New Club Member!

New Club Member! is an anime episode of K-On! that was released on 05/28/2009

Plot Summary

The Light Music Club welcomes new member Azusa Nakano and immediately ask what instruments she can play. Azusa says she can play guitar, and adds she’s still a beginner. Yui asks her to play something and says that she’ll help teach her. The girls are all astounded by Azusa’s playing. Yui, especially is intimidated by her skill.

The next day, Azusa shows up to the club after school to find the girls drinking tea. She’s taken aback by their laid back behavior. Sawako-sensei appears and joins the tea party much to the astonishment of Azusa. Sawako immediately says Azusa would look good in cat ears. Azusa attempts to practice her guitar playing enraging Sawako in the process. Sawako roars “Shut up!” frightening Azusa. Azusa goes off on the club members for their lax behavior. Yui manages to calm her down. Mio agrees with Azusa that the club members should become more serious and practice everyday.

Azusa returns for her second club meeting to find things still the same. Sawako enters and is surprised that the girls are still eating snacks and drinking tea. Azusa says that it’s okay for them to indulge occasionally. Sawako hauls out a pair of cat ears and appears like she’s plotting to put Azusa in some kind of cosplay outfit. Ritsu tells Azusa not to worry, that it’s a sort of club ritual to be dressed up by Sawako. Azusa puts the ears on, and all the girls squeal at how cute she looks. Another meeting goes by without practice.

Mio holds an emergency meeting the next day. She tells the other girls if the don’t change their easy going behavior then Azusa might quit the club. She says they must have a plan of action. Ritsu and the other girls agree that a welcoming party for Azusa would be best. They take her on a picnic. Azusa asks Mio if she’s in band outside of school; Mio answers that it sounds fun. However, Ritsu threatens to show pictures of her at the talent show and asks if Mio really wants to do that. Sawako reveals a whole suitcase of new cosplay outfits for the band. At the end of the day, Mio firmly insists that the club is going to become serious and they absolutely will practice tomorrow.

At the meeting, the girls begin to practice. A decision has to be made as to who will play lead guitar, since both Yui and Azusa play guitar. Azusa plays first wowing everyone again. Yui, embarrassed by her own modest skill, begs Azusa to teach her. Azusa attempts to instruct her only to find Yui has no knowledge of musical terms, but can easily learn to play by listening to the music. The girls eventually have to take a break for snacks and tea, and end up abandoning the rest of practice.

One night Azusa considers auditioning to join another band. She goes to a nightclub and sees another band perform. She wonders as to why she was so attracted to the light music club, despite the fact that there are so many better bands out there.

She goes to another club meeting and the other girls anxiously ask if she’s quitting since she hasn’t been to a meeting in a while. Azusa begins to cry. She says she doesn’t understand why she was so moved at the Light Music Club’s performance at the freshmen symposium. Ritsu tells the band to start playing to help Azusa remember why she was so moved. Mio tells Azusa that the reason she didn’t join another band was because she has fun playing together with Ritsu, Yui, and Mugi. It’s because the girls have fun together that they can play so well. Azusa decides to stay in the club. Before practice can resume, Yui and Ritsu announce their exhaustion.


Yui Hirasawa:

She's so dazzling, I can't even look at her.

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