the sunken ships and people by the mutant squids and Nick convinces Hicks to let Zilla Jr. go. The team the returns to New York.

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